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Steve Brace opening #TMRGS presentation on value of geography

Steve Brace (Head of Education at RGS) sharing the value of Geography, how 10% of all PLC business is down to OS data, that geographers are employable, etc. #tMRGS

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Steve Brace opening #TMRGS presentation on value of geography

  1. 1. Teach Meet 4.11.15 Steve Brace Head of Education RGS-IBG Welcome
  2. 2. Welcome A couple of reflections on where we are:  The Home of Geography  The discipline’s value  The workforce  @rgs_ibgschools
  3. 3. Our subject’s value • Reducing Risks of Future Disasters • Migration and Global Environmental Change • International Dimensions of Climate Change • Global Food and Farming Futures • Land Use Futures • Floods and Coastal Defences • The Future of Manufacturing 10% of UKplc from OS data Esri a $1B business
  4. 4. On the up!
  5. 5. Making the uncool cool, Wayne (Hemmingway) explores his old geography teacher's fashion with corduroy, tank tops & lurid shirts. 1997 “You teach ****ing geography. The most tedious subject in the history of subjects, historically taught by the most tedious ***ing teachers. You’re supposed to be boring. Live with it!” (Kurt to Brian the PE/Geography Teacher Teachers 20th August 2003) “ (Corbyn) looks like a geography supply teacher” TES 29.09.15. Geography Teachers Is there really an issue …?
  6. 6. Not if we’re prepared to own our professional standing • FRGS • CGeog (Teach)
  7. 7. Thank you to  David Rogers  Jo Debens  Richard Allaway  Claire and Laura  Over to you …