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A New Era for Animators


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Presented at FITC Toronto 2016
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Animation is powerful and is not going anywhere as long as humans have eyeballs. What does change is technology. And as a creative we want to worry less about technology and spend more time creating with as much freedom as possible. Enter a new era for animators. A post-platform specific era where fights between technologies don’t exist. Where new technologies are welcome with open arms. Where content can be built with freedom. With flexibility to change the format or the dimensions on a whim. Whatever the job calls for. This platform agnostic future is powered by the new Adobe Animate CC. Leveraging the skills of a generation of Flash users and bringing new ones into the fold to create content for whatever the future holds. Join Adobe Evangelist Paul Trani as he unveils Animate CC, and it’s new capabilities for all.


Learn how to create animation easily, for any screen your heart desires.

Target Audience

Animators, Graphic Designers, Web Designers, UI/UX designers.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

Knowledge of basic design

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

What a platform agnostic future looks like
The fundamentals of Animate CC
How to build animations with ease
How to create content for multiple platforms
How to leverage this for a more lucrative career

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A New Era for Animators

  1. 1. @PaulTraniFITC A New Era for Animators Paul Trani, Adobe Evangelist
  2. 2. © 2015 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential. @PaulTraniFITC Paul Trani Sr. Worldwide Evangelist | Designer 2 Print / CD ROM / Broadcast Animation / Web / Mobile / 3D Printing
  3. 3. © 2015 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential. @PaulTraniFITC 3 We are in the visual communication business (not in the technology business)
  4. 4. @PaulTraniFITC Professional Software Zero Coding Templates Tools for Amateurs Developers Databases, JavaScript, .NET, acronyms Technology Wars Independent Technology 100% Creative Freedom
  5. 5. @PaulTraniFITC 100% Creative Freedom Professional Software Zero Coding Independent Technology Adobe Animate CC
  6. 6. @PaulTraniFITC 100% Creative Freedom Professional Software Zero Coding Independent Technology Creation, Animation, Interactivity for 20 years catering to professionals That’s cool. Don’t code, or use Code Snippets available SWF, HTML, WebGL, SVG, 4k video
  7. 7. @PaulTraniFITC • 4 Billion AIR application installs. • 200k mobile apps built with AIR • Over 1 billion Flash updates from • Preinstalled/auto-updated on all new Windows computers • Integrated into all Google Chrome installs and Chrome OS devices • 9 out of 10 games on Facebook are Flash SWF/AIR
  8. 8. @PaulTraniFITC • 30% of content published from Animate is HTML5 • eChalk ported over 800 of their simulations to HTML5 in one year to make them tablet/mobile compatible: aspxerrorpath=/info/ItJustWorks/resources/ spaceShepherd.html#HTML5 • HTML5
  9. 9. @PaulTraniFITC • WebGL for graphics without the need for a plugin • Christopher Caleb: projects/bunny-webgl-max/bunny.html • index.html WebGL
  10. 10. @PaulTraniFITC • SVG exporting • Custom platform support (SnapSVG) • SVG/Custom
  11. 11. @PaulTraniFITC • High quality video exporting4k Video
  12. 12. @PaulTraniFITC • Platform Agnostic • CC Libraries & Adobe Stock Integration • Typekit integration for HTML5 Canvas docs • Vector art brushes and new drawing tools • Custom export options, including 4K video • .OAM packaging to use Animate CC
 projects in other Adobe Creative Cloud tools like Muse, Dreamweaver and InDesign What’s New
  13. 13. @PaulTraniFITC
  14. 14. @PaulTraniFITC Thank You! Paul Trani @PaulTrani
  15. 15. @PaulTraniFITC