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Historical context of arab israeli positions


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Historical context of arab israeli positions

  1. 1. 1967 War/ 6 Day War • Increasing tense relations since 1956 Suez Crisis • Pres. Abdel Nassar (Egypt)troop build up in Sinai Peninsula • June 5-10: Israel takes Sinai, West Bank, Gaza, Golan Heights
  2. 2. Results • Established Israel’s presence in region • Solidified US/Israel relationship • Increased # of Palestinian refugees under Israeli control • Increased security along Israeli borders • UN Resolution 242: “land for peace”
  3. 3. First Intifada (1987-1993) • Increased Israeli settlements in W.B. • Increased deportations, demolitions, etc • Dec: death of Israeli in Gaza, 4 Palestinians in a refugee camp, begins to spiral Palestinian casualties Gaza Strip, W.B., E. Jerusalem Israel Total Israeli Casualties Gaza Strip, W.B., E. Jerusalem Israel Total Security Forces 1376 33 1409 Security Forces 91 59 150 Civilians 115 27 142 Civilians 94 177 271 TOTAL 1491 60 1551 TOTAL 185 236 421 Souce: B’Tselem, “Fatalities in the First Intifada,” Jan 31, 2013
  4. 4. Second Intifada (2000-?) • Likud leader Ariel Sharon’s visit was catalyst? – “I came here as one who believes in coexistence between Jews and Arabs…I believe that we can build together. There was a peaceful visit. Is is an instigation for Israeli Jews to come to the Jewish people’s holiest site?” • Sharon’s purpose: To strengthen Israeli security and position? • Reduced support of Oslo Accords • Tempering of Sharon’s position? – 2003: Willingness to take part in “Road map for peace” – 2005: Unilateral withdrawal in Gaza "First, because the decision to retreat from Gaza took place in the context of heightened violence against Israelis, it vindicates those Palestinian voices arguing for terrorism. The Gaza retreat is, in plain words, a military defeat…The Gaza withdrawal will almost certainly increase Palestinian reliance on terrorism.” – Daniel Pipes, Director of the Middle East Forum, 2005