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Since 2001, we’ve helped clients understand how consumer lifestyles and the technology landscape are evolving in key markets around the world –– and how to apply those insights today.

To understand how the world is changing and what changes we'll see over the next decade, contact us:

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Innovaro Foresight Services Presentation

  1. 1. Move Beyond Traditional Market ResearchTrends & Foresight - Consumer Insights - Strategic Innovation - Product Development
  2. 2. Innovaro Foresight Services Who we are. Innovaro Foresight Services (formerly Social Technologies) is a part of the Intelligence & Insights division of Innovaro. What we do. We help organizations understand and shape the future of their business. Our expertise in technology and consumer foresight lets our clients see 5, 10, or even 25 years into the future, and helps them apply the insights they What clients gain. By engaging in foresight research, clients are able to uncover emerging consumer needs and behaviors, anticipate and seize growth opportunities, define critical emerging issues shaping the future of their industry, mitigate risk, and enrich decision-making. About Innovaro Innovaro®, is the only public company offering a comprehensive end-to-end innovation solution. With fully scalable solutions, whether for a global 1000 company or small R&D lab or university scientist, we help our clients create breakthrough innovation, realize latent value in their IP and accelerate their innovations to market. Leading companies trust us to create profitable growth, new revenue streams, enduring capabilities and lasting value through innovation. NYSE Amex: INV -© 2011 Innovaro, Inc. 2
  3. 3. Innovaro Foresight Services Who we serve. Executive level professionals who work in trend and foresight functions, strategy and planning, consumer insights, innovation, NPD, market research at some of the world’s most recognizable organizations© 2011 Innovaro, Inc. 3
  4. 4. Ways Companies Engage with Us Research Subscription Custom Foresight Design Services Research and analysis, trend Custom projects for your most Future-focused print, videos, reports, scanning, and literature important questions about the multimedia presentations, and reviews. future displays.© 2011 Innovaro, Inc. 4
  5. 5. Foresight Research Subscription Two research streams that provide insights about the future of consumer life and technology: Global Lifestyles helps our clients understand how consumer life is evolving in key markets around the world and what these changes mean for their business. Technology Foresight is the perfect resource for professionals who need to get beyond the churn of daily tech headlines and view technology from a strategic POV and what the changes mean for their business. Download Samples: Categories: • Basic Science/R&D • Construction • Health & Medicine • Mobility • Sustainability • Biotechnology • Consumers • House & Home • Money • Telecommunications • Business Practices • Demography • Infotech • Nanotechnology • Transportation • Chemistry • Economics • Infrastructure • Natural Resources • Values & Attitudes • Chemical • Energy • Leisure • Politics • Work & Income Engineering • Environment • Manufacturing • Population • Computing • Food & Agriculture • Materials Science • Sensing • Conflict & Security • Genetics • Media • Society© 2011 Innovaro, Inc. 5
  6. 6. Foresight Research Subscription Breadth—recognizing that future opportunities and threats will most likely come from outside one’s immediate industry/category, we look broadly at changes in consumer life and technology Rigor—our research is written to be scannable and easily digestible by busy professionals. We synthesize dozens of sources but go far beyond the surface analysis offered by many trend-spotting services. Time horizon—we look out 2-25 years, but always “walk back to today” to provide actionable implications in every analysis so you can make more effective decisions today.© 2011 Innovaro, Inc. 6
  7. 7. Foresight Research Subscription Subscribers receive: • Leading Edge Thinking. Ongoing research streams that provide weekly insights about the future of consumer life and technology, delivered on a secure, easy-to-use website. • Rich Database of Information. Access to complete database from past project years (over 1,100 briefs). • Access to Experts. Exclusive webinars with Innovaro analysts and special guests provide a chance to dive into key themes and topics in an interactive setting. • Enterprise-wide access. Access to our research is not based on a seat licensing agreement. An unlimited number of users from your organization can access our research.© 2011 Innovaro, Inc. 7
  8. 8. Custom Trend and Foresight Research Trend, Weak Signal, & Issue Identification studiesSample projects:• Trends and Factors Impacting theFuture of Games and Play• Strategic Issue Identification: TheHousing & Real Estate Industry © 2011 Innovaro, Inc. 8
  9. 9. Custom Trend and Foresight Research White Space Exploration ProjectsSample projects:• Growth Areas in Infant Nutrition• New Growth Areas in the Smart PhoneMarket © 2011 Innovaro, Inc. 9
  10. 10. Custom Trend and Foresight Research The Future of… Studies Hyun “Eddie” Cho Age: 24 Ethnicity: Korean-American Education: BA Economics, pursuing MBA Job: Grad student, part-time DJ Salary: $19,000 Relationships: Single Lives in: San Francisco, CASample projects:• The Future of American Men (SpikeTV)• Consumer Profiles of the FoodConsumers in 2020 © 2011 Innovaro, Inc. 10
  11. 11. Custom Trend and Foresight Research Scenario Planning ProjectsSample projects:• Global Automotive Energy Scenarios• Scenarios for the Future of Agriculture © 2011 Innovaro, Inc. 11
  12. 12. Custom Trend and Foresight Research Keynotes and WorkshopsSamples:• Global Food Manufacturer Trends Day• Trends and Implications workshop forGlobal Petcare company © 2011 Innovaro, Inc. 12
  13. 13. Sample: Trend and Issue Identification Process Organizations need a way to identify—and communicate in a unified voice— the emerging trends and issues that they will face in the next decade. Client Challenge: NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) hired us to identify social and demographic trends, regulatory changes, economic issues, environmental developments, and emerging technologies pertinent to the future of NAHB. Process overview: • Scan and identify 200+ trends/issues using our knowledgebase, fresh research, expert interviews, client insights, etc. • Conduct a collaborative ranking process to identify top issues • Research top ranked trends/ issues in greater depth • Create a set of foresight briefs that analyze the top emerging issues (aka signals) and communicate findings in a scannable, information-rich format • Foresight briefs include a concise definition of the trend/issue, an explanation of why it is growing in importance, and supporting evidence from inside and outside the industry • Foresight briefs also include an analysis of how the issues and trends may reshape the client’s operating environment, with specific focus on business implications, opportunities, threats, etc. Result: NAHB emerged from this process with a clear understanding of the emerging trends and issues that they will face in the next decade. We also delivered a variety of specific courses of action to address each individual issue. They are better equipped to set priorities and strategies and can communicate a common message across the organization.© 2011 Innovaro, Inc. 13
  14. 14. Sample: Trend Timelines & Mapping Process Understanding how ongoing and emerging trends apply to different segments or generations—and communicating this in a highly visual format. Client Challenge: Leading US Toy Manufacturer wanted to explore how emerging social and technological changes apply to the different US generations. Process overview: • Scan and identify 100+ trends/issues using our knowledgebase, fresh research, expert interviews, client insights, etc. • Analyze the trends for maturing and for applicability to different generations in the context of the client’s industry. • Map trends against timeline (2006-2015). • Analyze map for “sweet spots” where confluence of consumer and technological trends indicate opportunities for client organizations. Tech Trends Result: Client gained a clear sense of the trends of greatest Economic Trends import for various segments and/or generations – and therefore for their different brands/products. The maps provide Competitive Trends a clear tool for identifying and communicating opportunities and priorities throughout the organization.© 2011 Innovaro, Inc. 14
  15. 15. Sample: Foresight-Inspired Personas for Spike TV Putting a human face on the future consumer. Client Challenge: SpikeTV hired us to help it understand Hyun “Eddie” Cho where American guys are headed and how its segments are Age: 24 Ethnicity: Korean-American changing. Education: BA Economics, pursuing MBA Process overview: Job: Grad student, part-time DJ • Our analysts identified and analyzed the most important trends Salary: $19,000 Relationships: Single affecting American guys in areas such as relationships, gender roles, Lives in: San Francisco, CA and technology usage employing desk research and expert interviews. • Research output was used to generate 20 hypotheses about the future needs and behaviors of American guys and Spike’s viewers in particular. • These hypotheses informed qualitative and quantitative fieldwork, which yielded a fresh segmentation analysis. • Our team analyzed the survey data, segmentation, and focus group output and integrated these findings with what we learned in the initial trend scan and hypothesis development. Result: We created two composite personas for each of Spike’s five segments, bringing their viewers to life and putting a human face on the survey data. These personas were used for programming ideation, during its “ad week” presentations, and to further Spike’s thought leadership in the men’s research space.© 2011 Innovaro, Inc. 15
  16. 16. Communicating Trend and Foresight Research Reasons to enhance communication of trend and foresight research. 1. Education. Builds on existing efforts to educate constituents and create awareness. Introduce the organization to the landscape of macro themes and discrete trends. 2. Conversation. Fosters a conversation about trends within the organization; gather feedback about where internal groups feel the greatest opportunities lie; and gather feedback about other trends that might be integrated into future frameworks. 3. Application. Helps internal constituents think about the “so what” implications and how to apply the trends to their business.© 2011 Innovaro, Inc. 16
  17. 17. Foresight Communication Campaigns 5 Ways Innovaro Brings Trends to Life: 1. Workshop Design and Support. From 1-hour trend briefings to co- development and facilitation of multi-day events, Innovaro is ready to help you deliver world-class trend and foresight workshops. 2. Trend Maps and Timelines. Poster-sized maps and timelines with custom illustrations, photographs, data tables, and charts are an effective way to communicate a POV on established and emerging trends. 3. Events and Futures Rooms. Events and futures rooms put people in face-to- face contact with trend and foresight material in an interactive and visual way. 4. Electronic Newsletters. Build excitement and awareness about the trends shaping your organization’s future through a professionally designed, monthly HTML email newsletter. 5. Trend Cards. People are increasingly used to consuming content in bite-sized chunks. A professionally-designed deck of trend cards can be given out at events or even disseminated as “postcards” one macro trend at a time.© 2011 Innovaro, Inc. 17
  18. 18. Workshop Design and Support Innovaro designs and conducts future-focused workshops as part of its custom projects and as stand-alone engagements. Ways we participate: • Co-design the process for the event to ensure it meets internal goals and pushes the group to think about the future • Contribute content to the event from our internal trend knowledgebase and/or Global Lifestyles and Technology Foresight, to complement internal megatrends and trend expressions • Co-lead the event using one of our experienced facilitators / futurists • Design and deliver event collateral such as posters, trendcards, artifacts, etc. to ensure that we bring the trends to life and that it is an interactive and immersive event • Capture workshop output and deliver a post-event PPT or document© 2011 Innovaro, Inc. 18
  19. 19. Workshop Design and Support Professionally designed and illustrated posters provide a unique vehicle for delivering trend- related content for workshops, innovation spaces, and other venues.© 2011 Innovaro, Inc. 19
  20. 20. Events and Futures Room Events and Futures Rooms give teams the opportunity to learn about trends in an interactive and visual manner. They can touch and inspect artifacts and see how the trends are coming to life in the market today. These spaces invite discussion and ideation among team members.© 2011 Innovaro, Inc. 20
  21. 21. Trend Maps and Timelines Sample: Mapping the Evolution and Future of Tech Use Innovaro helped a global consumer electronics firm identify emerging tech usage trends and mapped them on a timeline (2006-2015) to uncover changes in behavior and future opportunity hotspots.© 2011 Innovaro, Inc. 21
  22. 22. Trend Maps and Timelines Sample: Mapping Trends by Generation Our team identified key US trends impacting the US toy and game market and mapped them on a timeline (2006-2016), according to their relevance to the five US generations. Map elements were hyperlinked to supporting reports, indicators, etc. It helped solidify the organizational view on generational trends and was used to explore NPD opportunities in ideation sessions.© 2011 Innovaro, Inc. 22
  23. 23. Trend Newsletters and Workshop Trendcards Innovaro has ghost-written email and Trendcards are often used in workshops printed newsletters for a variety of or to deliver trend information to users global retailers and CPG firms. in easy-to-digest pieces.© 2011 Innovaro, Inc. 23
  24. 24. Apply Foresight Today Innovaro’s syndicated and custom foresight research provides a way to explore how the future may unfold, but the insights drawn from our work are meant to be applied today. Here are some of the ways you can enrich corporate strategy and planning activities today: Augment your market research with longer-term viewpoints Build a shared sense of the future with colleagues Identify emerging issues before they reach the mainstream Validate and expand on the work of internal trend teams Provide content for ideation sessions and “Trend Days” Feed the front-end of your innovation process with trends, insights, discontinuities, and other forward-leaning content Feed into LaunchPad, Innovaros first-of-its kind integrated innovation software and services solution© 2011 Innovaro, Inc. 24
  25. 25. Mike VidikanAccount ExecutiveInnovaro Foresight Servicesmike.vidikan@innovaro.comMobile: 202.669.8055