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Reliance 3G FeelingBlue Case Study


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#FeelingBlue was a Twitter campaign conducted for Reliance 3G to announce their association with Android.

MindShift Interactive & MEC ran the campaign across Twitter on a Monday, the day when people truly feel blue. We created a MindShift of changing the emotion of feeling blue from a sad one to a happy and exciting one.

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Reliance 3G FeelingBlue Case Study

  1. 1. Campaign Objective• Raise buzz about the Reliance-Android ‘Be Blue’ campaign• Get India #FeelingBlue, shifting mindsets towards making it a happy sentiment• Progressively create a brand connect
  2. 2. How we got people#FeelingBlue
  3. 3. 10:00 AM, Monday A few witty tweepscuriosity + Monday whining + cribbing #FeelingBlue in a not so happy way 800+ Tweets witnessed in less than an hour
  4. 4. We don’t like Monday mornings..#Feeling Blue MomentsDeadlines Hangovers Late Boss
  5. 5. Even BRANDSjumped in with#FeelingBlue
  6. 6. CURIOSITY AMONGST THE TWEEPS Why is everyone #FeelingBlue today?
  7. 7. As it struck 12:00 pm,Tweeps cheered up & progressed onto sharing why and how it’s great to be #FeelingBlue
  8. 8. And, Monday turned Happily Bluefor everyone on Twitter!
  9. 9. Contest entries: 4000+
  10. 10. #FeelingBlue created buzz, got India curious,made the World wonder &got everyone HAPPY
  11. 11. Went viral acrossplatforms
  12. 12. Trended in India at No. 1 for +24 hours No 1 Trend in India from Economic Times, 29th May’12 May 28, at 11:30am until May 29, 2012Also, trended in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Twittermeter Ahmedabad, Hyderabad & Chennai
  13. 13. Trending Worldwide within 5 Hours
  14. 14. India #FeelingBlue Tweet Sentiment for #Feeling Blue Positive Negative 2% 154 Negative 6835 Positive &Conversations Neutral Conversations 98%
  15. 15. & then the secret behind#FeelingBlue was revealed ….
  16. 16. The Winners were now #FeelingBlue all the more!WHAT EFFECT DID IT HAVE ON @RELIANCEMOBILE ?
  17. 17. h treacBran d Ou @RelianceMobile trended in India
  18. 18. S UM BER THEN #FeelingBlue – Campaign SummaryTotal Outreach:+8.1 Million (81,26, 612)7755 Tweets Generated930+ Tweeps used #FeelingBlueImpressions (via tweets) – 72,12,150Audience Reach (Via Accounts) – 3,05,271+Audience Reach (Via Followers) - 6,09,191+Trending – No.1 in India for over 24 Hours andNo.2 worldwide
  19. 19. “Social media platforms like Twitter are an integralpart of the digital universe that our customerstraverse & we wanted to reach out to them. Ourcampaign objective was to amplify the RelianceAndroid ‘Be Blue’ campaign in a fun, engaging wayand the creative and daring approach of turning the#FeelingBlue sentiment on its head did just that. Wesuccessfully raised curiosity, gave twitterati anexperience to enjoy & achieved our campaignobjective too.” Shivani Suri Dhanda Deputy GM - Brand and Marketing, Reliance Communications
  20. 20. “#FeelingBlue was personal to us as acampaign as it focused upon creating aMindShift towards making Monday’s a happyaffair. Our strategy for the campaign was tocapitalize upon the mundane Mondaymornings and make them happy. With ageneric hashtag and without the brandstwitter account, we took on the challenge andturned 98% of Indians who felt sad into feelinghappy.” Zafar Rais, CEO MindShift Interactive
  21. 21. Thank you