Loan repayment digital engagement


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  • We decided to produce social media campaigns around the federal student loan lifecycle. Our campaign began with our 1/1 #AskFAFSA event which yielded positive results at a surprising rate. This seasonally targeted approach has helped to expand our depth of content around specific loan lifecycle events for borrowers.
  • Loan repayment digital engagement

    1. 1. Engaging with and Learning from Customers via Social Media (Loan Repayment/Responsible Borrowing) Digital Engagement Team
    2. 2. Where FSA lives on Social Media • Facebook • YouTube • Twitter • • Storify • SlideShare How do you get there?
    3. 3. Homepage 3
    4. 4. Facebook 4
    5. 5. Facebook Post Examples 5
    6. 6. Twitter 6
    7. 7. Twitter Post Example 7 Shortened link to info on
    8. 8. YouTube 8
    9. 9. Some of our YouTube Playlists 9
    10. 10. (FSA Infographics) 10
    11. 11. #AskFAFSA Office Hours on Twitter •Integrates social media and customer service •Different topic each month •Tweet questions using #AskFAFSA •SMEs available to answer questions live •Summarize for those not able to attend
    12. 12. Storify 12
    13. 13. October Office Hours with the TIVAS 13
    14. 14. October Office Hours with the TIVAS 14
    15. 15. Blog Posts (Written by FSA Staff) 15
    16. 16. Customer Listening • What are customers saying and what do we do with the things we hear? • Share what we hear via Customer Listening Reports • Collaborate with other POCs on content gaps • Troubleshoot & resolve customer issues • Identify Top 5 Issues we’re hearing 16
    17. 17. Social Media Campaigns Two Loan Repayment Campaigns (Spring & Fall) •Messaging about responsible borrowing, repayment plans, FSA tools, repayment estimator, etc. •Targeted to specific groups and geographic locations •Promoted Facebook posts, promoted tweets, promoted YouTube videos, etc. 17
    18. 18. Loan Repayment Campaign (Nov. 6 – Dec. 18, 2013)
    19. 19. The next battle… 19
    20. 20. Fighting Back…. 20 Have you been contacted by a company offering to help consolidate your student loans for a fee? Consolidation is FREE from the U.S. Dept. of Education: loans/consolidation Don't disclose your PIN to a 3rd party offering to assist with student loan repayment. Contact your loan servicer: loans/understand/servicers Have you been offered assistance with student loan repayment and default activities for a fee? Check first with your loan servicer for free help! loans/understand/servicers If you’re having difficulty making student loan payments, contact your servicer first to discuss options before considering a fee based service loans/understand/servicers
    21. 21. Questions and Discussion Susan Thares (202)377-4307 21