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Amali mengarang


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Published in: Education
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Amali mengarang

  1. 1. Aktiviti MenulisDefinisi Konsep Aktiviti Pra TulisanMenulis Menulis Tulisan Mekanis Menghasilkan Pergerakan Jari, Postur BadanMenghasilkan Wacana yang Tangan, dan Mata dan PeganganSimbol Grafik Bermaklumat Pensel Aktiviti Membentuk Huruf Kedudukan Kertas, Kerusi Cari Jalan Keluar, dan Meja Padan Huruf, dan Sambung Titik Mengetahui Titik Kemasukan Huruf
  2. 2. Jenis Kemahiran Menulis1. Kemahiran Menulis Mekanis Kemahiran yang dikuasai pada peringkat awal supaya murid dapat menghasilkan tulisan yang kemas dan mudah dibaca.2. Kemahiran Menulis Pelahiran Kemahiran menulis yang bertujuan melahirkan sesuatu untuk ditulis.
  3. 3. • before begin to write a paper• four technique:1. freewriting2. brainstorming3. branching4. questioning
  4. 4. Freewriting• Is nonstop for a limited period, usually around five or ten minutes.• Write whatever comes into your mind• Don’t be concerned with grammar, punctuation or spelling, or with writing incomplete sentences.• Write fast; don’t think about whether what you writing is worthwhile or makessense.• After finish, reread what have written.• Start to think about what your main point could be, a point that would unifyvarious details & observations & fit them into an interesting framework.• Highlight everything that might be able to use in your paper.
  5. 5. Brainstorming• is a way of developing ideas by making a list of everything you can think ofabout the topic.• Might list; feelings, ideas, facts, examples or problems.• There is no need to write in sentences, instead, list words & phrases.• Don’t try to organize your ideas, just list them as you think of them.• Give yourself a time limit• Can brainstorm alone or with friends.• With your friends, you will discover a lot more ideas, because their ideas willtrigger more of your own.• When finished, read your list & mark usable ideas.
  6. 6. Branching• is a visual way of generating ideas.• To begin, write your topic in the middle of the whole sheet of paper & draw acircle around it.• Next, think of related ideas & write them near the circle.• Connect each to the circle with a line.• These ideas are called the primary branches.• Your topis is like a tree trunk, & your ideas are like primary limbs that branchout from it.
  7. 7. Questioning• Ask who? What? When? Where? Why? How?Questions about your topic.• Ask any other questions that come to mind.
  8. 8. Table 1-1 The five steps in the writing process___________________________________________________________________ Steps what it involves___________________________________________________________________Generate ideas coming up with ideas that explain & support your topicPlan & organize your ideas deciding what ideas to include & in what order to palce themWrite a first draft putting your ideas in sentence, paragraph & essay formRevise rewriting, rearranging your ideas, deleting some ideas, adding othersProofread looking for errors in typing, spelling, grammar, & punctuation___________________________________________________________________________________________