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The Seven Continents (ppt presentation)


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This is a PowerPoint Presentation by my second class at the Cape Fear Center for Inquiry in Wilmington, North Carolina. . This presentation reflects an inquiry continuum within the thematic unit of geography. The students began by recalling what they already knew about the seven continents and then asked questions to shape their research. Students also discussed what research sources would most helpful to answer their questions. After two sessions of small group work in the computer lab, students created PowerPoint slides to synthesize their findings. This was a challenging but age-appropriate project because students had to also work cooperatively in collaborative groups, use technology responsibly and implement design ideas to support their final product
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The Seven Continents (ppt presentation)

  1. 1. The Seven ContinentsBy, Ms. Boyko’s 2 Grade nd Class November 30, 2011
  3. 3. Facts about Asia• China is one of the biggest countries in Asia.• Three oceans surround Asia: Arctic Ocean; Indian Ocean; Pacific Ocean.• Asia is in the northern hemisphere.• Asia has tall mountains.
  4. 4. Animals of Asia
  5. 5. Africa Ella Hicks Gavin DozierTrevor Howard
  6. 6. Amazing Facts About Africa• Major Countries: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia, Nigeria, Libya• Oceans: South Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean• Africa is in both hemispheres.• Geography: islands, mountains, lakes, deserts, forests
  7. 7. Marc, Elsa, Maggie
  8. 8.  It is bigger than South America. It is a weird shape. The oceans surrounding it are the north Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic ocean. In North America the biggest countries are Canada and United states It is north of the equator.
  9. 9. South America Gabriel, Grayson, Nick
  10. 10. Facts about South America Brazilis the biggest country in the continent. The Atlantic Ocean is on the east and the Pacific Ocean is on the west. The equator goes through the top of South America. The Andes Mountains are very long.
  11. 11. Haze, Lucy, and Jude
  12. 12. Awesome Australian Facts• It has Ayers Rock.• It has the Great Barrier Reef.• There is only one country in the whole continent.• It’s in the southern hemisphere.• There are deserts, rivers, mountains, lakes, and islands.
  13. 13. AntarcticaMonroe Sumter Madeleine
  14. 14. Facts about Antarctica Antarctica is surrounded by the southern ocean. It is in the southern hemisphere. Antarctica is covered with snow , ice and mountains.
  16. 16. AWESOME FACTS ABOUT EUROPE• Some of the biggest countries in Europe are FRANCE and RUSSIA.• The Atlantic Ocean surrounds Europe.• Europe is in the northern hemisphere.• In Paris there is a Disneyland.• Italy is a peninsula.• There is a Ferris wheel in London called the eye.
  17. 17. Are there any questions? Thank you!