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  1. 1. The Seven ContinentsNorth America Europe Asia AfricaSouth America Australia Antarctica
  2. 2. Seven Continents• North America• South America• Europe• Asia• Africa• Australia• Antarctica
  3. 3. North America • North America is cold in the north and warm in the south • Buffalo live in North America • People in North America came here from many other continents • The USA, Mexico, and Canada are the three biggest countries in North America
  4. 4. South America• South America is a warm continent• People there speak mostly Spanish• The biggest country is Brazil, where people love to play soccer• The Amazon rainforest is in South America
  5. 5. Europe • There are 47 countries in Europe • People in Europe speak over 50 languages! • The weather in Europe is similar to North America – cold in the north and warm in the south
  6. 6. Asia• Asia is the biggest continent, and it has the most people – it is very crowded in some parts of Asia!• China is one very big country in Asia• Giant Pandas live in China and eat bamboo• A cool place to visit in Asia is the Great Wall of China – it is the largest structure ever built by man
  7. 7. Africa • Africa is a very hot continent because the equator runs through the middle of it • Lions live in Africa • Most people in Africa have dark skin and hair • The Egyptian pyramids are in Africa
  8. 8. Australia• Australia is an island continent• Native people in Australia are called Aborigines• Other people in Australia are related to criminals sent from Europe long ago• Kangaroos, koalas, and platypuses live in Australia• The Great Barrier Reef is in Australia• The weather in Australia is the opposite of our weather
  9. 9. Antarctica • Antarctica is the coldest continent • No people live in Antarctica, but some scientists visit to study the weather or animals there • Many kinds of penguins live in Antarctica
  10. 10. Continents Poem CONTINENTS TOUR ZEBRAS live in Africa LIONS and ELEPHANTS, too. Australia is down under, Home of the KANGAROO! Clap your hands for Asia! Its the largest one. Antarctica is covered in ice. The PENGUINS sure have fun! North America is where I live. Its where I work and play. In Europe youll find England, Where the queen rules every day.South America is home to Brazil. Its the largest country there. The world has seven continents,And Ive just named them with care!
  11. 11. Atlantic Ocean Pacific OceanThe Atlantic Ocean is the second- The Pacific Ocean (from the Latinlargest of the worlds oceans. It name Mare Pacificum, "peacefulhas a sea",) is the largest of the Earthstotal area of about 106.4 million oceans. It extends from the Arctic insquare kilometers (41.1 million the north to the Antarctic in thesquare miles). south, bounded by Asia and AustraliaIt covers approximately one-fifth onof the Earth’s surface. Its the west and the Americas on thename, derived east. At 169.2 million squarefrom Greek mythology, means the kilometers"Sea of Atlas." (65.3 million square miles) inS-shaped basin extending area, this is the largest ocean of thelongitudinally between the WorldAmericas to the west, and Eurasia Ocean – and covers about 46% of theand Africa to the east. The Earths water surface and about 32%equator of its total surface area, making itsubdivides it into the North larger than all of the Earths land areaAtlantic Ocean and South Atlantic combined. The equator subdivides itOcean. into the North Pacific Ocean and South
  12. 12. Indian Ocean Southern OceanThe Indian Ocean is the thirdlargest of the worlds oceans. (Antarctica Ocean) The Worlds Newest OceanIt covers In 2000, the Internationalabout 20% of the Earths Hydrographic Organization createdwater surface. It is bounded theon the north by Asia, fifth world ocean - the Southernincluding the Indian Ocean - from the southern portionssubcontinent for which it is of thenamed; on the west by Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, andAfrica; on the east by the Pacific Ocean. The Southern OceanMalay Peninsula, the Sunda completely surrounds Antarctica.Islands, and Australia; At approximately 20.3 millionand on the south by square kilometers (7.8 millionAntarctica. This ocean is squarenearly 10,000 kilometers wide miles) and about twice the size ofat the southern tips of Africa the U.S.A., the new ocean is theand Australia; its area is worlds73,556,000 square fourth largest (following thekilometers, the ocean has Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian butbeen dominated by larger than theIndia and Australia. Arctic Ocean.)
  13. 13. Arctic OceanThe Arctic Ocean is located in the northern hemisphere and mostly inthe Arctic North Polar Region. It is the smallest of the worlds five majoroceans and the shallowest. The Arctic Ocean is the northernmost ocean ofthe all-encompassing World Ocean.Almost completely surrounded by Eurasia and North America, theArctic Ocean is largely covered by sea ice throughout the year. The ArcticOceans temperature and salinity vary seasonally as the ice cover melts andfreezes. Its salinity is the lowest on average of the four major oceans, dueto low evaporation, as well as limited outflow to surrounding waters withheavy freshwater inflow. The summer shrinking of the icepack has beenquoted at 50%The Arctic Ocean has an area of 14,090,000 sq km and an averagedepth of 3,658 m off of the continental shelf. The Artic Ocean has thewidest continental shelf of all the oceans. The central part of the ocean ispermanently covered in about ten feet of ice.
  14. 14. Land and Water • The Earth is mostly water • ¾ of the Earth is covered in water • The big bodies of water on Earth are called oceans • The big pieces of land on Earth are called continents