Why we need to hire UX professionals


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Why we need to hire UX professionals

  1. 1. Come up with a solution.
  2. 2. Deploy the solution. #5
  3. 3. And we’re done!
  4. 4. Or are we?
  5. 5. Something’s missing.
  6. 6. So what’s really missing is…
  7. 7. Different perspectives nickfinck.com How users see it How you See it How you should see it
  8. 8. “UX is the result of your interactions with a product or service, specifically how it’s delivered and its related artifacts according to the design.” - Nick Finck
  9. 9. User experience can be defined as the overall experience a user has when using a product or system. - Me
  10. 10. UX is the sum of all the interactions a user has with your organization.
  11. 11. Why should we care? Vs Which place would you want to stay in?
  12. 12. * Architects care about more than just the buildings * Apple does not solely focus just on selling electronics * Airlines, hotels, restaurants, health clubs etc.
  13. 13. UXD sessions.
  14. 14. We take one idea per session and discuss how we can incorporate it in our applications. For example…
  15. 15. If we want users to like our software, we should design it to behave like a likeable person. - Alan Cooper
  16. 16. * Take responsibility of the error. * Avoid using terminology such as “fatal,” “critical,” “failed,” etc. How friendly are your error messages? * Do not use techie jargon, cryptic code, or abbreviations. * Reassure and recover gracefully.
  17. 17. Here’s an example. Reassurance
  18. 18. Put yourself in the user’s shoes How can your product/solution make their lives easier?
  19. 19. In one of our sessions, we asked the audience to redesign the pedometer.
  20. 20. designed this This guy
  21. 21. designed this This guy
  22. 22. Inspired by “Rethink the Food Label” contest, we did a fun little exercise of redesigning food nutrition labels.
  23. 23. Yours truly
  24. 24. designed this This guy
  25. 25. http://asinthecity.com/2011/11/10/the-difference-between-a-ux-designer-and-ui-develo We have lots of these. We’ve got none of these. None of these either. And they’re good too.
  26. 26. uxd.absg.com | uxd@absg.com
  27. 27. Better software. Better care.