Nexus connection April 30 2010


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Nexus connection April 30 2010

  1. 1.  PASSION BRINGS SUCCESS ..1 April 30 2010  INSIGHTS .............. ……..…..2 Connection  TITLE EVIDENCE......…..3 KEEPING YOU ON THE CUTTING EDGE OF THE BUSINESS OF REAL ESTATE NEXUS If you follow your bliss, doors will open for you that wouldn't have opened for anyone else. ~ Joseph Campbell ~ PBS: Passion Brings Success A message from Frank D’Angelo As I continue to interact with a variety of or should I say enthusiasm to get up and you and others feel. Agents looking to be- agents across the metro from diverse back- generate more business. Their confidence come more successful need to emulate that grounds, I’m always pleasantly surprised obviously passes onto their sphere which in confidence with their tone, body language, how some agents are successful in times turn generates more business for these suc- scripts and dialogues while remembering when others who seem equally as capable or cessful agents. never to put down others or jeopardize your even more qualified are literally stumbling relationship because of a commission. in the business. Agents who have the confidence and are enthusiastic about the opportunities avail- Enthusiasm can be better described as a pas- When I converse a little further about their able to their sphere basically have 90% of sion for what you do as a professional. designations or technological capabilities, what is necessary to be successful. Those When you exude that passion, your sphere I’m finding that there is no real correlation who do not exude the confidence or enthusi- remembers that and wants their sphere to between more designations and more tech- asm point fingers at the market or their bro- know about your passion in real estate. Suc- nology when it comes to success in the real ker or their website. However, the list of cessful agents do the following with PAS- estate business. What I’m seeing over and excuses that comes out of their mouth or are SION: prospect, show homes, do opens, over is that the entrenched in their mind are just excuses solve problems, negotiate deals and meet majority of the that are covering up what the real issue is people. ALL WITH PASSION AND EN- successful agents with their lack of success. Confidence THUSIASM!!! I’m meeting to- comes from training and experience that is day who are shared amongst others within their sphere. I also find it quite amusing when people find working with It’s an energy that vibrates around success- the above a whole bunch of hog-wash. people are suc- ful people and lets people know you know Those people are usually the ones’ who are cessful and they your business and that you truly care about not successful. Try it, you’ll love what it all have the confi- them. Think for a moment about the suc- does for your life and your business. dence and energy cessful people you know and how they make MARKET WATCH Data courtesy of MAAR Mar 2010 Mar 2010 4.39 Homes Listings Pendings on the Market Per 9,991 5051 BUYER (April ‘10) One-Year One-Year Change: Affordability Index: Change: r 206 (April ‘10) +27% +14.6%
  2. 2. Insights with Mindy Shears A look at first impressions. with builders and and procedures. I know what to process rather than being on a new construction do and when to do it. team but working individually. buyers. It’s definitely Mindy Shears, formerly of K. a specialty along with my market- Editor: What made you decide Editor: What was your biggest Hovnanian and later Remax Re- ing background through graphic to join? surprise? sults, shares with us her candid designing. MS: Basically, during the course MS: I am amazed as to how first impressions of EXIT of an hour and a half long inter- many different ways you can do REALTY NEXUS in her first Editor: What has been differ- view, I felt that I learned more real estate. Niche specialties of month. ent for you with EXIT right off about real estate in that short all kinds like Chris Kornberg the bat? time than during helping Short Sales and Donavon Editor: Mindy, tell me about MS: I am al- my whole career. I with bank owned new construc- your background. You have ready so busy ...No matter what is going could tell that the tion . The best is that the agents had some extensive experience and productive! tools at EXIT would here are open to sharing and in new construction right? It’s such a pro- on, someone is coming up open a door to everyone can learn or adapt it to MS: I graduated from Kendall ductive atmos- with the next best thing that more of that if I their own business quickly. I College of Art and Design with a phere with posi- helps everyone else .... chose it. guess it speaks to teamwork Graphic Design Major and Mi- tive energy and again, since the whole office nor in Photography. When I outside the box Editor: You have operates that way. moved to Minnesota 6 years ago, thinking. No matter what is go- worked in teams before, how is I fell into working for K. Hov- ing on, someone is coming up this different? Comments or Questions? nanian homes. For 5 1/2 years, I with the next best thing that helps MS: Here we actually work to- Contact Mindy at worked in new construction and everyone else in the office. It’s gether, like a real team, discuss- 763-548-1440 or at know the ins and outs of working also so organized. Checklists ing issues and being a part of the UPCOMING EVENTS & SPECIAL OCCASSIONS May 14th    Happy Birthday Mindy Shears!!    May 19th    Happy Birthday Justin Burke!!    May 10‐15th    NAR Mid Year meeting—Washington DC  NAR Mid Year meeting—Washington DC    May 20th    Agency, Fair Housing and Ethics ‐  Agency, Fair Housing and Ethics ‐       8:30‐1:00pm   8:30‐1:00pm                             for location and details                 for location and details for location and details                                      
  3. 3. Title Evidence: What is it? Why is it so important? Title evidence is the term used to of that policy forward. agreement indicates the buyer is vided. This identifies outstanding describe proof of ownership of a to assume all title search and liens and encumbrances. Should home and its corresponding re- The typical cost of a 30 year exam fees. the proper research not be done search to support such ownership. search is $350 plus a $150 title on a property, a claim could po- This can be inclusive of an ab- exam fee; however, the seller Why is title evidence so impor- tentially be denied by the under- stract, owner’s policy, and/or could save an average of $150 by tant? Title evidence serves as writer. Torrens certificate. simply providing a copy of their proof of previous title research on owner’s policy the subject property. When signing your next purchase As an industry standard, title within 48 This includes searching agreement, discuss the location of companies search 30-40 years of hours of sign- ...helps create an the names of all owners the sellers title evidence, ask property records, allowing us to ing the PA. over the last 10 years them to submit it promptly. insurable insure the transaction and legal When the for judgments and bank- Team work can save money and transfer of the property. Receipt seller provides transaction... ruptcies. In addition, help create an insurable transac- of title evidence reduces the re- a copy of their parties to the transaction tion! quired search time and the cost to owners’ pol- are also subject to a the seller. For example, if a seller icy, the buyer benefits with a 25% Patriot Act search (terrorism/ Comments or Questions? provides a copy of their existing discount off the purchase of their money laundering list). The Contact Carissa at owners’ policy, the title company policy. Bank owned homes differ property records are searched 952-746-5100 or at is allowed to search from the date in that typically the purchase based upon title evidence pro- Donavon DesMarais Renee Johnson (multiple) (multiple) Mark Lendway Chris Kornberg (multiple) Shaun Ahmad Sheldon Berquist (multiple) CONGRATULATIONS Brian Watson ON YOUR SUCCESSES Frank D’Angelo (multiple) Jan Strand LISTINGS & CLOSINGS Jodi Vezina (multiple) Debbie Blesi Justin Burke (multiple) “Don't wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.” Mark Victor Hansen