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Traditional Isn't Enough


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Consumer reliance on technology and addiction to social media have changed the way we search, share, and shop. Traditional push marketing and has fallen to the wayside as we become more and more selective about the types of information we consume. In this ever-changing environment, traditional public relations cannot stand alone. While public relations is essential in shaping messaging and establishing relationships, professionals must leverage social media tools and search marketing best practices to ensure that their message is heard.

As partner and head of public relations at 451 Marketing, Tom Lee will offer his unique insight on the importance of fully integrated campaigns in this free webinar. Using examples and case studies, Tom will teach attendees how to connect with customers by controlling how, when, and where their key demographics view their messages and, ultimately, perceive their brand.

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Traditional Isn't Enough

  1. 1. Traditional Isn’t Enough:Amplifying Your PR Messages with Social and Search
  2. 2. #451Webinar Thomas Lee Partner 617-986-0223 @TomLee451
  3. 3. The Way We Find and Consume Information Has Evolved
  4. 4. Broadcast
  5. 5. Broadcast Dialogue
  6. 6. Search engine popularity has increasedWorldwide, 88,000,000,000 searchesare conducted on Google per month. 34,000 Per Second 2,000,000 Per Minute 121,000,000 Per Hour3,000,000,000 Per Day
  7. 7. 33% of US consumers spend at least 3 hours online every day. Source: The Media Audit (10/11)
  8. 8. And, of that time…. (Qualmann, Socialnomics, 2010)
  9. 9. January 15, 2009
  10. 10. >50%of people have learned about breaking news viasocial media rather than an official news source
  11. 11. 46%of people get their news online at least 3X a week
  12. 12. R.I.P.Broadcast Media
  13. 13. 60% 29% 28% 19%Social media has become one of the top news sources
  14. 14. How Do You Amplify Your Public Relations Messages?
  15. 15. Public Social Search + +Relations Media
  16. 16. 1. Monitor Your Brand
  17. 17. Also monitor…Industry CompetitorsNews #TrendingTopics
  18. 18. 2. Identify Brand Goals
  19. 19. What are your brand’s overall goals? What are your marketing andAsk Yourself: How achieve? sales teams trying to can public What part of your business relationstrying to grow?and are you support enhance these efforts? Who is your target audience and market? What messages are important to your company and senior management?
  20. 20. 3. Choose Your Social Platforms
  21. 21. Social Media … Makes Everyone Offers Immediacy a ‘Reporter’ Makes News and Disseminates Messages Mobile Messages Quickly
  22. 22. But… Based on your audience and messages, different platforms may be appropriate
  23. 23. 140 Million Users 340 Million Tweets Per DayWho uses Twitter? 54.6% Age Other 45.5% 18-29 31-49 41.5% 42.3% Gender
  24. 24. Use Twitter to:• Share updates about brand, products, personalities, events• Find industry influencers• Monitor brand sentiment• Build relationships with media• Link back to online properties• Leverage trending topics with #hashtags• Respond to online and offline crises
  25. 25. 900 Million Users Average user has 130 friendsAverage visit lasts 23 minutes46% of users are over the age of 4557% of Facebook users are female
  26. 26. Use Facebook to:• Post content including blog posts, photos, video, and other and updates about brand, products, events• Interact with community• Link back to online properties
  27. 27. >150 Million Members (a new member joins every second) >880,000 groups 42% 43 years old/ $107,000 annual income 58%
  28. 28. Use LinkedIn to:• Post content to demonstrate knowledge within an industry or field• Interact with community• Link back to online properties
  29. 29. Hosts >77 Million Blogs Companies With a57% 70% 55%have acquired a more leads more web trafficcustomer throughtheir blog
  30. 30. Goals for Using a Blog (Like WordPress):• Central hub for thought leadership and brand voice development• Increase Traffic to Website, Online Visibility Establish Brand/Corporate Figures as Thought Leaders• Show Personality
  31. 31. And Don’t Forget To Follow Your Company’s
  32. 32. 4. Use Your Keywords and Phrases
  33. 33. 5. Put Tracking Measures in Place
  34. 34. 5. Put Tracking Measures in Place
  35. 35. 6. Send Out Optimized Messages Goal-Focused Messaging Keywords and Phrases Social Media Best Practices + Tracking Optimized Digital Messaging
  36. 36. 6. Send Out Optimized Messages Press Releases Social Media Messages
  37. 37. 7. Measure Results …and Adapt
  38. 38. 7. Measure Results 1. Monitor your brand 2. Identify brand goals 3. Choose appropriate platforms 4. Use search keywords 5. Track 6. Send optimized messages 7. Measure and adapt
  39. 39. Case Study: Dancing Deer Baking Co.
  40. 40. Case Study: Dancing Deer Baking Co.Goals:• Increase brand awareness in time for their busy holiday season (Thanksgiving-New Years) – in late OctoberApproach:• Targeted bloggers and other influencers who were relevant to target demographic using online product review and giveaway program• invited a select group for an on-site tour of factory in full production mode• Associated brand with annual “Social Strategists to Watch” list - honorees received a surprise congratulatory gift from Dancing Deer• Used branded keywords throughout
  41. 41. Case Study: Dancing Deer Baking Co. 5 million+ page views in 10 days 17,000+ contest entries Facebook fans +20%5,000+ unique visitors to $175,000+ in less than 2 months! +2.5 million Twitter impressions 81 Targeted Blogs  national coverageincluding USA Today, “Wake Up With Al,” Fox Business, “Daily Candy,” Forbes
  42. 42. Case Study: International Healthcare Publishing
  43. 43. Case Study: International Healthcare PublishingGoals:• Increase online sales and create buzz for a specialty publication for nurses• Increase dialogue around and awareness of the publication using Facebook as a fan gate and alternative point of purchaseApproach:• PR – identify and pitch key influencers in online nursing community• Search – Facebook ads and PPC to promote Facebook page• Social – created Facebook POS and executed engagement tactics – quizzes, contests, polls
  44. 44. Case Study: International Healthcare Publishing13,265% 12,278,000increase in Facebook likes impressions on Facebook in one weekin first weekThrough blogger outreach and search optimizedreleases, the team was able to secure coveragefor the client in industry blogs viewed regularlyby the target community.
  45. 45. Case Study: The Yankee Candle Company
  46. 46. Case Study: The Yankee Candle Company Goals: Goal was to raise national awareness around “Stars and Stripes” patriotic cline among key demographics by leveraging the Memorial Day holiday weekend Challenges: 451 Marketing identified an ideal partner in Tory Johnson, a regular guest on “Good Morning America.” There were several challenges presented with this opportunity: 1. Deal must offer significant discount 2. Short lead time 3. Large amount of uncertainty surrounding whether feature would air *Traditionally, Tory Johnson deal segments on GMA had yielded between 900 and 1,500 transactions per deal*
  47. 47. Case Study: The Yankee Candle Company Approach: • 3 large candles for $30 – nearly 60% discount • Deal to run for five • Focus on USA manufacture of Yankee Candles • Multi-channel approach utilizing social media and traditional tactics
  48. 48. Case Study: The Yankee Candle Company Results: Segment viewership: 4,243,869 Ad value: $658,000 >1.7 million Twitter impressions > 600,000 Facebook impressions More than 9,000 transactions 6,000 transactions in stores 33% first time customers
  49. 49. In Review 1. Monitor your brand 2. Make sure goals are aligned 3. Choose appropriate platforms 4. Use search keywords 5. Track 6. Consistent execution 7. Measure 8. Adapt
  50. 50. Questions?
  51. 51. – Founded in 2004– Based in Boston– 30 Communications Professionals– Partners Nicholas Lowe, AJ Gerritson, and Tom Lee– Named a 2011
  52. 52. Thomas Lee Partner 617-986-0223