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Ewan Laurie #TMRGS presentation Hijack geography

Ewan Laurie's presentation for RGS Teachmeet about getting other people teaching geography across school, pop-up classrooms, and taking over the school!

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Ewan Laurie #TMRGS presentation Hijack geography

  1. 1. Hijack Geography Get other people to teach Geography for you! Ewan Laurie - Head of Sixth Form - King’s College School, Wimbledon @drlauriegeog (also experimenting with stripped down presentations)
  2. 2. If Hijack Geography is the answer, what is the question? Hijack Geography partially cures: - reductions in lesson time and SMT ambivalence - underpopularity and low take up of Geography at GCSE - misconceptions about what Geography really is and why it’s relevant
  3. 3. Go beyond cross-curricular inter-departmental stuff (Jedi initiate) - Providing development datasets (e.g. Gapminder) to Maths so they can use it in their teaching. - Combining with other subjects (e.g. Design Technology designs earthquake- proof buildings whilst you teach tectonic hazards). - Working on core skills (e.g. Travel writing competition based on summer holidays judged jointly by English & Geography).
  4. 4. Use an opportunist approach - be daring! (Jedi Knight) - School has “off-timetable day” with “ Global/Environment/World/something similar” in the title. Major opportunity! - Get current, then act. Pop up classroom, lunch queue (e.g. mini lesson on refugee crisis). Mangle the syllabus if you need to. - Relevant geography behind school charity events. A 10 minute assembly to 600 pupils is worth several days of teaching. - “Snow day” competition (use email, VLE, whatever).
  5. 5. Get someone else to do it… (Jedi Master) - ICT department spends significant portion of KS3 teaching GI/GIS packages (not just Google Earth) - Your senior students run your Geography club/magazine/etc. under your supervision. - Department-based charity initiative. - Other subjects are now coming to you to feed on your success! Home for tea and medals!