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  1. 1. THE CONTINENTS● We are Fran and Moisés and we worked about the continents.● Hope you like it.
  2. 2. The continents in the World● The continents are made o solid rocks.● But the continents only take a 29% in the Earth. The other part are take by the oceans. América 8% Asia 8,5% Europa 2% África 6% Oceanía 1,5% Antartica 3% Pacific Ocean 32% Atlantic Ocean 16% Indic Ocean 14% Antartic Ocean 6% Artic Ocean 3%
  3. 3. The formation of the Continents● In the past, when the Earth was form there was only a big continent. It name was Pangea.● But the natural phenomenas change the landscape and separated the continents in the history.● This form the continents that we know: Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, America, and the Antarctica.
  4. 4. Pangea
  5. 5. The distribution of the humans beings● The first humans born in the southeast of Africa but they went to the different continent.● The humans born 1,5 - 3,5 millions years ago.● Then they went to the west an the north of Africa and the south of Asia 1,5 millions years ago.● Then they travel to the south of Europe 100.000- 500.000 years ago.● After, 100.000- 10.000 years ago thy travel to the center of Asia, the south of America and Oceania.● In the other parts there werent humans because there was an glaciation.
  6. 6. Physical Europe● Its a small continent. It is separate from Asia by the Ural Mountains and the Caucasus. In the Caucasus there is the highest mountain in Europe, the Elbrus mountain.● Other important groups of mountains are the Alps, between Italy, France and Switzerland ( the Alps have the Mount Blanc), Pyrenees and the Scandinavian and Carpathian mountains.● The longs rivers in Europe are the Rin river, the Danube, Denieper, Volga and the Don.
  7. 7. Political Europe● Europe it formed by 45 countries. Twenty- seven European countries forms the EU (European Union) the coin of EU is the Euro The Headquarter of EU is in Brussels (Belgium).● Important monuments in Europe are the Big Ben (London), The Al- hambra (Spain) and the historic Vatican City.
  8. 8. Physical America● America have the biggest jungle, the Amazon jungle, the lung of the Earth. In this jungle there is the widest river in the world, the Amazon river.● The most important mountains ridges are the Rockie Mountains and the Andes.● In Panama there is a canal that communicate the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean.● The Atacama desert (Argentina- Chile) it the driest desert in the world and it between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean .● In California was the hottest temperature recorded.
  9. 9. Political America This continent is separated in three parts: North America (3 countries and the dependences), Central America (7 countries and the dependences) and South America (13 countries and the dependences). Altogether are 35 countries.● In North America speak English and French, and in the other parts of America speak Spanish and Portuguese, it is Latin America.● In America (New York) there is the Headquarters of the UN (United Nation), the Statue of Liberty (in Liberty Island) and important skyscrapers like the Empire State.
  10. 10. Physical Asia● Asia is the biggest continent in the world.● In Asia there is the highest mountain in the world the Mount Everest with 8848 meters long. This is in the Himalaya (Nepal) the highest mountain range.● Also in Asia there is the Gobi desert.● Important river in Asia there are the Yangtes river (the 3rd longest river in the world), the Ganges river ( the sacred river of the of the Hindu culture), Eufrates, Indo, Amur and Brahmputra.
  11. 11. Political Asia● China in Asia is the most populous country in the world (with1 339 724 852 inhabitant) this make possible that Asia there is the most populous continent.● Asia have the highest build in the world. This build is the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (in the Arabian Peninsula).
  12. 12. Physical Africa● Africa is in the south of Europe.● The most important landforms are the Sahara desert.● The longest river in the world are River Nile (Africa). This river make possible live in some countries like Egypt● The highest mountain in Africa is the Kilimanjaro.
  13. 13. Political Africa● The people in Africa are very poor.● In Africa there is the poorest river in the world, Niger.
  14. 14. Physical Oceania● Oceania is the smallest continent in the world.● It is formed with Australia and other smalls islands.● In Australia there is the Great Victoria Desert or Great Sandy Desert.
  15. 15. Political Oceania● In Oceania there is a famous theater of opera. The Opera of Sidney.● In some islands of Oceania there are many nomadic tribes that not want give up their culture.
  16. 16. Antarctica● In the Antarctica there are not people live in the continent because on the earth there is ice. But some scientist go to this continent to make experiments.● The South pole is in the Antarctica.
  17. 17. The North Pole● The North pole isnt a continent because is not formed by solid earth is only formed by the ice on the Arctic Ocean.
  18. 18. Bye ByeTHIS IS THE END