Dominant Innovation


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An Innovation workshop, facilitated by Jay Lee
Shanghai March 26
For Marketing&R&D.

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Dominant Innovation

  1. 1. Dominant Innovation The secret of dominating the market Date: March 26th, 2010; Length: 1 day. Venue: Intercontinental Hotel, Shanghai Pudong Why should attend: 1. To dominate the market with systematic methodologies. 2. To achieve customer-centric product and service innovation. 3. To bridge the gap between product and customer needs with innovation strategies and methodologies. 4. To achieve long-term competitive advantages instead of short-term profits. 5. To be a successful innovator instead of follower in the market. 6. To get dominant innovation solution for your company. Jay Lee Ohio Eminent Scholar; L.W. Scott Alter Hot line: 400-628-8980 Chair Professor, Univ. of Cincinnati; Changjiang Chair Professor and Dean of Advanced Industrial Technology Research Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Tel:86-21-61435790 Fax:86-21-55663190
  2. 2. Dominant Innovation The secret of dominating the market Introduction Innovation is not just about new product development, but it also refers to the creation of new value-added services to achieve better productivity and performance. Companies such as IBM, John Deere, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Nintendo, etc. are transforming to be Smart Service Business leaders. Companies should learn how to develop niche expertise with value-added innovation to compete globally. This Short Course introduces the concept and strategies for product and business innovation based on Dominant Design approach. Innovation Matrix tool for developing smart product service business will be introduced with case studies. Objectives: Case from previous event: 1. To understand product and service systems 2. To learn how to develop strategies of service innovation 3. To formulate product and service Innovation from customer gaps (unmet needs) 4. To learn how to use the effective tools to identify innovative products/services opportunities Benefits: 1.You will get back with your own dominant solutions. 2. You will learn how to dominate the market with product and service innovation. 3. You will be able to bridge the gap between product and customer needs with dominant innovation tools. Innovation Matrix 4. You will learn profound experiences from real case studies. Who Should Attend: This program is designed for business executives, directors, managers, as well as product designers, and R&D engineers who currently have, or will have, responsibility for any aspect of planning, design, and implementation of new product design, manufacturing, and service business, including: • Chief Technology Officer • Chief Marketing Officer • Product Development Director • Innovation Director • Marketing Director • Product Director • Product Category Manager • R&D Director The Application of Dominant Innovation in projector product and service design • Engineering Director • Technical Director & Manager • Marketing Research Manager Tel:86-21-61435790 Fax:86-21-55663190
  3. 3. Dominant Innovation The secret of dominating the market AGENDA Trainer: Pro. Jay Lee 1. Business trends and changing service model Ohio Eminent Scholar; L.W. Scott Alter Chair Professor, Unv. of Cincinnati • Changing service model • Future trends of E-service and how E-service can Jay Lee is Ohio Eminent Scholar deliver more unmet needs to customers a n d L . W. S c o t t A l t e r C h a i r • C a s e s t u d i e s : G E M e d i c a l t o G E H e a l t h c a re Professor, University of Cincinnati; Technologies, John Deere, GM OnStar, etc. Director of NSF Industry/ University Cooperative Research 2. Introduction of Dominant Design Innovation for Center on Intelligent Maintenance product and service Systems Systems; Founder of Dominant • Understand the innovation systems Innovation; Changjiang Chair Professor and Dean of a. Continuous Innovation Advanced Industrial Technology Research Institute, b. Discontinuous Innovation Shanghai Jiao Tong University. c. Disruptive Innovation and Dominant Innovation • Introduction of product service systems • Product design vs. service design Previously, Jay served as Director of Product Development and Manufacturing at United • Product innovation vs. service Innovation Technologies Research Center (UTC Business Units • Case studies on successful service design innovation including P&W Jet Engines, Otis Elevators, Carrier 3. Dominant design tools for product and service Air Conditioning, Hamilton Sundstrand, UTC Fuel innovation Cell, etc.) He served as Program Director at National • Innovation matrix: how to formulate product and Science Foundation (NSF) during 1991-1997 service innovation and managed a number of programs including • Space Mapping of Customer Needs: how to find gaps Engineering Research Centers (ERCs) program, • Quality Function Deployment (QFD) for gaps and Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers priority mapping (I/UCRCs) program, and Design, Manufacture, and • Examples: Industrial Innovation (DMII) Div.Furthermore, he served a. Transform smart microphone from sound delivery to content delivery as advisor for a number of academic institutions b. Wash Machine vs. Cloth Care Machine including Johns Hopkins Univ.and Cambridge Univ. of c. Nike shoes vs. Nike+ for running experiences UK. Etc. • Case Studies a. Avery Dennison Smart Label b. Smart Pen for communication services His current research focuses on dominant smart c. Lixing Battery for mobile power services product service design, smart autonomic computing, embedded infotronics technologies and smart 4. Growth strategy from OEM-OBM-ODM-OSM prognostics (supported by over 40 global companies 5. Emerging technologies and tools for smart including Toyota, Boeing, GE Aviation, P&G, etc.) product and service design • Infotronics Technologies vs. Information Technologies Jay has published over 150 technical papers, 2 • Smart IT-enabled Product Service Technologies books, 5 patents, and 2 trademarks. What's more, he is a world-renowned speaker who has delivered over 6. Innovation assessment tools 150 invited keynote Speeches at major international 7. Group case studies conferences. Tel:86-21-61435790 Fax:86-21-55663190
  4. 4. Dominant Innovation The secret of dominating the market About InnoEC InnoEnterprise China is leading in systematic innovation rating and consulting services. We realize our ideals by helping enterprises and organizations establishing innovation systems.Our success is built on our customers’ successes. Innovation is the key that unlocks your true potential for success. As a leading professional knowledge-based company, we are special for: An exceptionally high caliber of expertise; Outstanding innovation experiences, tangible process and practical tools applied to thousands of projects, services, products and business systems; Thinking globally, acting locally; Aggressiveness in achieving more values for our customers. Recent Clients: Alcatel Shanghai, ASP, Bayer, Li-Ning Sports, Cadbury, C-Bons, Changhong, Conexant, DSM, Emerson Climate, EPCOS, GE, Gemalto, Grammer Automotive, Haier, Huntsman, Intel Shanghai, Invista, Johnson & Johnson, Kohler, Kone, Kraft, Lenovo, Nokia, Packetfront, Pan Asia Technical, Philips, Perfect, PRTM, Putzmeister, Roechling Automostive, Saint-Gobain, Schneider Electric, Shanghai Ericcson, Tencent, Verigy, etc. Upcoming Events: Innovation Project Management Speaker: Ray Sheen April 14-16, Shanghai Innovation Champion Certification Workshop Speaker: Langdon Morris April 22-23, Shanghai Speed thinking Speaker: Ken Hudson June 21-22, Shanghai Hands-on tool-box for innovation Speaker: Ken Hudson June 24-25, Shanghai Tel:86-21-61435790 Fax:86-21-55663190