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my students use ideas from my class on business models to develop a business models for a 360 degree user interface. By displaying information in a 360 degree format and thus surrounding a person with 360 degrees of information, users can interact with computers in a new and different manner. For example, users will feel like they are inside a human body when they view the inside of a human body on all sides of them. the slides describe the value propositions for a variety of customer segments along with the method of value capture and strategic control.

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Biz Model for "Trans 360 degree" user interface

  1. 1. Trans360__MT4002 Group Presentation by: Muhammad Ahad Liu Qiwei Muhammad Ali Manzoor Aaron Sim
  2. 2. Technology Description• Ceiling mounted 360 degree projecting system that can project any image on 4 walls of a room• Motion Sensing Device such as Microsoft Kinect that recognizes gestures performed by the user and sends information to the computing system• Computer (Desktop, Laptop, Xbox) modifies the 360degree projected image
  3. 3. Product Features1. 360 Degree Projection2. Gesture Recognition3. Cloud Computing
  4. 4. Kinect for XBOX 360Video Source :
  5. 5. Kinect for XBOX 360• What started of as peripheral device for Xbox completely redefined what a gaming console could do• Trans 360 makes use of Microsoft Kinect and revolutionizes the way Educators use technology in their Teaching
  6. 6. Trans360 for Universities
  7. 7. Value Proposition for Universities• Teaching has evolved from a lecture based fact-focused to problem solving based critical thinking process• Trans360 makes learning more immersive, easy and intuitive
  8. 8. More Immersive• Immersive educational environment will increase their interest in attending class• Example : Biology students learning about Blood Circulatory system could experience what it is like being inside an artery
  9. 9. More Immersive (cont’d)Video Source :
  10. 10. Easier and intuitive learning (cont’d)• Trans360 will provide opportunity for student to interact with DNA model• Lecturer and students perform simulations in real time• This would help students in understanding the complex structure in more detail
  11. 11. Integration with traditional learning• We still find use of charts and word processors in our technology thus it integrates well with traditional learning methods• Lecturer can apply current technological knowledge and use our Technology without any further training
  12. 12. Limitations for Universities• The benefits would vary greatly based on the discipline being taught.• Disciplines with more practical aspects would benefit the most o Medicine, Architecture and Sciences would benefit the most o Benefits in Philosophy and Literature would be limited
  13. 13. Trans360 for Schools
  14. 14. Active Learning• Basic Principle: Increasing engagement of students in their learning activity leads to enhanced student productivity• Active learning stands in contrast to "standard" modes of instruction in which teachers do most of the talking and students are passive.• This includes learning through “physical activities”
  15. 15. Teaching Mathematics Through Games Snapshot Source :
  16. 16. Trans360 for Schools• Immersive Educational video games played using Trans 360 will : o Enhance the process of Active Learning o Improve Student participation in the class and thus lead to improved student productivity
  17. 17. Autism• A disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behaviour• Children affected by Autism have difficulty in recognizing emotions, coordinating body movements and interacting with others
  18. 18. Value Proposition for Autism- spectrum disorders• Trans360 will take these children into a virtual world• They can Interact with their peers through their Avatar• Help them to improve their muscle coordination through playing different games
  19. 19. Value Proposition for Autism- spectrum disorders• Video Source :
  20. 20. How does Trans360 Improve on existing Technology• Makes the Virtual world more realistic• It makes Avatar feel more alive• Students feel more connected
  21. 21. Who else will be interested in the technology?• Hotels, conference hall, and event organisers.• Businessmen doing a long, detail presentation, and involving new product plan demonstration• Especially good for civil engineers, architects, garden and interior designers and estate agent to convey their audience.
  22. 22. Value proposition on hotel • Hotel is able to offer an exclusive and luxury conference environment. • Lower cost than having installed multiple screens on the walls, but with higher presentation quality.
  23. 23. Value proposition on business• Better control in a detail business plan presentation, which usually last over 30min.• Gesture controls to allow demonstrate 3D model prototype demonstration without actually building it.• In field of architecture and related field, you can bring audience navigate through the estate to be built.• Especially good for visualising audience the vision and expectation of the business.
  24. 24. E.g. In an estate project presentation
  25. 25. Value Capture• Primary market segments – Universities, schools and Businesses.• Also focus on higher secondary institutes (JCs, Polys), labs, research facilities, hotels as secondary segments.• Individual users would not be the focus.
  26. 26. Value Capture (cont’d)• Clients pay the full cost of the hardware (S$3000 -5000).• Installation will be complementary for each unit purchased.
  27. 27. Value Capture (cont’d)• Clients encouraged to purchase a non- compulsory monthly subscription plan o Plan would include online cloud storage, live 24/7 support, repairs and maintenance. o Plan would be for a single and specific projector unit, identified by its unique code. o Plan will not be transferable and may not be used for multiple projectors.
  28. 28. Value Capture (cont’d)• Plan will be offered in three packages: o Floss: 1000 GB storage with all services at S$100/month o Butterscotch: 2500 GB storage with all services at S$140/month o Maple Syrup: 4000 GB storage with all services at S$170/month
  29. 29. Client Cost Absorbency• Universities could absorb the costs by charging students and lecturers.• Hotels and businesses would purchase low volumes. They could recover part of their costs by charging conference organizers per usage.
  30. 30. Client Cost Absorbency (cont’d)• NUS purchases 30 units with 30 Butterscotch plans o Total costs (S$4000 average unit price) would be S$120000 plus additional plan cost S$4200/month or S$50400/year o There are 33000 students in NUS and around 10000 staff members. Per head costs for 1 year: • Hardware: < S$3 • Subscription Plan: < S$1.5 • Total: < S$4.5
  31. 31. Cash Flow forEducational Institutes
  32. 32. Lecturers/ Cloud service Teachers Maintenance service Additional charge for facilities Monthly subscription More effective teaching tool Installation of 360 projector Educational Microsoft Better learning Institute One-time payment experience Additional charge Students for facilities Hardware and Share maintenance service revenueCommunication Hardware Potential Exposure and reputation supplier Students
  33. 33. Cash Flow for Businesses
  34. 34. Maintenance service Monthly subscription Rental of room with 360 projector Installation of Business plan Hotel or 360 projector pitcher, real Microsoft conference estate agent. Facility One-time payment organization charge HigherInvestment More effective Hardware and Share interest business pitching maintenance service revenue Business partner, Hardware customers supplier and investors
  35. 35. Scope of Activities
  36. 36. Scope of activities: Software• Develop in-house• Have expertise• Stronger control• Easy to protect IP
  37. 37. Scope of activities: Hardware In-house Out-source Take advantage of manufacturingSimilar technology with Xbox Kinect expertise of other firms Lower costsNo need to share revenue• Decision to out-source o Microsoft does not have the facilities to manufacture hardware o Can use the same supplier that manufactures Xbox
  38. 38. Strategic Control
  39. 39. Strategic control• Standards o Make use of existing standards o Faster adoption• Switching costs o High cost of installation o Disincentive for switching
  40. 40. Strategic control (cont’d)• Complementary products o Maintenance service o Cloud service• Patent o Prevent copying from competitors o Software protection stronger
  41. 41. Strategic control (cont’d)• Vertical disintegration o Mechanical technologies are difficult to protect o Other firms may offer cheaper projectors and motion sensors o Protect profitability through: • More focus on software protection (stronger appropriability) • Maintenance service
  42. 42. Survey Findings• Target: University (NUS) Students• Preliminary assessment of the NUS market potential• 74 respondents
  43. 43. Survey Findings (cont’d) 1. Trans360 has many features, some of which are listed below. On a scale of 1 (not at allimportant) to 5 (very important), how would you rate the importance of these features in your decision to adopt Trans360?
  44. 44. Survey Findings (cont’d)
  45. 45. Survey Findings (cont’d)2. Are there any other features that youwould like to see in Trans360?• nil• ability to play games on it :D• These all look great!• An ability to be user friendly.• Easy integration with surround sound (for movies)• Sound/built in speaker• Remote access from Mac?• minimum technical difficulty, easy to use/learn etc• Option to choose from projection on 2 walls, 3 walls or 4 walls• MACbook compatibility• Real time voting of questions for quality control• Accompanying surround sound system
  46. 46. Survey Findings (cont’d)3. If Trans360 is made available on yourcampus, how often are you likely to use this service?
  47. 47. Survey Findings (cont’d)
  48. 48. Survey Findings (cont’d)4. What would you primarily use Trans360 for (be honest)?
  49. 49. Survey Findings (cont’d)
  50. 50. Survey Findings (cont’d) 5. If Trans360 projectors were installed at your university and you were asked tocontribute a very small amount in order tobenefit from the service, how much would you be willing to contribute per month?Remember that your contribution will helppay for a small fraction of the actual costs.
  51. 51. Survey Findings (cont’d)
  52. 52. Q&A