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Cv ankit

  1. 1. Ankit Kakar<br />C-570 Outer Ring Road Saraswati Vihar, New Delhi-110034<br />Email:<br />Mob: 09711727134,011-27032314<br />CarEer objective<br />To be an asset to the company through the demonstration of my skills and experience gained in Aeronautical Engineering degree, work experience and personal life achievements, which will allow me to make a valuable contribution to the company while developing my own personal career opportunities.<br />Educational Qualification<br />2005-2009 Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering (Honours)<br /> The University of Sydney (Australia)<br /> Major Honours Thesis - CFD Simulation of High Speed Centrifugal Compressors <br />2002-2004 High School Manav Sthali School (New Delhi)<br /> ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS <br />Successfully designed and simulated the Centrifugal Compressor Engines for UAV in my Honours Thesis Project for which I achieved 81%.<br />Achieved High Distinction for successfully designing and implementing a flight simulator program for PC-9 aircraft<br />Carried out System Engineer role in designing a UAV for Australian Fire services and achieved Distinction. <br />Appointed Team Leader for a final year project “Viability of Supersonic jets in today’s era” and achieved Distinction for the effort. <br />Achieved distinctions in senior subjects such as Aerospace Propulsion, Aerospace Management and Mechanics of Solids<br />EMPLOYMENT HISTORY<br />Nov 08 – May 09 Historical Aircraft Restoration Society - Aircraft Engineer - Sydney <br /> (HARS) Trainee <br />Disassembled a Pratt and Whitney geared 1340 radial aircraft engine from the World War II era<br />Manufactured a new engine from the model (old engine)<br />Used rivets, bolts and metal sheets as per design to manufacture the new engine<br />Constructed an outboard wing tip of a World War II Catalina flying boat from the model<br />Successfully de-riveted hundreds of rivets from the skins of the Catalina flying boat<br />Used heavy machinery such as guillotines, band saws and benders<br />August 2005 – Oct 2008 Team Blue Star - Promotions Team Leader - Sydney (Part Time Employment) (Promotions Company)<br /><ul><li>Successfully organized and operated Sydney Morning Herald newspaper promotions
  2. 2. Designed well conducted team activity briefs and developed campaign reports
  3. 3. Carried out internal audits and expense control measures with the due protection of assets
  4. 4. Exercised strong interpersonal communication skills and maintained a positive attitude towards customers and co workers
  5. 5. Built and maintained strong relationships with employees and management</li></ul>July 2005 – Current Quix Mobil - Console Operator - Sydney<br />(Part Time Employment) <br />Created a work environment conducive for achieving daily targets with focus on providing superior customer service<br />Responsible for various cash receipts, closing and adjustments<br />Responsible for scheduling work, estimation of cost, ordering equipment and supplies<br />Hired, trained, mentored and supervised staff<br />Responded to customers inquiries and resolved issues professionally and efficiently<br />Organized various negotiations, inventory controls as well as breakages<br />Employment Achievements<br />As a team leader, I won new contracts for Team Blue Star Promotions by negotiating with clients and event personnel and managing the teams efficiently <br />Produced substantial cost savings at Team Blue Star and Quix Mobil through better selection and training of staff and efficient utilization of available resources<br />Promoted an attitude of understanding & flexibility within the team at Team Blue Star <br />Received multiple customer appreciations for service excellence & going beyond customer expectations<br />RELEVANT SKILLS<br />Technical and Computer Skills <br />Proficient knowledge in using Ansys CFX Software for designing turbo machineries. Used it for my thesis on Micro Gas Turbine Engines<br />Good knowledge in using CAD software (Solidworks). Used it to model aerospace structures<br />Proficient knowledge in Strand 7- A Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software. Used it to conduct stress analysis on aerospace structures<br />Highly productive & hands-on experience using MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Project<br />Excellent keyboard skills with good typing speed <br />Leadership and Teamwork Skills <br />Supervised and managed performance of the design team in Aircraft Design course at university<br />Worked as a team associate of the administrative team at Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) for carrying out object planning and forecasting<br />Worked with a group of professional engineers on the restoration of old aircraft at HARS<br />Demonstrated a range of teamwork skills in different roles as part of group assignments throughout my Engineering degree<br />Led and motivated team for Blue Star.<br />Have self motivating ability and can pass the spirit to others<br />Communication Skills <br />Delivered a presentation on my Thesis to the entire engineering faculty for which I achieved 85%<br />Conducted public presentations on the propulsion system of a light aircraft for fourth year Aerospace Design class <br />Developed and presented reports on Project Management to senior staff at University<br />Built excellent rapport with clients and team members for over four years at my work place <br />Have written an Honours Thesis on Micro Gas Turbine Engines for which I achieved 81%<br />Dealt with people from diverse backgrounds and countries while working at Team Blue Star <br />Planning and Organising Skills <br />Managed part time work & study while maintaining Distinction average in engineering<br />Analytical problem-solver, able to anticipate issues, resolve concerns & improve efficiency<br />Organised effective group meetings in Aircraft Design course at university<br />Organized bank transactions as well as regular sales reports at Quix Mobil<br />Planned and made rosters for employees at Team Blue Star<br />PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS<br /> <br />The Institution of Engineers Australia<br />Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists & Managers, Australia (APESMA)<br />Extracurricular Activities<br />Undertook practical flying experience in a Cessna 152 at Bankstown Airport, Sydney<br />Volunteer for cooking and serving to the homeless at a temple in North Sydney<br />Executive committee member of Asian Society-one of the largest clubs on campus (2006-2009)<br />Referees<br />Employment<br />Mr. Robert Greinert<br />Honorary Secretary and Work Shop Manager<br />Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS)<br />Ph: +61 (02) 4257 4333<br />Email:<br />Academic<br />Prof. Steve Armfield<br /> Head, School of Aerospace,<br />Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering<br />Thesis Supervisor<br />The University of Sydney<br />Ph: +61 (02) 93512927<br />Email:<br />Dr. Jack Ling<br />Founder, Micro Propulsion Group (MPG)<br />Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering<br />Thesis Co-Supervisor<br />The University of Sydney<br />Ph: +61 (02) 93514064<br />Email:<br />