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Hire the best design talent and learn how to work with the designers in a startup.
Also checkout http://uxforstartups.org/ for the video and the handouts.

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  • also checkout the website, http://uxforstartups.org/
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  • Tim’s talk – was about REM, our is about the mechanics of how to make it happen. Will go into the nuts and bolts. A BOX of tool. Rules of engagementSome key rules for the workshop ( have fun, copy from each other, respect time)This usually takes 2-3 workshop, but crunched to 2hrs. Have to move fastCombined experience in the room – Start ups, and the crewPlan is nothing, planning is everything.
  • But software, as Kontra points out, is about more than just looks. It's about "the behavioral aspects of application design in general."
  • Biggest takeaway – UX is not just about getting somebody to quickly build your UI
  • Hire at least 10% of your engineering workforce. How do you get a good design guy on board.
  • … But now these big companies have Big design groups, making big investments in designs. They realize the importance of UX to differentiate their products.
  • Google flight status example…
  • Dropbox diverted a bulk of their marketing budget ($388 per user) to improving the user experience of their product “we spent almost all our effort on making an elegant simple product that just worked and made users happy”How do you think they got here…
  • “We don’t want people to remember their interactions with Facebook. “We want them to remember their interactions with their friends and family.” Facebook’s director of design - Kate Aronowitz“As a design guideline, serotonin is our term for those little moments of delight you get on Facebook.” Facebook manager of design, - Julie Zhou
  • Designers are extremly emotional people… designers connect with a story
  • Designer hiring process is different than technical hiring process… have to do 3,4,5. Also, ask for help in evaluating a designer as needed
  • It can add a character and also speak about your brand.
  • Share the story about hiring interns.
  • Resume are a good filtering mechanism
  • In an interview, grill on the portfolio. Why did they take some design decisions… remember, past behavior is a very good prediction of future behavior.
  • This is where rubber hits the road. Designer may have worked in teams to come up with the design in the portfolio. Through a design test you can find how much do they really know what they can actually do.
  • This has an equal balance of the UI problem as well as a need based and a behavior change issue.
  • Hiring a great designer will not only help you with your UI problems but will also bring a fresh way of thinking towards everything your startup does, from your investor pitches, to your office workspace, to how you differentiate through your communications with your ecosystem
  • The best part about design thinking is that in a sense, design thinking has maintained for a long time what LEAN STARTUPS have reiterated in the past few years. Because Design Thinking is about Keeping It Real! Design thinker’s profile Empathy – imagine the world from multiple perspectives, customer, user, colleagues etc. ( current and prospective). Design solutions for explicit + latent needsIntegrated thinkingOptimismExperimentationCollaborationHow to make design thinking institutionalized in your start upBegin at the beginning – involve design thinkers from the startFactors human needs and behaviorRapid experimentationSeek outside help – look for opportunities to co create with customers and clientsBig and small projects - Expect business units todrive and fund incremental innovation, but bewilling to initiate revolutionary innovationfrom the top.- Design for the cycle - Planassignments so that design thinkers go frominspiration to ideation to implementation.
  • Visual nature of working – working out loudInfrastructure to influence design thinkingAll startups have ensured, that design is sprinkled across the culture
  • Visual nature of working – working out loud
  • UX principle – good UX is good vocabulary…. And the fact this influences, tech + product decisions. This another example of three circles coming together and becomes a part of core values. This is where the brand/ product is being built or broken
  • Companies that insist on building a world-class infrastructure before shipping a product are doomed to "achieve failure," because they're starved of feedback for too long. On the other hand, companies that take a "just do it" attitude without any process at all are also taking a major gamble.
  • They always to need to have the bigger picture… is about a differentiator that cant be cloned
  • Lead users, co creation sessions …. Vuja De versus Deja Vu
  • 400 surveys results
  • What is the user’s journey through the product?What are the logical and emotional triggers in the journey?What is the product’s story in the mind of the users?
  • UX for Startups - Nasscom Product Conclave

    2. Setting expectations • This workshop is not for Experts • It is for startup founders, engineers, product managers, marketing, or folks of large companies looking to improve UX • The 3 things we will focus on – Find the right design talent – Set up a design culture, process, and UX strategy – Work with designers in a group to create a conceptual design UX FOR STARTUPS
    3. INDEX• Great experience = great brand• Make the right investment in design• Design thinking starts with design culture• Understand the context• Creating the concept UX FOR STARTUPS
    4. Customary Apple Quote! ―People think its this veneer — that the designers are handed this box and told, Make it look good! Thats not what we think design is. Its not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works‖ - Steve Jobs UX FOR STARTUPS
    5. Great experience = great brand Business models Cloud, Web Profit Margins SaaS, Mobile Lifetime value Deployment Supply Chain Business Technology Viability Feasibility Branding Design User Advocacy User Experience Desirability Design Innovation Design is layered just like tech/business UX FOR STARTUPS
    6. What do these startups have in common? UX FOR STARTUPS
    7. Each of these startups have designers as co-founders For a long time, a pair of co-founders consisted of an executive and an engineer. It worked for Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple. Design is becoming more and more prevalent in new startups – Square, Path, Airbnb, and more are pushing the envelope. http://startupsthisishowdesignworks.com/ UX FOR STARTUPS
    8. Great products speak for themselves – Friction Buster UX FOR STARTUPS
    9. Great products speak for themselves – Have Fun! UX FOR STARTUPS
    10. Great products speak for themselves – Connect withEmotionsTry quitting out of facebook! UX FOR STARTUPS
    11. INDEX• Great experience = great brand• Make the right investment in design• Design thinking starts with design culture• Understand the context• Creating the concept UX FOR STARTUPS
    12. Key Challenges in Hiring Design Talent • Not enough designers in India • Skills in digital, mobile and web are limited • Visual design, Interaction design, front-end design and user research are highly specialized fields • Don’t chase unicorns UX FOR STARTUPS
    13. Design Talent Acquisition Funnel 1 2 3 4 5 Job Description Marketing Resume Portfolio Design Test Along with an interview Alternate channels such as referrals UX FOR STARTUPS
    14. 1. A Distinctive Job Description Airbnb is revolutionizing the way the world travels. Tagged by Time Magazine as the "eBay of Space", Airbnb is a profitable, fast-growing, online marketplace giving everyday people the ability to monetize their most valuable asset: an extra bedroom, vacation rental, airbed, castle, boat, tree house or trailer. With a presence in over 9000 cities in 160 countries Airbnb is backed by Sequoia Capital and Greylock and is one of their most exciting start-ups. Airbnbs interaction designers make the complex simple and know the details arent the details, they are the product. Do you love to choreograph the dance of getting users from A to B? Are your instincts in touch with a higher power known as usability? Well then you get that the best interactions arent even noticed by a user because the design gets out of their way. We seek someone who loves getting in the weeds to smooth out exisiting interactions and invent new ones. The future of our moms being able to use Airbnb will depend on your work. Online portfolio required to apply. RESPONSIBILITIES Work collaboratively within the product team to map user flows, paper prototype interactions, and oversee the building process Concept interactions across mediums: web, mobile and email Rapid prototype in Fireworks or other tool of choice Present at weekly team meetings REQUIREMENTS Excellent communication skills Excellent information visualization skills Lo-fi & hi-fi prototyping skills Working knowledge of Adobe CS Youve unpackaged at least one Apple product BFA/MFA or equivalent industry experience BONUS SKILLS Experience designing for mobile devices Your favorite color is in Pantone Moleskine is your middle name UX FOR STARTUPS
    15. 2. Marketing Email Groups Events HCIIDC – Design India Yahoo! Group USID, World Usability Day, HCI IxDA – Interaction Design Association Conferences, dCamps Professional Networks Design Portfolio Sites LinkedIn, Zerply, Facebook, Twitter, Glassdoor Coroflot, Dribble, Behance, Flickr Design School Alumni Associations Job Sites National Institute of Design SimplyHired, Monster, Naukri, Olx, Shine, Industrial Design Center, IITB Hasgeek Department of Design, IITG Design Programme, IITK • Don’t just look for low cost freelancers for core product work. 99designs is good for logos and banners, but much less for product UX work • UX talent is everywhere. Don’t jump to conclusions about designers. UX FOR STARTUPS
    16. Evaluation Parameters Basic Hygiene Resume Overall Fit Ecosystem Thinking Portfolio Iterative Design Visual Thinking Execution v/s Time Design Test Team Dynamics UX FOR STARTUPS
    17. 3. Resume Top five things to look for in any designer resume Total years of experience v/s number of products launched Experience working with developers and product folks? Did designs become real products or are they only concepts? Design tools and fundamental design thinking are both Skills and thought important process matter more than pedigree UX FOR STARTUPS
    18. Evaluation Parameters Basic Hygiene Resume Overall Fit Ecosystem Thinking Portfolio Iterative Design Visual Thinking Execution v/s Time Design Test Team Dynamics UX FOR STARTUPS
    19. 4. Portfolio A picture is worth more than a 1000 words in a resume UX FOR STARTUPS
    20. Evaluation Parameters Basic Hygiene Resume Overall Fit Ecosystem Thinking Portfolio Iterative Design Visual Thinking Execution v/s Time Design Test Team Dynamics UX FOR STARTUPS
    21. 4. Design Test “Design a car-pool application” Car-pooling is a common practice among daily DESIGN PROCESS commuters to help reduce traffic on the roads and While the final solution you propose is also save money and fuel. While we all wish to important, we would like to see the process participate, it is still an ad-hoc process to you followed while arriving at the design. participate in this practice effectively. Despite the Share a document that shows the process you great adoption of social networks and smart went through in arriving at the solution(s) in phones we have not seen an effective car pool terms of diagrams/sketches/notes. application. Describe the problems identified, the Your mission is to solve this problem by using your workflows involved, the end user needs and social connections and real-time updates. Design how your solution succeeds in addressing an interactive application, which would allow users those. to plan, schedule, and use car pool EVALUATION CRITERIA DELIVERABLES This small exercise is aimed at giving us an The design work you share could be in a detailed idea about your skills in identifying UI wireframe mode – however please do include at problems, the way you approach to solve them least one screen illustrating the and your clarity in communication & colors, textures, forms and type you envision - presentation skills. We are also looking for visually representative of a live, real application. evidence of lateral thinking (beyond obvious), creative problem solving and Please mention all assumptions you would make in attention to details; your ability to utilize proper terms of features, technology used, user profiles tools to create rich, meaningful, innovative and and the tasks they are expected to perform, before inviting products/applications. explaining the design solution UX FOR STARTUPS
    22. Evaluation Parameters - Summary Basic Hygiene Resume Overall Fit Ecosystem Thinking Portfolio Iterative Design Visual Thinking Execution v/s Time Design Test Team Dynamics UX FOR STARTUPS
    23. INDEX• Great experience = great brand• Make the right investment in design• Design thinking starts with design culture• Understand the context• Creating the concept UX FOR STARTUPS
    24. What is design thinking? Thinking like a designer can transform the way you develop products, services, processes—and even strategy. – Tim Brown, IDEO Begin at the beginning Take a human- centered approach Try early and often Seek outside help Budget to the pace of innovation Find Talent anyway you can Design for the cycle UX FOR STARTUPS
    25. Design is a mindset process • Lean design process • UX Principles • UX Metrics culture planning • Work out loud • Trust • Design reviews Design people structure • Get right designers on boar • Design reporting • Their growth path and train and structure • Right tools and infrastructure UX FOR STARTUPS
    26. Work out loud UX FOR STARTUPS
    27. UX Principles 1. FAST Scannable Content Aggregated Preload everything Like a physical object 2. BEAUTIFUL Content is king (UI should be as simple as possible) More than just text Randomness 3. SOCIAL People, not RSS feeds Participate easily Inherent personalization What’s NEXT? Social sharing and discovery Self-published magazines Ads as content UX FOR STARTUPS
    28. Startups and design process The speed at which a startup can learn is its competitive advantage and the defining factor in its success. But startups cant rely on the processes and infrastructure that their established competitors use, because those "best practices" tend to kill disruptive innovation. - Eric Reis, HBR Blog UX FOR STARTUPS
    29. Minimum viable v/s minimum desirable product Aim for a minimal desirable product rather than a minimal viable product. Design is the differentiator. UX FOR STARTUPS
    30. Design process empathy define ideate prototype test Startups have changing goals. The design process must be able to tolerate large swings in the direction of the venture UX FOR STARTUPS
    31. Design process empathy define ideate prototype test Startups have a bias towards this end! UX FOR STARTUPS
    32. Design process empathy define ideate prototype test This is usually ignored Not enough user and UX methods will qualitative feedback REALLY help! UX FOR STARTUPS
    33. Design processempathy define ideate prototype test UX FOR STARTUPS
    34. There is no real substitute for deep user research UX FOR STARTUPS
    35. Tools to do research for digital products UX FOR STARTUPS
    36. INDEX• Great experience = great brand• Make the right investment in design• Design thinking starts with design culture• Understand the context• Creating the concept UX FOR STARTUPS
    37. The Context and Concept empathy define ideate prototype testContext Concept UX FOR STARTUPS
    38. To Understand the Context - Think Ecosystem • What is the users environment • Who are the primary users and who else do they interact with to accomplish their goals ( people, objects ) • How will they use the product UX FOR STARTUPS
    39. Think Ecosystem Bulk Product Supply Logistics Product Delivery Printed Receipt Customer Order Details Supplier Product Offerings Discounts User Account Procurement Search Products Payment Discover Products Order Products Payment Office Manager Manage Order Consumer Repeats Order www.officesamaan.in UX FOR STARTUPS
    40. Personas• A persona is a fictitious user that you design based on understanding the users context.• Persona’s help you simplify your requirements. UX FOR STARTUPS
    41. Persona: Rajan Demographics: Male , 24, grew up in Mangalore, now works in Bangalore B. Com from Manipal University, first job after college. Rajan is an office manager for CoolToyz, a Bangalore company with 100 employees, in HSR Layout. Cooltoyz is a fast rising player in the children’s toys market. They sell toys through a store in Koramangala and its website.Work context: Pain points: Needs/Wants:A lot of Rajan’s time is spent on Rajan currently procures all Rajan needs a convenientmanaging office supplies. items through middlemen who Single point solution toGrowing at nearly 5 employees usually don’t have all the items manage supplies including:a month, he needs. They are also notCooltoyz needs more flexible to accommodate needs • Easy way to check key productsupplies than ever, at of small companies like availabilityreasonable rates. Rajan’s job CoolToyz. Rajan wastes a lot of • Save costs for regularly orderedhas become quite time chasing different suppliers itemsChallenging in managing this and doesn’t always get what he • Discover new items, and buy withgrowth in demand needs confidence • Ability to reorder with ease in the future UX FOR STARTUPS
    42. Scenario’s • Scenario is a fictional story about the "daily life of" or a sequence of events with the persona as the main character, doing a key task. • The story should be specific of the events happening that relate to the problems of the persona, and normally the main research questions the design process is built upon. • Scenarios should be such that design implications can be derived out of it • Scenarios are only about the User. UX FOR STARTUPS
    43. Scenario • “A housewife will come to our website, browse and purchase a vacuum cleaner” • “An HR manager will use our app to track every minute where each job applicant is in the hiring process” • “A teenager will use our product to make free video calls to her sister in another country” UX FOR STARTUPS
    44. Group Activity: Lets write one scenario for Rajan • Write it as a story such that – Design implications can be derived from it – It should be about the user and not technology UX FOR STARTUPS
    45. INDEX• Great experience = great brand• Make the right investment in design• Design thinking starts with design culture• Understand the context• Creating the concept UX FOR STARTUPS
    46. Create Concept • Select the right structure ( Navigation + information architecture and then dive into detail design • When you have followed the other steps and have hired a good UX designer, great detail design will follow. • But getting the conceptual model and structure right, is critical UX FOR STARTUPS
    47. Select Navigation Structure UX FOR STARTUPS
    48. Good Navigation takes care of 80% of your designBut, Bad navigation…. UX FOR STARTUPS
    49. To sum up ! • Great experience = great brand • Make the right investment in design • Design thinking starts with design culture • Understand the context • Creating the concept UX FOR STARTUPS
    50. “If you hold out with your vision a little bit, it’s like a cakebeing put in the oven. The scene doesn’t workimmediately, you have to bake it a little bit. It’sunfair, when you begin to create a shot, say, or ascene, that it’s going to immediately be like those beautifulscenes in the movies. It needs a little bit of time tomature. It’s like taking the cake out without letting it be inthe oven for more than a minute. Like, oh no, it’s terrible.So you have to be patient, and then slowly everyonestarts to see that the ideas are right, or make thecorrections. You have to battle the lack of confidence bygiving the scene the chance to solidify “Francis Ford Coppola on directing and collaborating. UX FOR STARTUPS
    51. Thank You !! UX FOR STARTUPS