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Practo Mother's Day Social Media Campaign


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We wanted to say Thank You to the first doctor we ever called out to via Digital so using a digital only video, we asked users on social media to watch the video and #CallMomNow.

Being topical, relevant and consumer-friendly made the campaign see high outreach, influencer engagements and industry leaders speak out loud and perform the action we asked them to... Call their Mother's and tell them how much they loved them.

With the video reaching over 500,000 views and an outreach in Millions, #CallMomNow was an interesting Mother's Day campaign by MindShift Interactive that received great positive feedback.

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Practo Mother's Day Social Media Campaign

  1. 1. #CallMomNow Digital Outreach Campaign by
  2. 2. Objective We wanted to say Thank You to the first doctor we ever called out to, using Digital, leveraging a digital video that asked users to #CallMomNow
  3. 3. Achievements • More than 18,754 Tweets • 50 Million + Outreach • Trended in India for 3 hours on Mother’s Day • Video Views: 5.5 Lakhs+
  4. 4. Campaign Impact Total Interactions: 42,738 Total Impressions: 2,369,080 Total Tweets: 18,754 Impressions: 48,180,668 Crossed over 50 Million Outreach on Digital within 2 Days Video Views: 5,50,000 Views (YouTube & Facebook)
  5. 5. We started with a Supermom Series
  6. 6. Reach: 1,00,000+ Interactions: 8,000+
  7. 7. Launch of the #CallMomNow Video
  8. 8. Promotion via Social Media Post Reach: 1,474,048 Views: 95,000+ Interactions: 31,344
  9. 9. #CallMomNow Twitter Contest We asked 6 questions about Moms, a users relationship with their Mom and about our Video
  10. 10. Promotion via Social Media
  11. 11. Participation Tweets
  12. 12. Brands participated too! Brands: Mens XP, Pizza Hut & GOQii
  13. 13. Hashtag Statistics - #CallMomNow
  14. 14. We Trended in India & key cities
  15. 15. Campaign Highlights • Fans & Followers appreciated the Digital Ad and emotion behind #CallMomNow • Industry leaders spoke about the Ad and increased outreach for #CallMomNow • With 18,754 Tweets and a total Outreach of 50 Million +, Mother’s Day was filled with love for Practo’s initiative to engage with a users first doctor, giving it a total of 5.5 Lakh + video views
  16. 16. Thank You