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Cordially Yours: A Joseph Conrad Omeka Exhibit


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Omeka exhibit featuring letters from Joseph Conrad Papers belonging to the Harry Ransom Center

Published in: Education
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Cordially Yours: A Joseph Conrad Omeka Exhibit

  1. 1. an omeka installation
  2. 2. happybirthday, conrad
  3. 3. exhibits TittleDavray Baines
  4. 4. letters You cannot imagine how deeply I am moved by the idea that I shall be read in French by the French. Our eldest son had got married without our knowledge, had been married over seven months. I should be fascinated to read these documents and should take the greatest care of them if you were so kind as to lend them to me.
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  7. 7. csv import
  8. 8. points of failure TEIDisplay
  9. 9. visualization
  10. 10. tour