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Effective Social Media Managment to Drive Engagement and Participation


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Presented at the Cricket Australia National Community Engagement Network Conference Dec 2015

Published in: Social Media
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Effective Social Media Managment to Drive Engagement and Participation

  1. 1. Using Effective Social Media Management To Drive Engagement & Participation
  2. 2. WHAT I’M GOING TO TALK ABOUT TODAY 1.Understanding Your Audience. 2.Channel Management 3.Better Content 4.Campaigns
  3. 3. 1. Understanding your Audience
  4. 4. Our ApproachThe Audience focus Females in general Paying particular attentions to the following 2 groups: • Girls 13-19 Knowing your audience • Mums 36-46 • Where do they spend time online /what are their habits • Insights
  5. 5. What is being said about women and cricket? Source:Sysomos Jun-Dec 2015
  6. 6. Source:Sensis 2015 Social Media Report Women 30-49 Australian Social Media Usage Facebook is heavily skewed female for the 30-49 age group but Instagram is rising fast in the last 12 months with active users in Australia jumping to over 5 million.
  7. 7. 36-49 Women Segment attributes Women (35-49yrs) are married , have a diploma or degree, lead full and busy lives are proud of their families, want to enjoy now, have kids u-16, are health conscious and believe helping others is a part of they are. 60.2 72 44.3 59.4 57.8 86.9 66.9 74.3 80.6 80.3 58.8 74.9 84.4 57.3 56.3 72.4 89.6 73.7 66.6 62.1 81.3 77.2 79.9 82.1 85.5 75.1 71.7 74.9 76.2 80.4 95.1 72.3 90.8 63.5 Source: Roy Morgan 2014 Australian Household survey baaed on a 100% index Data from Roy Morgan form those women who answered which sports do you participate in ,which have you watched & which have you been to in the last 3 months
  8. 8. 14-19 Women-Sports Played The main sports that our audience segment who played sports in the last 12 months were netball 37%, swimming 20.3%, volleyball 19.7%, cricket 19.6% & tennis 18.26%. Source: Roy Morgan 2014 Australian Household survey 0.0% 5.0% 10.0% 15.0% 20.0% 25.0% 30.0% 35.0% 40.0% NETBALL 37.8% CRICKET 19.6% VOLLEYBALL 19.7% TENNIS 18.26% SWIMMING 20.3%
  9. 9. Community Sectors to target The main sports that our audience segment who played sports in the last 12 months were netball 37%, swimming 20.3%, volleyball 19.7%, cricket 19.6% & tennis 18.26%. PLAYERS Women’s health Lisa Sthalekar Soccer Tara Moss Sandra Sully Hockey McGrath Foundation Women’s fitness CATERGORY CONVERSATION Netball Swimming Naomi Simson Megan Lanning Lorna Jane Volleyball Alyssa Healey Nike she runs Ellyse Perry Layne Beachley Mel McLaughlin Bianca Chatfield AWRA Source: Sysomos based on those social media mentions around women and cricket
  10. 10. Sports Communities to target on Facebook Nike Women Lorna JaneVolleyball Australia Australian Volleyball League KookaburrasDiamondsMatildas
  11. 11. 2. Better Channel Management
  12. 12. Our ApproachHow to reach out to new audiences! Activities • Undertake a series of branded social posts • Facebook advertising • eDM’s Actions Target organic reach and paid reach of feasible number dependent upon the size of the audience you are targeting. 1.REACH 2.ENGAGEMENT 3.ACTIVATE PROMOTE PARTICIPATION FACILITATE CONSIDEARTION Activities • Prize redemption • Advocacy Actions Drive our audience to sign- up for the new season & and engage with us on our social channels. Activities • Highlighting fan posts • Replies & liking posts • Sharing Actions Target engagement of our audience to drive action. BUILD AWARENESS Amplify post engagement activity Our audience share their experiences ……………………… ……………………… ……………………… ……………………… ……………………… ………………………
  13. 13. ENDMIDDLESTART CARRY ON INFLEUNCER CAMPAIGN THROUGHOUT PERIOD Campaign Launch Introduce the theme Boost reach through Ad’s Build anticipation for promo 1 Campaign Activations Engage audience post promo Build Anticipation for promo 2 Big Spring Campaign Amplification with UGC Maintain engagement Post Winner Entries Build anticipation for Summer campaign Promotion 1- Winter BRAND EQUITY LOYAL FANS GREATER CONVERSIONS Advertising Post Promotion 2- Spring Promotion 3-Summer Utilising the ‘Brand Story’ Campaign Model helps build ‘Always On’ Brand storytelling Model
  14. 14. Social Strategy & Campaign Execution We helped The NSW Waratahs successfully increase their membership base from 15-20,000 by building their social presence and converting their fans into members. To help them do this Evolve undertook a Social Media data research project, which analysed 12 months social media conversation around the brand, providing rich insights around audience behaviour, conversation triggers, and who was part of the conversation. We used these insights to develop a social media members strategy designed to: • Drive membership sales • Achieve rapid exposure and engagement with their target audience. • Tell the Waratahs brand story in an authentic way that would resonate with their fans and increase community numbers Results • A Month on month 2K increase of new fans on their page • An Increase of membership numbers from 14-18K in the with their campaign KPI’s • An Increase of 62,000 (+163%) Facebook fans in a 6 month period from 38- 100k audience. • Our ‘Win a season pass for you & four Mates’ promo saw an increase of engagement on the page of 241 % in a short period of that helped build awareness and saw a 311% increase in visitors to the website membership page. NSW Waratahs –Case Study
  15. 15. Our ApproachSetting up an Engagement Dashboard With a free tool like Hootsuite you can monitor conversation on your own Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages and you can also schedule posts and respond to your fans all from the one dashboard. Strategy • To leverage the best content around Cricket and be agile and ready to maximise news as and when it occurs How • Capturing & curating the best cricket content on a daily basis • Pulling in separate feeds from Pulling in separate feeds from partners & influencers. • Monitoring specific keywords & popular hashtag from Instagram, facebook & twitter Benefits • Knowing the key topics of conversation • Who the most influential groups and individual are. • Knowing what the sentiment & feeling is around cricket
  16. 16. Our ApproachReaching out to new audiences via Instagram Strategy • To utlise Instagram to boost engagement and grow your community. How • Post regularly & think about what lifestyle you want to convey & post good quality photos around this theme. • Always add location your posts • Follow influential users and industry organisations and players and clubs • Review all your main hashtags 2/3 times a week & keep an eye on what types of content is popular. • Like relevant pages /posts regularly and leave a comments. • Instagram is pretty friendly community so if you ask questions most good users will respond. • Once you are connected you can direct message them. Benefits • Increase community and engagement • Finding out who and what content & topics are popular • Allows you to easily reach out to your community. Iconosquare is a great Instagram search tool that also offers analytics
  17. 17. Our ApproachInstagram Themes AMBASSADORSPLAYERSWOMEN IN SPORT 14,459 Why not #womenincricket to tap into female equality and female pride?
  18. 18. Our ApproachInstagram Themes TEAMLIFEPROUD CRICKET MOMENTWBBL 14,459
  19. 19. Our ApproachFacebook Events Strategy • To leverage Facebook events to boost engagement and sign ups to your local events. How • Utlise a strong colorful photo which conveys the excitement of your event. • once set up start inviting people who are also part of your immediate network who can then invite their friend networks • Use targeted facebook advertising to your existing fans and communities audience targets. • balance content posted on your regular news feed and event page. • Post regular updates in the lead up to your event sharing articles from different channels, photos and videos to build buzz and excitement. • Post event photos and let people know when your next event is. Benefits • Increase signs up to your event • Boost engagement around your event • In page insights & targeted advertising to reach news audiences
  20. 20. Reaching new Audiences through Facebook Ad’s Strategy • To drive reach & engagement and to build your community on your Facebook page & support any promotions it is important to use Facebook advertising to integrate with your other marketing activities. How • We recommend a combination of o Like page ads o Post engagement ads o Promoted posts Benefits • Allows you to grow our Facebook community quickly and easily. • Ensure our posts are seen by a large percentage of our fans and potential new fans than otherwise possible without advertising. • Incredibly cost effective way of driving fan page reach and likes.
  21. 21. Our ApproachMaking the most of your players influence ! Strategy • To develop a group of influencers from players who are ambassadors for the sport & in turn state league’s. How • Leveraging their popularity to boost reach and community engagement. Recommendations • Create be spoke content creation where possible. i.e interviews during personal appearances • Player Q&A on your facebook page/Instagram page take over . • Content amplification from their own channels. • Help buzz around our lew season and at training. • Tell their stories Benefits • Reduces ongoing content creation costs • Connect quickly and easily with existing & new audiences. • Encourages participation.
  22. 22. 3. Better content
  23. 23. • Producing the kind of content that engages • Producing content that gets shared • What content formats to produce & how often. • Making the most of the WBBL assets • Reaching new audiences with our content Biggest challenges
  24. 24. • Creating interesting & valuable content that our audience will want to share. • Providing a reason for people to care about your brand and the sport & what it stands for. • Using a combination of great visuals and great copy. • Great Content Isn’t great until it’s Discovered, Consumed and Shared. Telling your Brand story through content
  25. 25. Suggested Content Pillars Content Type Content Details Pillars Purpose Weight Southern stars & WBBL Teams • News • Highlights/showcasing/countdown • Brand Inform & Excite 25% Matches & local events • Local info– fans • Match highlights- player of the match. • Player profile & Promos captured by staff. • Community Entertain & inform 30% Curated Content • UGC • Best of daily conversation • Community Inform & drive participation 15% Cricket Australia & other partners • Local sponsor Products • Merchandise & • Marketing campaigns • Brand Educate & Excite 15% Promotions & Prizes • Instagram UGC promos • Facebook –merchandise Give away’s • Official CA & WBBL Merchandise • Brand Excite 15% Defining your Content Framework
  26. 26. Curating Content Strategy • To leverage the best content from the buzz and excitement of the WBBL and sharing it with our audience. How • Daily monitoring on our engagement dashboard to capture the hottest stories and content being re- shared. • Re-tweeting stories on Twitter. • Using popular WBBL themes to create our own branded content. • Cross promote to our Facebook page Benefits • Maximise engagement during our summer period to drive community growth. • Be seen as a credible source on information • Helping drive awareness of our state brand and local partners. • Support the sign up sales drive pre-season .
  27. 27. Leveraging The WBBL Content Why • To create excitement around the WBBL and the new era of cricket in Australia to inspire and engage. How • Re-tweeting BBL news & content • Producing our own well wishes posts • Live-match posting • Local state player focus • Highlighting Fans • Re-sharing on Facebook & posting with our own comments on Instagram. Benefits • Leveraging female pride of women in sport • Helping drive awareness & engagement of cricket in Australia. • Being part of the WBBL conversation.
  28. 28. Video Content Inspire Entertain Educate Provide Utility Hygiene Always-on “pull” content designed for your core target Hub Regularly scheduled “push” content designed for your prime prospects Hero Large-scale, tent-pole events or “go big” moments designed for broad awareness 1. Welcome to the Sydney Sixers League 2. What you need to play cricket 3. Fitness & training tips with our coach. 1. Monthly Player interview 2. WWBL match trailers 3. Cult film & TV series reviews 4. Film Directors & Producer series 5. Software & product updates 1. Welcome to a new season of Cricket 2016. 2. Sign up invitation 3. WBBL trailer campaign 4. 2016 Season highlights
  29. 29. 4. Campaigns
  30. 30. Rebel Sport ‘Show your Colours’ Brazil 2014 World Cup Campaign
  31. 31. Our strategy focussed on helping the brands audience join the fun and excitement of the world cup and positioning the brand as part of the conversation. Our Strategy
  32. 32. Positioning the brand as the home of football & part of the conversation . Igniting our fans passion to get them to take part in the experience themselves. Providing the opportunity for our fans to express their feelings. TELLING OUR STORY DRIVING AWARENESS ENGAGE & EXCITE PROMOTING ADVOCACY 1 2 3 4 Driving product awareness and reach of our campaign through a series coordinated activities. Our Approach
  33. 33. To play on our audience’s passion to support their team and promote merchandise sales we asked them to post a selfie on Instagram and ‘Show their Teams Colours’ for their chance to go into a weekly draw to win a $1,000 gift card every week of the world cup. Tapping into our audience’s Passion !
  34. 34. All the photos were published via our Map Kats platform to Facebook gallery where our community could vote on their favourites and the four photos with the most likes each week were chosen as our finalists and a winner selected. Leveraging User-Generated Content
  35. 35. The winners of our Daily Prize Draw and Show your Colours contest became brand advocates and took to social media to show their delight to their own social networks with a deluge of User generated content and product conversation driving further reach of our campaign and awareness of Rebel merchandise. Turning our fans into brand advocates!
  36. 36. The Results Over both our contests we had over 1,300 entries and added over 18.5K Fans and followers to the Rebel social community. Our campaign saw a social engagement uplift of 519% across all the rebel social channels reaching over 3 million people and in the process delivering the Rebel brand record levels of merchandise sales across it’s 200+ retail stores.
  38. 38. www.mapkats.comCommercial in confidence - Copyright 2015 Mapkats R your promoted locations geo-targeted instagram photo contests geo-targeted instagram ads mapkats gives you the tools to reach & engage today’s audience MOST of your target audience regularly use their smartphones at sporting events. Attract these people to your events with ‘geo-targeted’ Instagram ads & contests. Increase your reach with social amplification. Capture more players with Instagram click throughs and social media. MAPKATS * COMING DEC 2015 * clicks to your pages
  39. 39. www.mapkats.comCommercial in confidence - Copyright 2015 Mapkats R Reach people with Instagram Ads within the awareness zones Call to action links in Instagram Ads 1 2 click throughs increase reach to your sites 3 Winter campaign Workflow Make plans for the summer sports season. Check out our WBBL site for more details. WBBL Jenny SponsoredWBBL LEARN MORE Reach your target audience when they’re at a major soccer match. promote wbbl as summer sporting activity. WBBLwill knock you for 6
  40. 40. www.mapkats.comCommercial in confidence - Copyright 2015 Mapkats R Reach people with Instagram Ads within the awareness zones Call to action links in Instagram Ad 1 2 click throughs increase reach to your sites 3 Summer campaign Workflow - awareness Come support your team next weekend at Junction Oval. Share your moments to win! WBBL Jenny SponsoredWBBL LEARN MORE Reach your target audience when they’re at major sporting matches. promote the local team. WBBL Support your team display stars ads to people in Melbourne.
  41. 41. www.mapkats.comCommercial in confidence - Copyright 2015 Mapkats R engagement zone Engage people with Instagram contests within the 1 capture branded user generated content from your events 2 click throughs reach/amplify Amplify reach to your sites 3 facebook Summer campaign Workflow - engagement run geo-targeted instagram contests at the game. capture branded UGC - publish to facebook and website for greater reach.
  42. 42. run instagram contests at location www.mapkats.comCommercial in confidence - Copyright 2015 Mapkats R WIN MAPKATS BRING VISITORS TO EVENT - run an Instagram photo contest at the event with geo-targeted Instagram contests. BRAND AWARENESS - increase your reach into your target audience with branded User generated content from your event. BRAND AUTHENTICITY - real people at your event capturing great moments that you can publish to your Facebook pages and websites. Reward fans for coming to your game by giving them a chance to win a prize for entering your photo contest. really loving being at the WBBL today, the game has been great! Susan JennySusan visitors take a selfie at event to enter the contest
  43. 43. direct people to your facebook page to vote on their favourite pictures - the most ‘likes’ wins. MAPKATS www.mapkats.comCommercial in confidence - Copyright 2015 Mapkats R
  44. 44. cricket aust 365,965 facebook fans www.mapkats.comCommercial in confidence - Copyright 2015 Mapkats R Rebel’s logo added to published pictures in Cricket Australia’s facebook page publish user generated content to facebook
  45. 45. www.mapkats.comCommercial in confidence - Copyright 2015 Mapkats R WBBL’s logo added to published pictures in rebel facebook page publish user generated content to facebook rebel 114,845 facebook fans