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Portfolio: Retail


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A brief account of work

Published in: Design, Business
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Portfolio: Retail

  1. 1. In a stroke of madness I drew a line A line it was but it moved my mind I’ve known it and yet not It meant much more that a million dots It moved and moved to make a whole thought Alas what it was, it is still Maddening as it is, yet enlightening
  2. 2. Work is Worship Design Philosophy
  3. 3. Design is transformational Design is changing the world as we have never seen before and the innovation has brought change to not only in we look at things but also the way we experience things. Simple ideas, like computers, have evolved from technological equipment into, larger, consumer-focused concepts such as “lifestyle entertainment” Airplanes . are less about transportation vehicles today, and much more about “travel experiences” that enhance lives in many ways through their elaborate bonus- point programs. Food is no longer about cooking and chores but about home and lifestyles design and “sensory experiences” And the universities of tomorrow . will be branded and will function as “knowledge banks” Design is no longer just a tool to create colorful design but something more Graphic Options Planet Sports that can change the way we perceives and experience. It can bridge the gap between the consumer and the corporates and bring in a harmony where each brand has its place and where solutions and possibilities are infinite. Design Research Implementation and execution Ideation and conceptualization Critical Analysis
  4. 4. Graphic Des i gn n esig Space D Photograph y Contact
  5. 5. Space Design has become experience design where spaces are structured in a manner than the user feels at home and at ease and is able to relate to the environment as easily as he would to his home. The visual as well as the spatial impact that the space has on a person is tremendous and the resultant emotional attachment that is made to the brand is what makes one brand superior to the other. The classroom assignment has enabled a thought that leads us to think how inter activity and openness of the project brings a certain joy to seeing a welcoming brand that a enclosed space where the impact is more to captivity. The project was to create a exhibition space for an electronics company. 3D perspective views Exhibition Design
  6. 6. WHAT WE DID: Created an open environment that not only helps people see what apple technologies have in store for them but also how they work in a space that has no boundaries for people who really know how it works and for those who are really just people who want to have a peep into what “going on there” The size in actual would be 24 x 20 feet which is filled with interactive modules like • the pillars with the iphone panels. • the wall with the ability to help people exchange information from their ipods with other users. • and the seating for the use of apple OS and the mac books.
  7. 7. Visual Merchandising Visual merchandising has become more than just store and window, it has become experience design where consumer come to meet the brand as a personality and take a back an experience that can either make a loyal customer or a dissatisfied person. The assignment was to study the existing store and understand how the planograms, zoning and the visual merchandising is done at the store level. The store had a lot of problems with the stacking Plan of the Store of clothing and navigatory problems and we Shooper’s Stop, Bandra certainly felt that these aspects should be looked into and changed or rather modified. 3D perspective view Shooper’s Stop, Bandra
  8. 8. The second floor showed the most amount of inefficacy in terms of zoning and “planogramming” since: , • The exclusivity of the brands was lost due of lack of proper lighting, non symmetrical placement of shelves and wall fixtures. • The result was a disorganized and untidy display. • There were no signages to highlight the brand and its USP Therefore the communication was not up to . the mark. • The lack of color or pattern coding added chaos to the entire section and left the customers confused. • The walls had no graphical element which could help in emphasizing the brand and its feel. • Floor hangings was a bad choice of fixtures for the Part of the store where our primary focus was designer section as space was not provided for stacking the merchandise Planogram for the improvedment of the store
  9. 9. Retail Design The retail burst in India has really pulled design into the limelight and it is a very highly demanding and a time framed into a very short span of execution. The graphic solutions are never too loaded with colours and forms, the play here with simplicity for the mass market The name of the game is simplicity. The visual language played an important role as the store needed to be branded as a store that displayed on sale all sports brands under one tag and keep a language that would stand out an easy and approachable. The graphics would also play an important role in sectioning the store into four sections each pertaining tho the level of consumer involvement in the sports. The language should also be very generic so that the branding of the sports brands are not over shadowed by the store’s personality. Perspective View, Planet Sports, Lido Mall, Bnagalore © Idiom Design and Consulting Ltd.
  10. 10. Planograms of the whole store
  11. 11. t no as tore t w is s ics tha h e at th grap be l Sty s th e of may hic nd tyl or rap grou ant s ers t no e G y sum uld wer e in f on d the mb co ste n co its or ty o ge fla es ug up o ch a te the . ng lar un its m utili S ha en e su ida orty un the al c odu tak t hav intim o sp tur of m isting and ruc lot ht s to ex uage no f st can it mig en a t o ne a a the lang lo se o as ea nd ke hic inc bee o ma grap Se t e v ha rived th th ses. wi crea e d c syn lso in it a © Idiom Design and Consulting Ltd.
  12. 12. Application Zoning Flow get ready... walking jogging gymming yoga aerobics dancing chess table tennis carrom tennis squash badminton walking jogging gymming yoga aerobics dancing chess table tennis carrom tennis squash badminton get ready... walking jogging gymming yoga aerobics dancing chess table tennis carrom tennis squash badminton walking jogging gymming yoga aerobics dancing chess table tennis carrom tennis squash badminton
  13. 13. Visual Language Bharat Student has a localized channel in Hyderabad that they wanted to be a naturally youth oriented ‘young’ channel. They wanted to project this at the first step of interaction that a person would have in their corporate office. WE looked into the scope of the work and understood the scope of work and how this would work out to be more than a branding exercise. We understood that if a visual language and the space had to be developed we would aim to have a bigger aim in mind. What came then is a idea that could used as a TV channel mascot, a new image for the company and a visual language that not only talks colour but also motivation and company values, and best of all Mute, keeps the tense atmosphere cool and humourous. Mascot Option, Local TV Design can be a lot of fun sometimes. Perspective View, Corporate Office, Local TV, Hyderabad © Idiom Design and Consulting Ltd.
  14. 14. Television Mascot An interesting Charcater some- times is the only thing tha tkicks off the brand and makes it a hit. Interactive Character for Office Visitors Humour and bad receptionist is all consumers usually remember Value and Motivator Multiple Solutions For Employees Everyday creative work really needs a very motivating home Work is Worship
  15. 15. Set Design A Spiritual Retreat   There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, pictures There is rapture on the lonely shore, There is a society, where no one intrudes, By the deep sea, and the music in its roar; I love not the man less, but nature more...... Create a set inside the college campus with a themed concept Everyday spreads into the wild chaos, Reference I run into them, and a lot more into myself I need to runaway, into my sanctuary and rest Away from the lonely crowds, The filled riverbeds of my town I need to lose myself from the silencing noise, Into a higher plane I must retreat This is my spiritual getaway
  16. 16. Graphic Des i gn n esig Space D Photograph y Contact
  17. 17. Concerts have evolved to become a memorable experience and creating a lasting effect on the people that walk in a lot of effort has to be taken. Problems: Time Space: The time given to execute it with the briefing of the project to the actual event is a little more than two weeks. Targets: - create sponsors for the event - make the deliverables of the event and sell them - sourcing the logistics - and all the usual confusion that comes with it. Solutions • WE made the event into a green event • Made the creatives and conceptualization • Sold the tickets through contacts in various colleges. • Negotiated with the lights and sound to get the best in the budget. Graphic Language All without much sleep, and a lot of commitment to ICT, Matunga, Mumbai each other and to work. Character Developement, ICT, Matunga, Mumbai
  18. 18. Identity Design Creatives ICT, Matunga, Mumbai
  19. 19. Create a perfume brand and simultaneously create a packaging option that would serve to be economical in its construction and understnad how the package unfolds Undestanding gained: • Developemnt of a sinlgle plan of the packaging • Understanding how costing is worked on and reduce costing • Undestanding the reasoning behind a packaging type for a par- ticular type of product.
  20. 20. Poster and Package in 3D
  21. 21. To create a event management firm and propose what functions it will work on and what will it do in the near future and the functioning and the departments. Create an event it will do in the near future and create a hypothetical necessities to make it function Our Company logo represents the philosophy we adhere to in all our endeavours: To consistently deliver a complete spectrum of event experience - with passion and intelligence. Grasshopper to us means bringing in a fresh perspective to the Corporate events scenario. The company policy to dedicate a pecentage of their work done in a year dedi- cated to social and environmental cause. we handle blood donation camp, Aids awareness campaign and fund raising for social cause.
  22. 22. Navara Navara has a history spanning centuries. Its rarity and medicinal properties make it a much sought after variety of rice - from ayurvedic treatments, healthy breakfast supplements, organic food to temple offerings. Navara Eco Farm is almost as significant as this variety - with a 100 year old farm cultivating this rice that’s slowly facing extinction. Besides, being the oldest and largest –