Water industry in india


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Water industry in india

  1. 1. PACKAGED WATER INDUSTRY Leader :- Gopal Prasad Presenter :- Gyanendra Goel Content collector:- Gaurav Agrawal Communicator :- Harsh Chaturvedi
  2. 2. • Different types of bottled water • Water treatment plant • Global Bottled Water Companies • Indian scenario towards packaged water • Policies related to packaged water • Health benefits and drawbacks
  3. 3. Different types of bottled water Natural Basically underground water, Mineral No treatments is made. Water Spring Totally dependent to rain. Water Purified Surface or underground water that Water has been treated to be suited for us Artesian Underground water come out with Water The natural pressure. Sparkling Carbonate water used in cold drinks Water Well Water from well
  4. 4. GLOBAL WATER INDUSTRIES MINERAL WATER INDUSTRIES • World bottled water market represent AROUND THE WORLD US$ 22 billion (200 billion litters) year 2006 • 75% of world market covered by local vender • Major companies of the world Thames water, Perrier, Vivendi, Pepsi, Coca-cola etc. • Largest mineral water consumer are Western Europe(85lt.yearperson) 46% North America (35lt.yearperson)20%
  6. 6. INDIAN SCENARIO TOWARDS PACKAGED WATER • Rapid Growing market (almost 40%) • Estimated worth Rs.1000 crore • Per capita bottled water consumption 5lit. • Today available more than 1000 towns &cities • More than 1200 water plants and approx 600 water plant only in Tamil Nadu.
  7. 7. • Almost 200 brands present 80% out of them local brands • Some companies & brands like Himalayan, Evian, Parle, Bisleri, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Parle Agro, Mohan Meakins etc. • Consumption of bottled water deals with the prosperity of Indian people. • Restricted only hotels and restaurant.
  8. 8. Policies related to packaged water • Two segment of packaged water in India 1.Packaged Drinking Water segment • Major companies are:- Coca-cola, Kingfisher, Parle agro., Himalayan, Aava, Evian, etc. 2.Natural mineral water segment • Major companies are:- Himalayan, Aava, Evian, etc.
  9. 9. • Packaged water govern by BIS (Bureau of Indian standards) PFA (Prevention of food and adulteration) • Natural mineral water segment is governed by IS:13428:1998(2004) • Packaged drinking water segment is governed by IS:1453:2004
  10. 10. HEALTH BENEFIT AND DRAWBACKS • Pure water • Safe water • Hygienic water • Availability every where • Effect on water level • Effect on global environment
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