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Max Bupa Walk For Health 2014 Social Media Strategy


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Max Bupa Health Insurance & MindShift Interactive worked together to build awareness for the Season 3 of Walk For Health 2014.

#WalkForHealth 2014 worked towards creating a MindShift amongst consumers to walk towards a better lifestyle, encouraging their friends and family members to come along with them.

With a strong messaging, MindShift created a strategy across digital, using their website, social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Youtube, Instagram and leveraging WhatsApp Marketing to drive users to Register for the event via social media and to encourage others too.

The campaigns run on Twitter, Facebook drove massive amount of participation through the Application developed for users to Pledge their participation for the walk, while the Google Hangout done through Influencers such as Mickey Mehta raises interesting questions by followers and fans towards ensuring a healthier lifestyle. Instagram was an innovative addition to our social media strategy, making a generic handle, @WalkForHealth, which shared visuals of people walking and living a fitter lifestyle. The Instagram handle also proved to be an interesting mix to the overall social media strategy as it enabled the brand to upload Instagram Videos that linked back to Twitter & Facebook.

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Max Bupa Walk For Health 2014 Social Media Strategy

  1. 1. #WalkForHealth: Season 3 November 9, 2014 Mumbai | Delhi
  2. 2. Engagement Pillars Facebook Pledge, Twitter Hashtags, Expert Chats, Live Tweeting, Videos & Google Hangouts Social Engagemen ts Association with Influencers, Celebrities & Bloggers Influencer Engagements Instagram & WhatsApp marketing Social Innovations
  4. 4. Trended In India 5 TIMES
  5. 5. Influencer IMPACT
  6. 6. Social Media Influencers within the health, lifestyle, fitness, sports & cause supporters joined us Communities ruling Delhi & Mumbai joined in with a full force of their team members
  7. 7. Leveraging the strength of our Partners on Social Media 2.9 Million Fans 1.52 Million Followers 8.7 Million Fans 0.7 Million Followers Presence on all social media channels of these partners provided a multiplier effect to our engagement and giving us a reach of 86 million people during the campaign 0.5 Million Fans 45k Followers
  8. 8. Outreach across platforms ! Making walking fun
  9. 9. Digital Outreach
  10. 10. The Campaigns that created noise across social media…
  11. 11. We’re Coming… Teaser Phase started from October 1, 2014 Teaser Phase Posts about Fitness – Motivation – Reasons to Walk were posted
  12. 12. Registrations go LIVE More than 8,000 Registrations garnered digitally across Mumbai & Delhi!
  13. 13. Went LIVE with our Registrations Page
  14. 14. Social Media Campaign Index
  15. 15. #Campaign 1 Encouraged fans/ followers to walk and share their tips and the benefits October 9, of walking! 2014 Facebook Reach: 1,76,966 Engagements: 5712
  16. 16. Ready to Walk! Campaign Launch Creatives & Campaigns
  17. 17. Campaign Launch
  18. 18. #Campaign 2 It’s time to #WalkOver your health obstacles and take a step towards a healthier life! Facebook Reach: 1,08,326 Engagements: 2894 Entries: 141+
  19. 19. #Campaign 3 Users asked all their questions about health, nutrition, fitness & how to improve their #WalkForHealth abilities October 22, 2014
  20. 20. Contest Participation
  21. 21. #Campaign 4 October 30, 2014 Holistic Guru, Mickey Mehta got over 100 Questions within 1 hour, through a Live Google Hangout with Max Bupa & Mickey Mehta Fans!#AskMickeyMehta
  22. 22. Hangout with Mickey Mehta
  23. 23. #Campaign 5 Tweets: 4505 Reach: 1 Million A Twitter Contest hosted by @MissMalini, asking 7 Questions about #WalkForHealth
  24. 24. Instagram Launch Posts: 89+ Followers: 206+ Influencer Interactions: 40
  25. 25. Instagram Campaigns #Campaign 6: Share with us who you love #WalkingAlong with… your iPod, parents, BFF #Campaign 7: Share the best places to walk in your city 300 Entries 200 Followers in 2 Weeks
  26. 26. #Campaign 8 A Facebook Application where Friends & Family members pledged each other to Walk Over the various excuses and walk together #WalkOver Pledge:700+ Entries Reach: 2,69,857 Engagement: 8,344
  27. 27. #Campaign 9 Twitter Followers shared the various things they should avoid while walking Impressions: 772,985
  28. 28. #Campaign 10 #WalkForACaus We brought about reason e amongst our audiences asking them to select a cause that would encourage them to walk
  29. 29. Videos & Playlists + Videos from Communities & Celebrities Playlist Views: 5000+
  30. 30. Connecting via WhatsApp! TVC to Employees
  31. 31. Connecting via WhatsApp! Delivered +7000 Messages to registered Walkers!
  32. 32. Event Day Live Tweeting – Mumbai & Delhi Live Instagram Videos Facebook Albums Twitter Contest
  33. 33. Live-Tweeting from the Event • Live Tweeting on Twitter from #Mumbai & #Delhi • Facebook Posts of prominent activities, followed by Albums of both the Events • Live Tweets about Gifting Partners & Associations • Social Desk – Winners Pics & Live Posting • More than 15 Instagram Videos posted Live from Mumbai & Delhi IMPACT: Trended in India during the WALK Event!
  34. 34. #WalkForHealth #Mumbai
  35. 35. #WalkForHealth #Delhi
  36. 36. Live Instagram Videos of Celebs & Walkers: 15+ Videos
  37. 37. Live Facebook Albums
  38. 38. #WalkForHealth Summary
  39. 39. Overall Impact
  40. 40. Overall Impact
  41. 41.