Nexus Connection Feb 23 2010


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Nexus Connection Feb 23 2010

  1. 1.  S EAS OF CHANGE....……….1 Feb 23 2010  INSIGHTS .............. ……..…..2 Connection  OUTSIDE THE BOX ……....…..3 KEEPING YOU ON THE CUTTING EDGE OF THE BUSINESS OF REAL ESTATE NEXUS Desire is the key to motivation, but it's the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek." Mario Andretti Seas of Change A message from Frank D’Angelo The majority of industry experts, spike in REO inventory from a variety of are lead by others having success in their agents, brokers and consumers anticipated different sources. Congratulations Jodi niche. Thank you Patti Ann for the basic the new year would show immediate signs Vezina on your diligent work with your 3 blogging mastermind sessions you’ve lead of robust activity. In fact, the activity soon-to-be REO listings. for our agents. Tuesdays’ business building dropped slightly with a similar drop in avail- In other change-worthy news, I’m meetings take place from 9:30am-11am able lender mediated inventory. There are very excited to be working with our newest every week. reportedly more consumers feeling more team members: Justin Burke, Jan Strand, Another area where great changes anxious with the looming April 30th deadline Bill Pankonin and just recently Regan will be seen is in growing each others busi- for seller/buyer incentives. A pattern of Massee. All bring a diverse opportunity for ness and helping clients and agents working more reasonably priced listings are appear- the rest of our Nexus to work within their with minority groups with limited communi- ing available on the market as well and it’s broad commercial and investor spheres of cation opportunities in the real estate sphere. our job to help consumers see the benefits of influence. Stop by and visit Bill at his new For those interested in mind-sharing that those properties. There also appears to be office in Lakeville. It is a very posh meet- book of business and opportunity, please an increased number of Non-MLS and many ing space for your clients in that area of the come to one of our Monday Mastermind REO assets cities. sessions. closed Non-MLS Our Nexus is seeing positive Finally, as we are about to wrap up prior to redemp- changes due to the weekly mastermind our first quarter; please be prepared to pro- tion (visit our groups. More business leads developing for actively meet or phone conference with me Tuesday Master- more agents who are participating in the about your 2010 business plan. Remember, minds for that groups— everyone is welcome to attend our my goal is to help in any area you feel you book of busi- morning masterminds on Monday, Tuesday will be doing business. ness). We’re also or Wednesdays’ from 8:30am-9:15am. seeing a slight Each group is a different group and some MARKET WATCH Data courtesy of MAAR Jan 2010 Jan 2010 Listings Pendings 6.99 Homes 6,598 2,736 on the Market Per BUYER (Feb ‘10) One-Year One-Year Change: Change: - 6.0% -3.2% Affordability Index: 217 (Feb. ‘10)
  2. 2. Insights with Sheldon Berquist A look back at the decision to change. quality of training and opportu- to move to EXIT Realty gets ers, prospecting and marketing nity not available anywhere else. reinforced over and over again as real estate properties The move to EXIT was quickly I visit with many of my col- The leadership and train- made. leagues that have been in the ing available to all agents at Since then many business for 30+ years. Many are EXIT Realty Nexus thru our changes have occurred. The real upset, concerned and on the edge Broker/Owner, Frank D’Angelo Five years ago, I was estate market is different today. financially because of the market has been invaluable for my suc- looking for a company that had Technology and marketing tools change and their unwillingness to cess and after 37+ years, the de- better training and environment we now have adapt or lack of di- sire and fun of being a that would encourage personal makes what rection. They have REALTOR® has been restored. growth and productivity. The seemed to work 5 not adapted to the What I was looking for business model of the company I years ago feel ...what I was looking change that has been five years ago has been found and was about to leave did not en- slow and less pro- for five years ago has thrust upon all of us. embraced at Exit Realty Nexus. courage the flow of information ductive. The been found and I too may have been The corporate business philoso- between agents; therefore, many business model embraced... in the same situation phy of, “agent count is meaning- agents kept this information to has also changed without the strong less and agent productivity is themselves behind closed doors. as foreclosures leadership, training everything”, is real and working After hearing about have become a large part of our and marketing tools within EXIT for the betterment of the agents at EXIT Realty and attending one of market. on the national and local level. EXIT. their training sessions, I knew With change, there are My marketing expenses are less, Comments? You can reach me at immediately I would want to still opportunities if one is willing yet I’m more efficient in commu- make the move to EXIT for the to look and adapt. My decision nicating with clients and custom- UPCOMING EVENTS & SPECIAL OCCASSIONS March 4th:      HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!  Renee Johnson!    March 27th:      HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!  Gordon Oleson!      March 4th:      Yo‐Pro Squaretables        Minneapolis Association 2:30‐4:30 pm    March 18th:    Legislative Impact Day ‐   Legislative Impact Day ‐       FREE CE  for details visit   FREE CE  for details visit     March 22th:      SFR Course— CE Credits  ‐  $99.00        Majestic Oaks for details                                    
  3. 3. Outside the Box Renee Johnson, Dennis Dorman and Mike Berglund are the premier resource for land development, new construction and com- mercial real estate and auctions. The economy sale price. Most sales close difficult to offer might be cold to within 30 days and auc- auctions as an some, but the tions help capture immedi- outside the box auction busi- ate value. option. ness is hot. Thanks to the power of the In today’s market, addition, there is owner That’s right! Auctions. internet, auctions are now auctions, with its numer- financing available on most When people think of auc- much more available to a ous benefits, are a great properties. Imagine the tions they may conjure up wider marketplace and to opportunity. They are no power of the an auction ideas of a fast talking auc- clients all over the world. longer considered a last and owner financing com- tioneer, people bidding up a Investors and end- resort! bined. It can potentially be storm. Or they may think use buyers In fact, auc- an optimum, outside the the enormous buying and are coming tions of land alone box solution for many. selling power of eBay. out of the longer comprised $26 bil- Whether buying of Thanks to this auction global wood- considered a last lion in sales in selling, auctions are blazing powerhouse, people in gen- work which resort... 2008 according to a trail leading to new op- eral have a wider familiarity boosts de- the National Asso- portunities. with the auction process. mand and ciation of REAL- In the world of real makes the TORS®. Residential Comments or questions? estate an auction is trans- entire process more attrac- sales you may ask? $17.1 Renee: parent and the reverse of a tive. Auctions are also an billion in 2008. traditional sale. efficient option for banks In our upcoming Dennis: The advantages to looking to lighten their REO auction on March 20th at the seller and buyer are inventory in a fast manner. the Wayne Pike Auction Mike: numerous. Seller sets the In the past competi- Center in Princeton, we sales date and minimum, tion between broker and have 97 units/lots and 1 while the buyer sets the auctioneer made it more house going to auction. In Donavon DesMarais     Frank D’Angelo   CONGRATULATIONS   ON YOUR SUCCESSES Sheldon Berquist   February 2010   Patti Ann Kasper      "Always bear in mind that your own RESOLUTION TO SUCCEED is more important than any other one thing." - Abraham Lincoln