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You want to learn spanish


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Spanish for foreigners. Come and learn Spanish with us!

Published in: Education
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You want to learn spanish

  1. 1. YOU want to learn Spanish… WE want to teach you...!
  2. 2. You will learn HOW TO…
  3. 3. Express yourself in different situations
  4. 4. Interchange contact details with others
  5. 5. Talk about your family, people and favourite things
  6. 6. Talk about places you know
  7. 7. Acquire useful vocabulary for work
  8. 8. Ask and give directions
  9. 9. Conjugate verbs
  10. 10. Talk about future plans
  11. 11. Order food and drinks in a restaurant
  12. 12. Make predictions & excuses
  13. 13. Write your own CV or Cover Letter
  14. 14. Talk with friends, colleagues either in person or over the phone
  15. 15. Write letters, e-mails, memos, your own resumé
  16. 16. Describe how you feel
  17. 17. Talk about future possibilities or imaginary situations
  18. 18. Emphasize Feelings & opinions
  19. 19. Talk about how long you have done things or will be doing things by using compound verbs
  20. 20. Make deductions
  21. 21. Express obligation or prohibition
  22. 22. Describe people, places & things
  23. 23. Suggest solutions to problems
  24. 24. Make comparisons
  25. 25. Use grammar structures
  26. 26. Speak over the phone
  27. 27. Handle prepositions, conjunctions, set phrases, verbs, expressions, proverbs
  28. 28. HOW will you learn?
  29. 29. By means of Newspaper Articles, Magazines, the Internet, Text Books, Audio Tapes, Videos, Phone calls, one-on-one practice with our tutors
  30. 30. HOW much will I pay for each course?
  31. 31. It all depends on the type of course you wish to sign up for, since our rates adapt to all needs
  32. 32. Are text books included in the enrolment fee?
  33. 33. We count on a photocopiable version of our own tailor-made Spanish course, which is free, though we highly recommend our students to purchase the original version of the text book they will be dealing with in class
  34. 34. When can I have lessons with you?
  35. 35. You can arrange as many lessons as you wish, any time you want to, though we strongly advise you to sign up for private lessons lasting 3 hours each
  36. 36. Can I make an appointment prior to enrolling for the Spanish lessons so as to deepen into your study program?
  37. 37. You will surely have to hold an interview in order for us to get to know what your needs and expectations are, since all the lessons are tailor-made.
  38. 38. How can I pay?
  39. 39. You can pay in cash, by cheque or by credit card.
  40. 40. When can I get started?
  41. 41. Get started whenever you desire. It’s your call!!!
  42. 42. Spanish lessons are lectured Mondays thru Sundays, at our center in the open air or online. We stick to your goals!
  43. 43. Just tell us what you need. We plan it out for you! It’s simple! Our contact details for an interview or for further info are: Email address: [email_address] Landline: (5411) 4767-8460 Mobile phone: (54911) 62937574