microbiology agricultural sciences molecular biology cell biology biology ijaar agronomy soil science biotechnology agriculture biodiversity environmental science ijbb plant sciences biochemistry pharmacology environment botany biomedical science genetics ijb zoology crop biology horticulture plant physiology animal sciences aquatic biology bioremediation biomedicine pollution biology pathology fisheries ethnobiology geography agricultural philosophy atmospheric science forestry natural history fertilization agrochemicals diversity jbes parasitology oceanology neurobiology industrial agriculture agroecology microscopy sustainable development evolutionary biology sericulture traditional agriculture yield tomato côte d’ivoire ijmm mycology enzymology spectrography microbial genetics natural landscape environmental pollution oceanography methane ouagadougou xylanase macrotermes subhyalinus termite little soldier endo-beta-d-glycosidase carboxymethylcellulase bifunctional enzyme phytochemicals biomedical research antibacterial activity antibiotics ethanol extract forensic medicine mushroom culture adoption conservation pest management rice production heritability burkina faso apiculture water quality food security toxicity production rice vermicompost leafy vegetable agroecological production heavy metals cassava productivity growth morphological characterization identification biological control immunology urinary isolates prevalence beta-lactamases (esbls) nematology control xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae bacterial leaf blight virology iran guilan peanut nematoda tylenchomorpha apyrexy parasitologic clairance artesunate-amodiaquine artemether-lumefantrine therapeutic efficacy global climate change india edible and medicinal value mushrooms agroecological gradient ecological importance regeneration dendrometric parameters wood diversity species composition relative abundance mangrove forest factor analysis laguna lake seasonal mineralogy continents greenhouse gas emissions jakarta bay bivalves lead bioaccumulation hydrology rice crop management rice self-sufficiency local knowledge practices perceptions artocarpus blancoi biomass density carbon stored forest reserve taxonomy ethno-veterinary phytochemical herbal sustainable developmen hullathi section ranebennur wildlife sanctuary checklist birds population factors carbon emissions regression analysis kokrajhar sareswar beel gastro-somatic index relative gut length small indigenous fish species digestive enzymes chlorophyll and viable mutants m1 and m2 generations amino acid profiling sodium azide isotherms chitosan nanoparticle chitosan orange peel methylene blue adsorption global warming assam vespertilionidae least pipistrelle morphometrics chiroptera comet assay micronucleus assay neurotoxic cyprinus carpio carbosulfan benin development eggs larvae insecticides aedes aegypti environmental studies archachatina marginata régime alimentaire substrat diel patterns illumination percentage nocturnal diurnal lunar rhythm seagrass monitoring ecology geosciences greenhouse gasses gas chromatography conventional feeding carbon dioxide production system vegetables snap hydroponics 4ps in marketing status of agricultural goods marketability farmers’ marketing practices agricultural products chaetogaster limnaei limnaei cercariae trematodes zoonotic thiaridae côte d'ivoire babesia bovis anaplasma centrale anaplasma marginale rhipicephalus microplus red tilapia streptococcus agalactiae morphology of erythrocyte hematological parameters exco skin fever perforation ileal empty fruit bunches of palm dolomite lime inundation jelutung growth increment urban bats seed vigor salicylic acid relative injury rate height reduction germination percentage offspring performance correlation oviposition preference bactrocera dorsalis citrus cultivars rainfed areas mositure conservation soil erosion benefit-cost ratio spillways check dams western chimpanzee mont sangbé distribution density pseudoperonospora cubensis cucurbitaceae cucumis melo linn plant growth promoting rhizoba bacillus velezensis biochemical tests black chickpea cicer arietinum l. agricultural science grand-lahou lagoon fishes population parameters prostaglandin e2 ficus carica linn enteropooling castor oil antidiarrhoeal molecular biolog entomological inoculation rate malaria parasitemia hemoglobin mosquito olyset net baygon ® abidjan (côte d’ivoire) hiv/aids women of reproductive age iron status cardiovascular system hypotension electrocardiogram acute toxicity sesamum radiatum epidemiology anticancer drug tumour metastasis cancer apoptosis km and vmax β-galactosidase p-nitrophenyl-β-dgalactoside β-glucosidase p-nitrophenyl-β-d-glucoside tamarind antioxidant capparis sepiaria phsk34 plasmid gene fusion erwinia carotovora signal sequence syzygium aromaticum diarrhea spain antinociceptive activity terminalia arjuna hematology spermicidal spermatozoa immobilize teratogenic fertility bioinformatics gut perfusion hypoglycemic activity spirulina platensis toxicollogy laboratory animal hypoglycemic rhizophora mucornata oncology voyeurism family impact sexual abuse adolescents mycorrhizae organic manure biochemical components curcuma longa mineral and organic fertilizat daloa nursery plants influence sustainable agriculture crop management tanzania water delivery lwafi-katongolo irrigation sch senegal molecular characterization fusarium spp mango malformation formulation biocontrol agents bacterial blight cashew tree pcv gcv genetic advance f5 segregating generation cotton moisture stress technology xrd xrf phosphorus tropical soils hydroxides soil samples nutrient management lowland areas mining wastes mine degraded soil amélioration rice hull rice straw dioecious apetalous morpho-physiological traits baichi azadirachta indica bacillus thuringiensis watermelon abamectin bemisia tabaci aphis gossypii economic biology salt-affected soil gypsum farmyard manure selection parity phenotypic correlations genetic correlations green revolution by-products acceptability sensory evaluation lettuce microorganism local liquid trichoderma sp maize infestation faw control bio-pesticides germination quality gibberellic acid salinity seedling vigor barley texture flesh cucurbits sugar content enzyme integrated nutrient management moringa stenopetala moringa oleifera phaseolus vulgaris coal fly ash aquaculture anthropogenic activities social forestry gabon marketing ntfp marantaceae environmental management waste management pollution electronic waste malnutrition household empowerment gender trace metals mineral nutrition quality somatic embryogenesis theobroma cacao shell shape shell length shell color shell chirality morphological adaptation golden apple snail agro-morphological markers genetic estimates genetic diversity germplasm ngaoundere-cameroon djallonke sheep biometric indices measurements morpho-biometric characterizat biofungicide pathogenicity cercospora arachidicola groundnut grain yield physiology durum wheat rcbd cow dung rice variety soil fertility management animal feed phytochemical processing proximate pigeon pea seed germination genotypes seed quality cowpea lime maize yield potash fertilizer variety oydv garlic virus bulbil bulb allexivirus semiochemicals pest control pests in storage stored product pheromone surigao city barangay day-asan farmers aquaculture facility delta state cassava farmers utilization perception herbicides coconut in bata arc coconut marketing coconut production clagibapla barriers in banana production banana production lactuca sativa l. kalinga province open pollinated varieties ex-situ characterization heirloom corn varieties eruca sativa l. shallot liquid biocompost coconut shell charcoal bioconcentration urban waste ex-situ conservation health collection genetic resources silicon rice cv. situ bagendit performance of rice dolomite scion rootstock grafted eggplant soil properties soil amendment physico-chemical properties effectiveness of sustainable efficiency ergonomics palm oil fresh fruit bunches mobile mini crane transportation equipment dabakala honey plants beekeeping covid-19 anthropogenic noise urban noise urban birds noise pollution myrtaceae cagayan valley an endemic tree lubeg photographs developmental stages life history podontia quatuordecimpunctata hog-plum beetle iraq university of baghdad plant protection potato virus open access research potato pvy
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