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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Happy Snowy Day !
  2. 2. Jimmy Take the small people to your heart
  3. 3. Born in Taipel, in 1958 Graduate at Culture University art Department With a major in Design. About Jimmy
  4. 4. About Jimmy : Working in advertising companies As an illustrator since 1998
  5. 5. amazing originality and multi-faceted narratives set a fashion in creating and publishing illustrated books poetic frames that emit charms and appeals.
  6. 6. Being the most popular illustrator author in Asia, creating lots of fantasy and touch hearts cross all generation . however, with low profile personality, he enjoys the family time more, lives a tranquil life and devotes most of his time to work.
  7. 7. They're both convinced that a sudden passion joined them. Such certainty is beautiful, but uncertainty is more beautiful still. 他们彼此深信 , 是瞬间迸发的热情让他们相遇。 这样的确定是美丽的,但变幻无常更为美丽。
  8. 8. Where did you always get on? Where did you always get down?  People were always in a hurry at the subway. Could you have someone to wait you at the exit? 你固定在哪一站上车? 在哪一站下车? 车站中的人群总是这么来去匆匆。 有人会在地下铁的出口等你吗?
  9. 9. We just can‘t let go, when the storm is ahead.  总希望在风雨欲来的时候,抱紧一些不想放弃的想法。  
  10. 10. Listen quietly, to the sound of your heart. Cheerful melodies may rise.  Some simple, some profound, some gentle, some loud.  静静聆听内心世界的声音,常常有令人欢喜的旋律响起。  可以简单、可以深沉,可以抒情、可以喧闹 ... 
  11. 11. Cruelty of reality. Volatile happiness.  Those out of sight, are they really not there?  Those remembered, will they last forever?  现实的残酷,幸福的易逝。  看不见的,是不是就等于不存在? 记住的,是不是永远不会消失?  
  12. 12. I held tight to the world, but rejected. If I had saved the effort, would the pain be less? 我用力抓紧世界,最终却仍被世界淘汰。 如果一开始就松手,我的痛苦会不会少些?
  13. 13. Though the world may make us feel small, we must be brave. Everything will be all right for us—as it is for the"small people"in Jimmy's books—if we make appropriate choices.
  14. 14. Thank you for listening .