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FabCity Skills Development and Pathway Learning with Digital Badges - FabCity Summit 2018


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Presentation at FabCity Paris 2018.

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FabCity Skills Development and Pathway Learning with Digital Badges - FabCity Summit 2018

  1. 1. FabCity Summit Paris 2018 FabCity Skills Development and Pathway Learning with Digital Badges Geoffroi Garon-Épaule, M.A., PhD Candidate Researcher and PhD Candidate in communication, UQAM (Montréal, Canada) Entrepreneur – Human Capital Valorization, Digital Pygmalion Talks | Paris, France, July 13, 2018
  2. 2. 10 years digital consulting (SME, Education, Health, Culture) 8 years in Open innovation (Living Lab, Fab Lab, Blockchain, AI) 3 years in Digital Badges (Startup + PhD) Profile
  3. 3. PhD codirection Pierre-Léonard Harvey Organizational Communication Community Informatics Design Applied to Digital Social Systems (Springer) Ann-Louise Davidson Educational Technology
  4. 4. Hub for experimentation and training in technological and social open innovation 8 2011 First in Canada 2010 Community Association Partner 2015-2018 Fab16 + FabCity In Montreal, Canada In 2020 Social inclusion – Education – Economy – Digital Fabrication
  5. 5. Community Association Partner
  6. 6. FabCity axies
  7. 7. Challenges Acceleration of everything Automatization Skill Gap - Skill Mismatch 21st century skills Learning Methods
  8. 8. Sarah Boisvert The New Collar Workforce
  9. 9. Challenges in FabCity Create and valorize new skills Training all actors in axes/clusters Data to understand and make decision Create inclusion and recognition
  10. 10. Solution Digitize skills and learning pathways with digital badges
  11. 11. Digital badges
  12. 12. They can be hosted, manage and shared across digital files containing a set of encrypted metadata that describe skill, experience or level of accomplishment. Digital badge is a digital file (web page) that is a data and visual representation of a learning or accomplishment. It’s a tool that confirms the evaluation of specific experiences. Digital Badges Definition
  13. 13. + Context Endorsment Multilinguale
  14. 14. Digital Badge
  15. 15. Evidence associated with a badge Image Text Video PDF
  16. 16. Digital Badge Porfolio
  17. 17. The administrative component (dashboard) can create badges, granting them to make effective management and value them. The user component (portfolio) presents itself as a portfolio in which students collect, manage and categorize their digital badges and above display for communicating and sharing (social media, website, etc.). Digital badge system
  18. 18. • BackPack • BadgeOS • BadgeFactor • Badgr • P2PU • Salava Open Platforms Private Platforms • Acclaim • Badgecraft • Badgelist • Credly • DigitalMe • Openbadge Factory - Passport • Canvas • edX • Moodle • Totara LMS Platforms Digital badge platforms
  19. 19. Badge Factor WordPress Plugin
  20. 20. Badgr, server platform
  21. 21. Public education, social engagement (volunteering), learning spaces (Fab Lab, Living Lab), online training (applications, MOOC) Improve talent management, increase organizational effectiveness and marketing Support and motivate students, customize learning, complement (co-curriculum) 3 Contexts of Use Academia Workplace Society
  22. 22. 3 Uses of Digital Badges Evaluate Communicate Structure Motivation Recognition Certification Artefact Portfolio Data Learning Organization Ecosystem
  23. 23. Advantages of digital badges The main advantage of this technology is to recognize formal and non-formal learning and generate confidence. There are also a host of other benefits such as: •Valuing a greater diversity of learning and skills •Mapping learning pathways •Motivate the level of learner engagement and retention •Recognize the different paths leading to a badge •Develop and enhance cross-curricular competencies and skills that are often difficult to qualify (communicate, collaborate, creativity). •Support the implementation and recognition of learning with pedagogical approaches based on skills and projects (learning experience). •Increase the identity and reputation of learners •Enabling learners to discover peers by interest in a community •Increase the brand of an organization
  24. 24. The value is built around relationships among the different actors and the ecosystem that support digital badges. Issuer : Create and awards the badge Earner : Receive and communicate the badge Consumer : Recognize the value of the badge Earner Issuer Consumer Trust ecosystem Digital badge value
  25. 25. Duolingo Gamification to learn a language
  26. 26. Netmath Gamification to practice Math
  27. 27. Mouse
  28. 28. Netmath Cityspan
  29. 29. CADRE21 Teacher Professional development
  30. 30. CADRE21Teacher Professional development Mai 2018 : 775 comptes enregistrés et près de 400 badges obtenus
  31. 31. CADRE21 Digital badge
  32. 32. CADRE21 Certificate
  33. 33. Université Wichita, Kansas
  34. 34. IBM Digital Badges Program IBM have more than 1800 different digital badges. Over 600,000 issued badges!
  35. 35. IBM Design Thinking Practitioner
  36. 36. Entreprise Design Thinking Program
  37. 37. • Microsoft • Oracle • Cisco • Autodesk • Adobe • HR Certification Institute Corporate digital badges
  38. 38. échoFab/Communautique – Montréal (Canada) 3D Print First Project Drone Piloting Fab Manager
  39. 39. San Diego Fab Lab, California (USA)
  40. 40. Le Dôme – Caen (France)
  41. 41. Asso BUG, Lab Fab – Rennes (France)
  42. 42. Catherine Cook School Makerspace, Chicago (USA) JD Pirtle
  43. 43. badgetheworld Digital Badges Around the World
  44. 44. Tedx laval badgetheworld Badges pour l’espace : La nouvelle frontière pour l’humanité
  45. 45. Geoffroi Garon-Épaule, M.A., Ph.D Candidate @geoffroigaron - Researcher and Ph.D candidate in Communication, UQAM Entrepreneur, Digital Pygmalion E-mail : Phone : +1 514 773-3332 Thanks This work shall be made available in accordance with the Licence Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.