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Usability engineering


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A compiled presentation

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Usability engineering

  1. 1. USABILITYENGINEERINGThe 60 Second Battle: Keeping theVisitor Prasanth Balan Pillai
  2. 2. Usability Usability is how easy an object is to use Usability is comprised of learnability, memorability, efficiency, satisfactio n and errors.
  3. 3. What? Usability engineering is a field that is concerned generally with human-computer interaction and specifically with making human-computer interfaces that have high usability or user friendliness.
  4. 4. Why? More visitors = More money The first minute of a visit to your website is the most important User Pattern:  The first 30 or so seconds (hopefully less than that) after typing in your URL or clicking on a link, the visitor waits for your site to download  Next 30 seconds, the user will look around the home page and look out for the information(if they are looking for)
  5. 5. 10 Deadly Mistakes in a WebsiteDesign1. Slow Download Time2. Poor Choice of Background and Text Colors3. BLINKing evil!4. Frames5. Endlessly Scrolling Page6. This Site is Under Construction7. Background Sound8. Inconsistent Design/Layout9. Designing for a Specific Browser/Color Setting/Screen Resolution10. Spelling and HTML Mistakes
  6. 6. Cases#1: Bad First Impression
  7. 7. Cases#1: Good FirstImpression
  8. 8. Cases#2: Worst Navigation
  9. 9. Cases#2: Good Navigation
  10. 10. Case #3: Search functionality
  11. 11. Case #4: Content Usability
  12. 12. Case #4: Content Usability
  13. 13. Case #5: Images to SupportContent
  14. 14. Case #5: Images to SupportContent
  15. 15. Case #6: Videos to EnhanceContent
  16. 16. Case #7: Fast Loading WebPages Clean and fast loading page will attract user User hates waiting time Use of multiple domains, CDNs should be encouraged Compress CSS, Javascript! Use tools like Yslow!, Google PageSpeed etc to analyze and optimize the content Use proper tags
  17. 17. Heatmaps from user eyetracking studies of three websites. The areas where users looked the most are colored red; theyellow areas indicate fewer views, followed by the least-viewed blue areas. Gray areas didnt attract any fixations.Source:
  18. 18. In-page analysis provided by Google Analytics
  19. 19. SEO and Usability Identify Goals Identify Your Audience Checkout Your Competitors Usability Testing Titles / Heading Tags Keywords Landing Doorway Pages Links Structure
  20. 20. Usability Testing Usability Testing is a technique used to evaluate a product by testing is on users Types:  Hallway Testing  Remote Usability Testing  Expert Review  Questionnaires and Interviews  Do-it-Yourself Walkthrough
  21. 21. Questions?
  22. 22. Thanks…!Share your feedback to:prasanthb@live.inSource:Various authors on