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UDVDivas Social Media Campaign Report

Ulric de Varens, a fragrance that is marketed by Baccarose Perfumes & Beauty Products Pvt Ltd associated with Yamaha Fascino Miss Diva Miss Universe 2016 and wished to highlight the association, creating higher brand preference and evangelism.

MindShift Interactive was brought on board to leverage their expertise within the lifestyle, beauty market, to devise the ideal strategy for Ulric de Varens (UDV) on social media. The campaign was driven through a mix of social media marketing, media planning, influencer marketing and rich media marketing. MindShift Studios, a personalized visual content production house, under MindShift Interactive curated a photoshoot showcasing the personality of the brand, hence engaging like-minded audiences. True to the ethos of MindShift Studios, influencers and Diva contestants were engaged to leverage their social media klout to drive the brand through higher awareness and ensuring adequate amplification of the content stories being displayed. Furthermore, videos in interactive formats highlighted each Diva and her personality, drawing a connect between the fragrance and the Diva's characteristics.

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UDVDivas Social Media Campaign Report

  2. 2. OBJECTIVESOBJECTIVES • Increase awareness and engagement around Ulric de Varens in India • Educate audiences on the product range, availability and drive evangelism • Leverage the Miss Diva 2016 association to create product elevation
  3. 3. CHALLENGE INSIGHT • Association with the Miss Diva campaign to help connect with the relevant audience. • Cross-promotion with the huge digital presence of Miss Diva • The various ingredients and notes of the perfumes explained makes the brand more exclusive • Explaining the various notes and scents in our line of perfumes • Draw a distinct differentiation of appeal for men and women • Building a Buyer Persona for each fragrance • An elevation through Miss Diva to create product awareness and preference • MindShift Studios personalized visual content production to drive unique stories through visuals • Increase desire to buy the perfumes amongst new audiences & the regulars • Stand out from the clutter of various other brands • Increase awareness of the brand amongst the consumers SOLUTION INSIGHTFUL DIGITAL OUTREACHINSIGHTFUL DIGITAL OUTREACH
  4. 4. Facebook Outreach 382K Instagram Outreach 95K Total Outreach 479K OVERALL CAMPAIGN OUTREACHOVERALL CAMPAIGN OUTREACH
  5. 5. PHASE 1PHASE 1 Building Brand UDVBuilding Brand UDV
  6. 6. PRODUCT, FRAGRANCE, WORD ASSOCIATION POSTSPRODUCT, FRAGRANCE, WORD ASSOCIATION POSTS Various scents and notes used in UDV perfumes explained Posts incorporating the product Meaning of words associated with the perfume qualities Interactions: 7947 Outreach: 71985
  7. 7. MindShift Studios curated visual content that narrated a story of the brand through its ingredients and personality. PRODUCT SHOOTPRODUCT SHOOT
  8. 8. PHASE 2PHASE 2 Miss Diva PromotionMiss Diva Promotion
  9. 9. Hashtag: #UDVDivas MISS DIVA ASSOCIATIONMISS DIVA ASSOCIATION Interactions: 7341 Outreach: 551,526 Interactions: 9 Outreach: 187 COVER PHOTO UPDATECOVER PHOTO UPDATE
  10. 10. Interactions: 7668 Outreach: 747027 #UDVDIVAS POSTS#UDVDIVAS POSTS Behind the scenes Boomerangs and Diva reposts were done on social assets Boomerangs Diva Reposts
  11. 11. Interactions: 3577 Outreach: 79974 MISS DIVA FINALEMISS DIVA FINALE 5 day countdown to the day, and real-time posts along with the telecast 5 DAY COUNTDOWN5 DAY COUNTDOWN
  12. 12. CONTESTSCONTESTS Total Interactions: 2204 Total Outreach: 46908
  13. 13. Assign a perfume to each contestant based on the qualities associated with each perfume. One with most comments wins! FACEBOOK CONTESTSFACEBOOK CONTESTS Participants must post a picture with a pose fit for a diva. They must tag their friends to agree with them. The one with most likes wins! Participants must post a picture with a pose fit for a diva. They must tag their friends to agree with them. The one with most likes wins!
  14. 14. INSTAGRAM CONTESTSINSTAGRAM CONTESTS Tag a friend to shareTag a friend to share your perfume withyour perfume with #WhatMakesADiva-#WhatMakesADiva- post a picture with apost a picture with a pose fit for a divapose fit for a diva Tag a friend who isTag a friend who is diva and windiva and win
  15. 15. PHASE 2PHASE 2 Post EventPost Event
  16. 16. WINNERSWINNERS Diva posts during the week after the winners were announced Likes: 89 Comments: 14
  17. 17. Likes: 400 Comments: 13 Posts: 41 Likes: 12,562 Comments: 7 Shares: 5 Curated content shot by MindShift Studios
  19. 19. FACEBOOK GROWTHFACEBOOK GROWTH We grew by over 170.62% between July and August, and by 68% between August and September. Likes: 2855 Comments: 3 Likes: 2549
  20. 20. INSTAGRAM GROWTHINSTAGRAM GROWTH We grew by over 538.09% between July and August, and almost 50% between August and September. Views: 285 Likes: 21 Likes: 36 Comments: 2
  21. 21. • Facebook was the most effective in reaching out to our target audience • Engagement with the Diva’s drove excellent outreach for all the UDV content on Instagram • Building a personal connect due to our constant promotions of each Contestant on social media drove higher outreach for the brand and built a level of evangelism by them • Due a consistent and engaging promotion of each Contestant on the Ulric de Varens social media presence, the Divas became influencers for Ulric de Varents India, with constant reposts, shared and interactions with our brand HIGHLIGHTSHIGHLIGHTS