Sights and Reflections


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A gallery of photos and comments with some of the highlights from the 2011 NCJW Women's Mission to Israel.

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Sights and Reflections

  1. 1. NCJWWomen’s Mission to Israel 2011Sights and ReflectionsPhoto Courtesy of Leslie Sternlieb
  2. 2. The Culinary Delights of JerusalemWe toured Jerusalem’s famous open market, MahaneYehuda, with Chef Tali Friedman to sample a varietyof spices, vegetables, fish, and meats, which togetherwe transformed into a luncheon feast! Photo: Leslie Sternlieb
  3. 3. An Outstanding Israeli FeministNCJW presented the Jewel Bellush IsraeliFeminist Award to Shula Keshet, an advocatewho has established creative collaborationsbetween the business sector and women fromdifferent disempowered sectors of Israelisociety. Photo: Leslie Sternlieb
  4. 4. The Judean HillsAs we stood together, we all saida Shehechiyanu that we were inthis place at this time together asprogressive Jewish women! Photo: Leslie Sternlieb
  5. 5. Meeting Israeli womenwho are just as daring,committed and pioneeringas the NCJW women inthe United States was soinspiring — it made me feelproud of Israel, of itswomen, and deepened myattachment to Israel.
  6. 6. “Israel in 2011,Where Do We Stand?”Ret. Col. Miri Eisen briefsus at our Welcome Dinner. Photo: Leslie Sternlieb
  7. 7. Gender andPoliticsWe had aninformative meetingwith Chair of theKadima party andthe Leader of theOpposition, TzipiLivni, who spokefrankly about howsurprised she wasthat genderdiscrimination istruly an issue inpolitics. Photo: Leslie Sternlieb
  8. 8. Women’s EmpowermentAnat Hoffman, who on July 12, 2010,was arrested at the Western Wallwearing a tallit, briefs NCJW womenas they prepare to ride segregatedbuses as Freedom Riders. Photo: Vera Etzion
  9. 9. Freedom RidersAn unforgettable highlight wasriding the gender-segregatedbuses in Jerusalem — especiallywhen Israeli women joined us atthe front of the bus! Photo: Vera Etzion
  10. 10. Photo: Vera Etzion
  11. 11. Photo: Vera Etzion
  12. 12. There is nothing better than visiting theJewish homeland, hearing and seeingfirsthand how our dollars and influencecontribute to the well-being of womenand children in all groups of Israelisociety. Hearing the stories from ourgranting partners, sharing all of this withNCJW sisters is an experience that cantbe missed. NCJW missions truly bringour work to life.
  13. 13. Photo: Leslie Sternlieb “We saw a glimpse of Israel’s bright future.” We met with students and their teachers — as well as alumni, including Member of Knesset Einat Wilf — from Hebrew University High School, which NCJW built in 1962.
  14. 14. Advancing LGBT RightsWe visited NCJW Israel Programgrantee Israel Gay Youth and learnedabout the amazing work they are doingto advance the issue of LGBT rights.
  15. 15. NCJW Women and GenderStudies ProgramWe participated in roundtablediscussions with NCJW Women andGender Studies Program students andfaculty on topics related to women,gender, and politics, including studentsand grassroots activism. Photo: Leslie Sternlieb
  16. 16. Yad VashemWe were profoundly moved atthe National Memorial to the sixmillion Jewish victims of theHolocaust. Photo: Leslie Sternlieb
  17. 17. Kabbalat ShabbatWe experienced the special energyat the Kotel and a private NCJWwomen’s Kabbalat Shabbat. Photo: Mahyan Goldstein
  18. 18. Shabbat Shalom!We held a Shabbat service togetherand participated in a study sessionwith Rabbi Nahma Kelman, the Deanof Hebrew Union College and the firstordained woman rabbi in Israel!
  19. 19. In RemembranceWe paid tribute to Yitzhak Rabin inRabin Square — at the very spot wherehe was assassinated 16 years ago.
  20. 20. Seeing the work of NCJW in Israel is alwaysemotional and invigorating. Interacting with Israelis, whetherEthiopian immigrants, Hebrew UniversityHigh School students, Tel Aviv UniversityWomen & Gender Studies students, orwomen from Haifa is enriching andinsightful. At various points, our experiences broughttears to my eyes … Going to Israel withNCJW is a unique experience. The itinerary,the women, are something not to be missed.
  21. 21. The Golda Meir Mount CarmelInternational Training CenterWe met men and women from countriessuch as Kenya, Ghana, and China who cometo the center to learn about empowermentand leadership.
  22. 22. Haifa’s Ethiopian CommunityWe learned about the SHILUVIM program andthe challenges and opportunities Ethiopiancitizens of Israel face. Photo: Leslie Sternlieb
  23. 23. I hope you enjoyed these momentsfrom the 2011 NCJW Women’sMission to Israel and will considerjoining us on a future mission! — Linda Slucker, NCJW President Photo: Leslie Sternlieb