Nexus Connection Jan 26 2010


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Nexus Connection Real Estate News and Information January 2010

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Nexus Connection Jan 26 2010

  1. 1.  I N THE LEAD………...……….1 Jan 26 2010  INSIGHTS .............. ……..…..2 Connection  A J OURNEY OF CHANGE...…..3 KEEPING YOU ON THE CUTTING EDGE OF THE BUSINESS OF REAL ESTATE NEXUS The future belongs to those who are positive, persistent and consistent. Be determined to be the best you can possibly be. In the Lead! A message from Frank D’Angelo Wow, the first month of the New to post sheriffs sale under bid equity leads. debt, can the creditor seek a personal defi- Year is already under our belt and there are A second group is utilizing our RedX sys- ciency judgment?” less than 100 days remaining regarding the tem that systematically and automatically The short answer: NO Deficiency Judgment HOME BUYERS AND SELLERS TAX farms motivated expired leads. I’m espe- if Foreclosure by Advertisement. CREDIT. Wondering what percentage of cially grateful to Patti Ann and Sheldon for POSSIBLE Deficiency Judgment if Foreclo- agents have engaged, reminded and talked to taking the lead on this project. Also, we sure by Action. their sphere about that looming deadline and have Donavon DesMarais heading our EOR There are many situations and the opportunity? One of the largest books of project (End of Redemption) for Cash Inves- potential situations sellers and buyers need business left on the table last year with the tors. Great saleable leads are becoming to be made aware of with this ever changing previous Homebuyer tax credit was the de- available all around the office for those who marketplace. I cannot imagine much closed lay in prospecting and/or notifying the con- choose to participate. Finally, the 7 Non- business for those who are out of the loop. sumers at large. MLS Databases have already generated Keep yourself informed, align yourself with I’m particularly excited about the several success stories. Great to hear what good people and remember to take care of three different MasterMind groups we’ve is working and it’s even greater when we yourself first so you can help others. launched in the tweak these programs at our Master Mind Last but not least. Did you know New Year. One sessions. Everyone is welcome to attend our that EXIT generated over $300,000 is focused on the morning masterminds on Monday, Tuesday residually in Minnesota in 2009 with less hundreds of or Wednesdays’ from 8:30am-9:15am. than 150 agents. With fewer agents our metro-wide seller Tuesdays’ business building meetings take transactions went up by 14%, sales volume leads and market- place from 9:30am-11am every week. up 4% and commissions also up 3%. That ing system our Hot Topic of Discussion: “If a tells me we’re aligned with interested and office is provid- home has been sold at a sheriff’s sale, but engaged agents! ing with respect the sale price wasn’t enough to cover the MARKET WATCH Dec. ‘09 Dec. ‘09 Listings Pendings 6.69 Homes 3,919 2,693 on the Market Per BUYER (Jan ‘10) One-Year One-Year Change: Change: - 17.4% -0.8% Affordability Index: 208 (Jan. ‘10)
  2. 2. Insights with Karen Tobler A look at the Art of Social Media. lion in a matter of days. a Facebook page where people So, how can this powerful can keep in contact with you and work towards achieving our yearly resource work for real estate? ask you direct questions. Also, goals. Here is a simple thing you It is quite simple: empower those remember to have the conversation can do to constantly grow your so- you want to help or with whom you with your sphere as to what sites cial media connections: on a want to do business. What would they prefer. You might find that monthly basis check to see if your If Einstein were alive to- happen if we each took a moment to the majority are on Facebook or newest contacts have profiles and day, he would probably have discov- Twitter about the maybe they love then connect with them. Both Face- ered a formula to factor the rate of great service we LinkedIn. Concen- book and Twitter have a Find change for the internet and social received from a ...give what you want trate your efforts on the Friends or Followers application that media. home inspector, to receive....they’ll most used sites, if that is makes it easy to do, as do other That being said, the power or a mortgage most likely return the the case. You don’t sites. of social media isn’t entirely in its expert? It boils need to be on every site favor Also, check out sites like rapid evolution. In my humble opin- down to GIVE at every minute, you just and ion, it is in the empowerment it what you want to need to be consistent in Each is chock full gives to those who use it wisely. RECEIVE! If they see you doing it, making the connections on the ones of great advice, trending informa- For example, in the first they’ll more than likely return the that make sense. Make helpful tion, and guidebooks to help you days following the devastating earth- favor. comments, follow others, retweet. along your social media path. quake in Haiti, efforts to raise You can also empower In our MasterMind Ses- See you on Twitter and money through social media, includ- others by adding useful content. sions, we often talk about making the rest of the social media world!! ing texting and so on, were astound- Ideally, that useful content is linked consistent, small changes as we ing. The Red Cross raised $20 mil- to your own blog or website or even UPCOMING EVENTS & SPECIAL OCCASSIONS February 17th:    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!  Frank D’Angelo!      February 11th:    Membership Breakfast  ‐  Not the same old FHA        Majestic Oaks Golf Course for details    February 16th:  EXIT REALTY NEXUS   ‐    EXIT REALTY NEXUS   ‐          Art Show and  Grand Opening Celebration!!  Art Show and  Grand Opening Celebration!!        Join us as we celebrate the great changes we have        made!  4‐7 pm  made!  4‐7 pm      February 17th:  NORTH METRO BOARD CMA Class:                                 1:00‐3:30  for details    February 18th:     WCR Seminar and Luncheon  ‐            11:00 am ‐1:00 pm for details                      
  3. 3. A Journey of Change Jodi Vezina, one of our newest additions, shares a fresh perspective on her move to EXIT REALTY NEXUS. My original journey heart of the agency, these nected people coming to- refreshing of "change" was to simply people of integrity are gether. The level of com- that in my have a seamless entry into showing me what can hap- munication and the knowl- twenty-two my next agency. What pen when you are on a true edge and willingness of the year career I now feel like I happened is to be team. team is exhilarating It mo- am"there". summed up only as, "I was In the past, the day tivates me! Period. In the past, I had blind, but now I see". looked like a job was Before EXIT, I just been anything but satisfied I'm not one to make ahead, and now the day is "did", now I "do". A day in with the tools each REAL- a change that will not bet- an opportunity to push for- the life at EXIT REALTY TOR needs at their finger- ter myself. I'd thought ward and Nexus is fulfill- tips. I was used to being an maybe more resources or a make more I've now stepped ing. With a group independent agent that did less stagnant office would opportunities into an that is fresh and what was expected of me be nice, uplifting. I wasn't happen. atmosphere that talented, one you from my peers and went reaching for the stars; I I took goes to the can trust, you over and above from my wasn't shooting for the the chance to know your clients clients. I've now stepped extreme for ME... moon, just a place to help train with a can trust as well. into an atmosphere that me become a successful billion dollar My daily goes to the extreme for me REALTOR. But, I was company years ago; EXIT's motivation from NEXUS and am no longer alone in blindsided. training and education now spills into my personal my independence or lim- I realized that my simply outshines that of life, making life changes ited to my own reources. I independence had been others. The ability to coor- that excite me. see now that it takes a simply that: I had been on dinate such a productive At the tender age of NEXUS to coordinate the my own. Walking into group, weekly updates, forty-one, I'd thought my type of new era business EXIT REALTY NEXUS, all each important lead, life was great for now, and that I am lucky enough to of that changed. From the NEXUS shows the meaning after Nexus, I feel my life is be a part of. frontline teammates to the of its name: a group of con- NOW and it IS GREAT. It's Donavon DesMarais     Frank D’Angelo     CONGRATULATIONS Sheldon Berquist   ON YOUR CLOSINGS   January 2010 Brian Watson   ‐  Multiple Closings    Jodi Vezina I had a real eye When she asked my Dad who he in this business and hope that you benefits of your clients doing a opening ex- knew he referred her to a casual are too. We help people to real- loan with me. Whether it be our perience a acquaintance. After giving him a ize their dreams and their goals. buyers protection program which while ago. We hard time about his grandchildren We provide a service that few pays their payment for up to six were spending needing new shoes, I asked why others can. We have the infor- months if they experience hard- time with my he didn't refer her to me. He mation and answers that people ship, or the great programs we family and apologetically said he had forgot- need to make the right decision. have available, I am confident talking about ten I was in the mortgage busi- That being said, we can't take for that your clients will have a very the economy, ness. My own father! What I granted that people will think of positive buying experience if bail outs etc., learned from this is that you can us when they have a real estate they choose to work with me. and how these things were affect- never market yourself too much. need. Let's have a great 2010 and oh ing our respective business'. My This is a great time to I am a mortgage loan yeah, if you run into my Dad Dad paused for a second and then buy a house! Rates are low. officer for Bank of America and I please tell him I'm in the mort- said "Oh, I should have sent Deb Prices are low. There are many would love to tell you about the gage business. to you". I asked who Deb was programs available that offer and he said she is a friend of rebates, or down payment assis- theirs that needed a mortgage. tance, or both. I am proud to be