Chemistry at the University of Leicester


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find out more about studying chemistry at the university of leicester

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Chemistry at the University of Leicester

  1. 1. University ofLeicester
  2. 2. Chemistry with PharmaceuticalChemistry Forensic Chemistry Science BSc BSc BSc MChem MChem MChem • Industry • Industry • Industry • Year Abroad • Year Abroad • Year Abroad
  3. 3. Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Research TechniquesMChemDegree Study Abroad IndustryBScDegree Degree change Core Modules possible Practical/ Research Project Supplementary/Optional Modules
  4. 4. Year Topics Covered1 Chemical Principles Organic Stereochemistry & Reactivity Coordination Chemistry Thermodynamics and Kinetics Organic Functional Groups2 Molecular Spectroscopy Colloids and Interfaces Kinetics and Mechanism Bi-functional Molecules Chemistry of Rings Organometallic Chemistry
  5. 5. Chemistry Pharmaceutical Chemistry with Chemistry Forensic SciencePolymers Bio-analytical Chemistry Introduction to Forensic ScienceMolecules in Nature Physiology & Pharmacology Learning Legal SkillsIndustrial Chemistry Microbiology The Criminal JusticeChemistry in Society System Introduction toEnvironmental Biochemistry Forensic ScienceChemistry Analytical ChemistryAnalytical Chemistry
  6. 6. Core Modules 6 hours per week Tutorials 1 hour + preparation time Workshops 1 hourSupplementary Modules 4 hours Practical 4-6 hoursProblem Based Learning 2 hours
  7. 7. Set Texts Electronic BlackBoard LecturesProblem Based Multimedia Learning Teaching Computer Based Group Problems Tests Tutorials
  8. 8. Mid-Semester Exam Course Work Tutorials Posters/Essays(1st & 2nd Year) & Presentations End of Semester Exam
  9. 9. 4-6 students Problem sheet attempted before the tutorial. Chance to discuss course topics with tutor.In the 1st and 2nd year,tutorials contribute to yourfinal mark for a givenmodule.
  10. 10. 4-6 hrs per week – 1st Year6-10 hrs per week – 2nd yearShort and Long Experiments in allaspects of Chemistry.Own locker with £500 worth ofglassware!Help on Hand:DemonstratorsAcademicsLab Technicians
  11. 11. Organic Inorganic Physical Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Biological Synthetic & Spectroscopy Chemistry Catalysis Pharmaceutical Electrochemistry Green Chemistry Chemistry & Polymers Synthetic & Materials Analytical & Nanomaterials Chemistry ForensicsBSc – 11 week project Fluorine AtmosphericMChem – 21 week project Chemistry Chemistry
  12. 12. Character buildingTransferable skillsOver 20 years experience in running placementsUniversity provides Preparation prior to and Supportthroughout the yearThe year away from Leicester is coordinated by the YearOut Tutor – Dr Handa
  13. 13. What Do The Students ThinkOf Their Time At Leicester?
  14. 14. Results from the recent National Student Survey97% of students say: “Staff are good at explaining things”94% of students say: “The course is intellectually challenging”
  15. 15. Kate: MChem with a Year in Industry
  16. 16. Results from the recent National Student Survey96% of students say: “The course iswell organised and is run smoothly” 97% of students say: “The library resources and services are good enough for my needs”
  17. 17. Raissa: MChem Chemistry
  18. 18. Results from the recent National Student Survey97% of students say: “Overall, I amsatisfied with the quality of the course”
  19. 19. Mussa: MChem PharmaceuticalChemistry with a Year in Industry
  20. 20.
  21. 21. Want to know more about studyingChemistry at Leicester?Come to an Open Day and see whatLeicester has to offer – you will besurprised!