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User eXperience & Front End Development


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What are user experiences and how can we design them optimally? Why does UX matter and how does it interface with software development? And what does a unified design approach mean for front-end development at Semantico?

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User eXperience & Front End Development

  1. 1. User eXperience &Front End DevelopmentAndrea Fallas & Dan Shearmur
  2. 2. UX & FED at Semantico< 2010 The dark ages…2011 FED – DanS2012 FED – Zsuzsa & Gib2013 UX Architect – AndreaHead of Design – Owen
  3. 3. What is User eXperience?humanscomputersusers
  4. 4. What is User eXperience?humanscomputershuman-computerinteraction
  5. 5. What is User eXperience?cognition emotion behaviourconsciousunconscious
  6. 6. What is User eXperience?humanscomputerscognitionbehaviouremotion
  7. 7. What are user experiences?experiential perceptivesubjective dynamicemotive
  8. 8. Designing user experiencesUser experience design (UXD) refers to:"all aspects of [a] person’s experience withthe system including industrial designgraphics, the interface, the physical interactionand the manual."— Don Norman (who invented the term)
  9. 9. userEXPERIENCEdesignDesigning experiences for usersUSER-CENTRED design
  10. 10. userEXPERIENCEdesignDesigning experiences for usersUSER-CENTRED designlimitationsneeds wantsfeedbacktesting iteration
  11. 11. Designing experiences for usersneeds, wants &limitations ofusersmulti-stageproblem solvingprocessoptimise thesystem toaccommodateuser desiresUSER-CENTRED design
  12. 12. Why is it important?
  13. 13. Why is it important?Sometimes its just notvery clear what weremeant to be doing.
  14. 14. Why is it important?Sometimes we can befooled into trying to dothe impossible.
  15. 15. Why is it important?Conflicting instructionsand design patternscan make for a veryconfusing userexperience, so wedevelop usefulconventions.
  16. 16. Why is it important?Problems arise whenwe start mixing up theelements thatconstitute this pattern.
  17. 17. Why is it important?Problems arise whenwe start mixing up theelements thatconstitute this pattern.
  18. 18. Why is it important?Most doors are fairlysimple.What if youve neverseen a door before?How would you feel,faced with this one?
  19. 19. Usability v. usefulnessusabilityusefulness
  20. 20. USER-CENTREDdesignHow can we measure user experiences?surveyusers, goals &preferencescard sortingbuild informationarchitecturesprototypeinteractionmodelspersonasreflect usergroupswireframesite & pagearchitectureinterviewusers &stakeholders incontexttree testinginformationarchitecturesusability testinginteraction &context
  21. 21. How can we measure user experiences?interviewusers &stakeholders incontext
  22. 22. Outputs from UX practicewireframesite & pagearchitecture
  23. 23. What does this mean?Helps us BUILD THINGSStop building USABLE WRONG THINGSCONCEPTUALISE what we are buildingFRAMEWORKS & benchmarksANTICIPATE problemsUSER-CENTREDdesign
  24. 24. The interface with developmentPRODUCT developmentPLATFORM developmentACCESS managementBESPOKE developmentFRONT-END developmentORCID developmentUSER-CENTREDdesignUXAndreaDESIGNOwen
  25. 25. Front-end development
  26. 26. Previously● Outsource visual design● Tackle design or usability issues ourselves
  27. 27. Having a unified design team will● Create a feedback loop making things a littlebit more iterative● Solidify process
  28. 28. A library of interface examples● HTML prototypes● (Eventually) a client facing version● Scolaris re-design