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Ed Wheldon


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Peacocks Conference Presentation

Published in: Education
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Ed Wheldon

  1. 1. Review of ISPO Publication 10-12 November 1994 Ed Wheldon Senior Orthotist Peacocks Medical Group
  2. 2. Cover of original report - Report of a Consensus Conference on The Lower Limb Orthotic Management of Cerebral Palsy – 10 – 12 November 1994
  3. 3. Cover of new report: Recent Developments in Healthcare for Cerebral Palsy: Implications and Opportunities for Orthotics 8-11 September 2008
  4. 4. Prescription a. Dialogue b. Role of Orthotist c. Use / Wear d. Compliance
  5. 5. Upper Limb Thumb Abduction Splints
  6. 6. Spinal Orthoses a. Reduce rate of progression b. Head control c. Upper limb function d. Social interaction e. Family confidence
  7. 7. Hip Orthoses a. Sitting posture b. Control scissoring / rotation
  8. 8. Lycra Garments
  9. 9. Lower Limb
  10. 10. 1. Do lower limb orthoses influence the temporal and spatial parameters of gait Hemiplegia Diplegia Velocity Cadence Step length Stride length Single support Double support
  11. 11. 2. What are the effects of orthoses on the ankle and foot? a. Ankle Kinetics b. Ankle Kinematics c. Effect of Orthoses on foot alignment
  12. 12. 3. What are the indirect effects of the orthoses on the knee, hip and pelvis?
  13. 13. 4. What effects do orthoses have on muscle activity and length?
  14. 14. 5. How do AFOs effect function and ability? a. Sit to stand b. Stair climbing c. Sitting balance / standing balance / upper limb function
  15. 15. 6. What are the benefits of tuning AFOs?
  16. 16. Observations of the Review
  17. 17. Incorrect Y Strap Fitting
  18. 18. Correct Y Strap Fitting
  19. 19. Thank You