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FAFSA Completion Calendar 12/29 - 1/4


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FAFSA Completion Calendar 12/29 - 1/4

  1. 1. FAFSA Completion Social Media Content Calendar Sat, December 29, 2012 – Fri, January 4, 2013 Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday Wednesday 01/02/13 12/29/12 12/30/12 12/31/12 01/01/13 01/03/13 01/04/13Special Event New Years Eve New Years Day Twitter 11:45 AM: 9:55 AM: 8:40 AM: 10:10 AM: 10:50 AM: 11:20 AM: 1:10 PM: Need to know what to Will 2013 be your 1st time 10 tips to help you with The new FAFSA for the You can complete Federal student aid isnt just $150B in aid available & everything starts with expect at FAFSA filing time? completing the FAFSA? Get your FAFSA: 2013-14 school year is now @FAFSA using income for undergrads. Theres filling out the @FAFSA. Dont leave $ on the table. Find out: a head start - apply for a available! Let the funds estimates and then update financial aid for grad students PIN now: begin: once you have filed your too! (Your parents may need 1 taxes: Just complete the @FAFSA. too.) 2:25 PM: 12:35 PM: 3:10 PM: 1:05 PM: 1:15 PM: 3:40 PM: 4:45 PM: Early bird gets the worm. If you would like to estimate You must complete a new VIDEO: How to Fill Out the Want to get a head start Theres NO income cut-off for Did you already submit your FAFSA? Heres what Check your states #FAFSA your eligibility for federal FAFSA each school year @FAFSA on your FAFSA? Apply for federal student aid. Everyone to expect next: deadline student aid, try the at Who can a PIN! If youre a should fill out FAFSA: FAFSA4caster: tell us when the 2013-14 dependent student, your Other Don’t leave money on the FAFSA will become parents will need one too: myths: table! available? 6:00 PM: 7:30 PM: 3:45 PM: 7:10 PM: 8:20 PM: PARENTS, your children Retweet if you completed Need to add a school to To stay eligible for federal The 1st "F" in FAFSA stands for FREE! Dont pay may need your info on your @FAFSA today at your FAFSA? Here are the student aid, fill out the FAFSA for assistance thats available for free! Find the their FAFSA even if you! instructions: every year youre in school. official FAFSA at dont support them. Find Other rules to follow: out why: Facebook Time: Time: Time: Time: Time: Time: Time: Type: Type: Type: Type: Type: Type: Type: Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: federalstudentaid/82611363 /federalstudentaid/8261136 s/federalstudentaid/82622 /federalstudentaid/8262204 s/federalstudentaid/826113 61/in/set- 275/in/set- 04850/in/set- 792/in/set- 6079/in/set- ederalstudentaid/8261136013 72157632213407785 72157632213407785 72157632213407785 72157632213407785 72157632213407785 /in/set-72157632213407785 2204576/in/set-72157632213407785 Message: Message: Message: Message: Message: Message: Message: The new FAFSA for the On January 1st, the new Tomorrow is the big day! BREAKING NEWS: The Did you know that you The 1st "F" in FAFSA stands Wondering how the amount of your federal 2013-14 school year will be FAFSA will become The 2013-14 FAFSA will 2013-14 FAFSA is now must complete a FAFSA for FREE! Several websites student aid is determined? The financial aid office available January 1st. Youll available for the upcoming be available. Do you have available. Let the funds each school year? The offer help filing the Free at your school uses a simple formula: COA-EFC = need your Federal Student school year, and completing all the documents you begin! good news? If you have Application for Federal Financial need. What that means: Aid PIN to complete the it is free when you go to the need to complete the completed FAFSA in the Student Aid (FAFSA) for a FAFSA electronically. If you official site: FAFSA? If not, gether past, a lot of your info will fee. These sites are not dont have a PIN, apply for Your selected colleges will them today so youre roll-over automatically. Try affiliated with or endorsed by one today at use the information on your ready to complete the it: the U.S. Department of Lost your FAFSA to figure out how FAFSA tomorrow. Heres a Education. We urge you not PIN? Request a duplicate: much aid youll get so make list: to pay these sites for sure you add any school assistance that you can get that you think you may for free at the official FAFSA attend, even if youre not website: sure yet.