AAL Investment Forum 2010 - Introduction


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Henning Seiding, Welfare Tech Region, Denmark


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AAL Investment Forum 2010 - Introduction

  1. 1. An international hub for innovation, testing and use of welfare technologies for social and health care Managing director Henning Seiding
  2. 2. The Challenge (”Burning platform”) Increasing demand for public service •Increasing number of senior citizens •More demanding clients Market potential for BURNING welfare technology PLATFORM Available resources (labor force and capital) •Decreasing labour force •Restrictive economic policy Time: 2010 - 2012
  3. 3. Potential New enterprises Technological opportunities New jobs NEW PRODUCTS and SOLUTIONS Use of new technology in the public sector Time
  4. 4. Location • Welfare Tech Region is The Region of Southern Denmark • Welfare Tech Region includes 22 Municipalities and more than 1,2 mio. citizens • Close to the German border and a natural gateway to the European markets and the other 3 hours Scandinavian countries 2 hours
  5. 5. The An independent organization Welfare Tech Region •Strategy and business development •Executive board Association The Welfare Tech Region A project under The European Project Regional Development Fund •Period 2010-2012 •10 million EURO in private and public funding •Goals and milestones •100 Projects  
  6. 6. Innovative collaboration Public Funding Programs Support Enterprises/indust Designers ry Design •Development Concepts •Market knowledge •Production •Business Municipalities – Health Care Sector Social/health •Needs / demands care public •Ideas and userbased sector innovation •Needs / •Testing demands •Research •Ideas and Institutions of Research and userbased Education innovation Generates knowledge •Testing Disseminates Education
  7. 7. Vision • Welfare Tech Region is an international hub for innovation, testing and use of welfare technologies for social and health care – Unique interplay and collaboration between private enterprises, hospitals, universities and public authorities – Concentration of private enterprises that produce and develop intelligent solutions for the social and health care sector – Proactive approach to testing and implementing new technologies at hospitals, private homes, rehabilitation centres etc.
  8. 8. Mission • Promoting business growth and create value through collaboration between industry, private enterprises, research, education and public sektor to develop, produce and implement technological products for social and health care, that are useful for the society and improves the daily lives of citizens – Coordinate collaboration and knowledge sharing – Fundraising – Consultancy services
  9. 9. Focus and objectives for the WTR Project Assistive Information Telemedici Robotics Techonologie Technologies ne s 2010 - 2012 50 new companies in the region 500 new jobs in the region 100 new projects
  10. 10. Overview Board Welfare Tech Members 5 private sector Region Association 3 research & education Industry / enterprises 3 public authorities Research/education Welfare Tech Region Public sector Partners Project Projects for Product Development Telemedicine Assistive Robotics Information Techonologies Technologies Projects A B C D E F Product Project Marketing Network Education Internationa development developmen and and l t PR conference aktivities s
  11. 11. Partners in the WTR project • 49 initial partners from the region – 24 corporate interprises and companies – 25 public organizations and universities • Members of the association:
  12. 12. Prerequisites - Strong political support • Political support by the Region of Southern Denmark • Political support by the City of Odense • Collaboration with 22 municipalities in the region • Welfare technology is pointed out as a strategic area by the Danish government • Support by 60 public and private organisations • The members include University Hospital Odense, one of the leading hospitals in Denmark and University of Southern Denmark • All are working together to develop new welfare technology products and to create the best possible business environment for international enterprises.
  13. 13. The Regional Venture Velfærdsteknologi.nu Umbrella organisation for the regional initiatives Welfare Tech Region Living Lab Developmen Test center t Testing Commercial Research success Needs Users Profit/ savings Business Implementation development Knowledge base Public / Private collaboration Venture Capital
  14. 14. WTR - Services for the members • Access to end-users • Testing/living lab • Idea development • Access to public buyers • • Testing of proof of concept Social networks • Project development • Knowledge sharing • Matchmaking • Fundraising • Project management
  15. 15. Contact For further information contact: Managing Director Henning Seiding Welfare Tech Region +45 2127 0039 hts@wtr.dk Deputy Managing Director Morten Bierbaum Welfare Tech Region +45 2933 5432 mbi@wtr.dk Welfare Tech Region Forskerparken 10 DK-5230 Odense M info@wtr.dk www.welfaretechregion.dk