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Evolve Social 2013 Credentials

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Evolve Social Credentials

  1. 1. Credentials
  2. 2. We’re  a  bou*que  social  agency  formed   by  industry  leading  experts  to  deliver  innova*ve   solu*ons  for  our  clients  in  the  rapidly  evolving   social  and  mobile  sector. We  have  entered  the  Post  PC  era  where  visual  social  media  is   now  just  as  important  as  the  wri7en  word  for  spreading  your   brands  message  and  connec<ng  with  your  audience. We  believe  that  ALL  brands  should  be  social  from  the  inside  out  to   effec<vely  connect  with  audiences  and  to  do  this  brands  need  to   educate,  entertain  and  empower    to  earn  their  audience’s  trust. The  digital  ideas  and  social  programs  we  develop  at  Evolve  are   designed  to  generate  word  of  mouth,  trust  and  drive  purchase  intent   towards  your  brand. For  just  over  2  years,  we’ve  been  working  with  major  brands  to  help   them  achieve  their  social  and  mobile  business  objec<ves. We’re  looking  forward  to  helping  you  with  yours.
  3. 3. We help brands effectively engage and connect with their audiences by designing experiences that drive participation and word of mouth through social media. 
  4. 4. OUR TOOLS Social  Campaigns  PlaDorm G IN M Loca*on  Based  Promos CO Instagram  Campaigns SO O #pepsifun N Instant Win! Make your way to the promo zone Add your picture Use Camera Upload AMPLIFY APract Key  features: ‣ Photos  are  Instagrammed  at  your  events  by   real  people. ‣ Pictures  are  ingested  by  the  plaPorm  and   selected  by  you  for  inclusion  in  your  Facebook   album  or  web  pages. ‣ Promote  and  campaign  using  the  tool  -­‐  the   most  likes  wins! Engage Key  features: ‣ Loca*on-­‐based  promos  triggered  when  people   enter  promo-­‐zones. ‣ Various  modules  including  ‘Instant  Win’,  ‘Daily   Draw’,  ‘Sweeps’  and  Facebook  photo   compe<<ons. ‣ Admin  tool  to  manage  mul*ple  loca*ons  and   create  scheduled  promos. Instant  Win! Sweeps 25 Add your Who’s  using  it Promo   modules Key  features: ‣ White  labeled  promos. ‣ Real-­‐<me  control. ‣ Repor<ng. ‣ Facebook  integra<on ‣ Customer  Data. ‣ Secure  login. Campaign   Manager Pic  Upload YOU WON! Our  campaign  admin  plaPorm  provides  real-­‐ <me  control  of  your  campaigns  and  rich  data   to  help  you  manage  and  analyse   effec<veness  and  steer  future  promo<ons.   We  provide  a  range  of  white-­‐label   promo<on  modules  to  suit  your  needs. REDEEM words or less picture Use Camera SUBMIT Upload Who’s  using  it
  5. 5. We’ve worked with some of Australia’s biggest companies and brands primarily in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector. The  following  case  studies  show  the  depth  and  range  of  services  and  custom   social  apps  we  offer  to  our  prospec<ve  clients.  Our  social  and  digital  programs   are  designed  to  elicit  trust  and  drive  purchase  intent  towards  your  brand.
  6. 6. Fiji  Water  Australia Community  Building Community  engagement,  content  and   visual  branding. We  helped  FIJI  Water  become  one  of  the   fastest  growing  local  brands  in  its   category  on  Facebook  and  Instagram FIJI  Water  asked  Evolve  to  help  increase  the   passion  for  the  brand  in  the  ANZ  market.  So,  we   launched  their  Facebook  and  Instagram  pages  in   February  u<lising  a  network  of  local  influencers  to   create  a  strong  brand  presence. To  boost  levels  of  par<cipa<on,  we  focused  on   fashion,  food  and  healthy  living  -­‐  pillars  which   Evolve  conceived  as  part  of  its  engagement  with   the  global  brand. The  largely  visual  program  has  promoted  one  of   the  highest  local  rates  of  engagement,  with  a   picture  from  a  blogger  in  QLD  a7rac<ng  over   5,000  likes  at  zero  cost  to  FIJI  Water. Australian  images  are  shared  regularly  in  global   markets  where  FIJI  Water  has  a  local  marke<ng   presence. This  type  of  earned  media  is  priceless,  and  it  is   this  level  of  brand  engagement  that  has  secured   us  a  contract  with  FIJI  Water  un<l  2015.
  7. 7. Sony  Australia Social  Strategy  &  Planning Custom  Facebook  app  and  device   responsive  entry  form. Our  social  media  strategist  on  behalf  of   We  are  Social  developed  a  roadmap  to   help  transform  the  Sony  brand,  defining   its  digital  agenda. Sony  is  one  of  the  most  recognised  brands  in  the   world,  yet  to  make  it  the  most  talked  about  and   engaged  with  brand  in  the  consumer  electronics   sector  is  not  easy. To  enable  Sony  to  build  a  loyal  community  and   highly  engaged  fan  base,  we  produced  a  social   media  strategy  underpinned  with  market  insights   and  ac<ons  to  take  as  a  result. Evolu<on  begins  with  an  understanding  of  the   current  situa<on,  so  we  undertook  a  complete   audit  of  Sony’s  exis<ng  content,  its  social  channels   and  digital  ecosystem.   Aer  the  ini<al  research,  a  full  engagement  and   content  plan  to  meet  the  desired  business   objec<ves  was  mapped  out. The  plan  for  Sony’s  social  transforma<on  included   an  advocacy  program  with  local  influencers,   recommended  tac<cs  and  strategies  for  channel   growth. Delivered  for  We  are  Social  
  8. 8. Sanitarium  -­‐  Weet-­‐Bix Social  Strategy  &  Planning Custom  Facebook  app  and  device   responsive  entry  form. We  developed  a  social  framework  to   integrate  with  Weet-­‐Bix’s  media     campaign    and  sponsor  acEviEes    to   enEce  consumers  to  increase   consumpEon Weet-­‐Bix  is  a  widely  recognised  and  well-­‐loved   brand,  yet  its  exis<ng  social  strategy  was  not   having  the  desired  impact  of  engaging  customers   to  eat  more. So,  we  created  an  integrated  social  program   suppor<ng  the  no<on  of  a  socially  fuelled   par<cipa<on  with  the  brand. Underpinning  the  process  is  a  compe<<ve  analysis   and  understanding  what  was  being  said  about   Weet-­‐Bix  and  its  compe<tors  online. We  then  set  social  objec<ves  and  targets  including   growth  in  Weet-­‐Bix  user  base  and  amplifying   brand  messaging. Using  our  research  insights  we  developed  a   framework  to  help  produce  compelling  content,   and  outlined  a  series  of  promo<onal  concepts  to   support  and  engage  the  target  audience.
  9. 9. Aeroplane  Jelly Social  Strategy  &  Planning Custom  Facebook  app  and  device   responsive  entry  form. Our  social  media  team  on  behalf  of   Beyond  the  Square  launched  Aeroplane   Jelly’s  Facebook  page  to  celebrate  its  85th   birthday,  aJracEng  12,000  fans  in  3   months Aeroplane  Jelly  is  one  of  Australia’s  most  iconic   brands,  and  we  helped  to  celebrate  its  85th  year   with  the  launch  of  its  Facebook  page. Bringing  to  life  loveable  characters  –  Ber<e  and   Melody  –  helped  to  drive  engagement  and  build  a   loyal  community  which  spread  the  word  to  family   and  friends. During  the  campaign  we  produced  assorted   content  –  recipe  book  download  app,   compe<<ons,  images,  polls  etc.  –  which  fans  loved   to  engage  with  and  share. In  just  3  months  2,000  recipe  books  were   downloaded,  and  4000  entered  compe<<ons  to   win  a  birthday  pack. To  support  the  launch  we  developed  and  managed   the  brand’s  Facebook  adver<sing  program,   contribu<ng  to  a  significant  jump  in  visits.    A  series   of  coordinated  offline  events  were  promoted  on   Facebook,  with  published  photos  increasing   engagement  and  community  loyalty. Delivered  for  Beyond  the  Square
  10. 10. Pepsi  Max  Australia Pepsi  Kick  Launch  App Custom  Facebook  development  and   Customer  management. Our  team  of  developers  enabled  workers   across  Australia  to  quench  their  thirst   with  a  personal  delivery  of    Pepsi’s  Max   Kick  soR  drink. Pepsi  wanted  to  deliver  a  real  ‘Kick’  with  the   campaign  to  launch  a  new  taste  –  not  an  easy  task   in  a  crowded  market. The  digital  promo<on  for  Pepsi  Max  Kick  had  to  be   exci<ng,  interac<ve  and  en<ce  consumers  to   socially  spread  the  word. So,  we  worked  closely  with  Pepsi  to  develop  a   personalised  Facebook  applica<on  which  was   hosted  on  our  campaign  management  plaPorm.   The  app  allowed  fans  to  request  promo<on  teams   to  visit  their  workplace.     It  provided  Pepsi  with  real-­‐<me  delivery  and   repor<ng  of  entrants,  and  seamlessly  integrated   into  the  Pepsi  Facebook  site. Deploying  the  tailor-­‐made  Facebook  App  enabled   Pepsi  to  rapidly  increase  visits  to  the  site,  build  a   loyal  fan  base  and  boost  product  exposure. Developed  by  iSapien
  11. 11. Fiji  Water  Food  &   Wine  Show Social  Strategy  &  Planning Custom  Facebook  app  and  device   responsive  entry  form. We  promoted  FIJI  Water’s  naEonal   sponsorship  of  the  Good  Food  &  Wine   Show,  reaching  over  400,000  people   and  boosEng  engagement  on  its  social   channels   FIJI  Water  wanted  to  use  its  sponsorship  to   increase  brand  awareness,  encourage   consumers  to  engage  with  and  like  its  social   content,  and  build  an  email  database  of  fans. To  meet  its  objec<ves  we  developed  a  strategic   campaign  which  included  building  a  na<onal   food  blogger  team,  running  promo<ons  on   Facebook  and  Instagram,  and  developing  a   content  program  to  support  the  event. To  capitalise  upon  the  popularity  of  photo   sharing  we  introduced  a  dedicated  event  hash   tag,  crea<ng  350  photos  across  Facebook  and   Instagram  with  a  reach  of  over  400,000  people. The  content  mix  was  a  hit  with  consumers,   a7rac<ng  7,015  new  fans  and  almost  2,700   compe<<on  entries,  while  4,520  people  liked   posts.
  12. 12. Au*sm  Spectrum   Australia Social  Strategy  &  Planning Custom  Facebook  app  and  device   responsive  entry  form. Our  social  media  team  on  behalf  of   Beyond  the  Square  launched  an  AuEsm   awareness  campaign  asking  individuals   what  AuEsm  means  to  them,  reaching   592,000  people  across  Facebook,  TwiJer   and  YouTube Au<sm  Spectrum  Australia  needed  a  simple  but   effec<ve  campaign  to  drive  awareness  of  au<sm   in  Australia. Working  closely  with  the  Not  for  Profit   organisa<on,  we  created  and  launched  a  project   to  generate  12,000  social  conversa<ons  through   asking,  “What  Does  Au<sm  Mean  to  You’? A  moving  video  telling  the  story  of  one  family   and  what  au<sm  means  to  them  was  posted  on   Facebook  and  promoted  via  the  organisa<on’s   website  and  social  channels. The  post  was  a  massive  success,  achieving  record   levels  of  engagement  on  the  page  including:   5,683  video  views  and  3,091  shares. In  conjunc<on  with  the  launch  we  managed  an   eDM  campaign,  and  blogger  outreach  to   increase  awareness  of  au<sm  in  local   communi<es. Delivered  for  Beyond  the  Square
  13. 13. Zip  Industries Social  Strategy  &  Planning Custom  Facebook  app  and  device   responsive  entry  form. Our  social  analyst  conducted  an  online   listening  campaign  for  ZIP  while  at   Beyond  the  Square,  helping  it  to   develop  an  effecEve  long  term  social   media  and  markeEng  strategy Listening  to  conversa<on  about  your  brand  and   sector  is  crucial  to  successfully  engaging  and   interac<ng  with  your  target  audience. To  help  ZIP  understand  what  was  being  said   about  it  we  listened  to  conversa<ons  about  the   brand,  its  products,  compe<tors  and  the   industry. Monitoring  the  various  social  channels  provided   meaningful  insights  on  the  volume  of   conversa<on,  the  key  topics,  audience  segments   and  influencers,  and  what  ZIP’s  compe<tors   were  doing. Through  analysing  results  we  iden<fied  the   issues  and  sen<ments  driving  the  conversa<on,   and  advised  on  ac<ons  to  take. During  the  program  we  discovered  what   content  ZIP’s  target  audience  loved,  enabling  it   to  develop  a  social  strategy  that  connects  with   its  customers. Delivered  for  We  are  Social  
  14. 14. Smith’s  Chippy  Slap Chippy  Slap  Hoodie  Giveaway Custom  Facebook  app  development   with  viral  mechanics. We  enabled  Smith’s  Crisps  fans  to  take   the  Chippy  Slap  pledge  and  drive   engagement  beyond  the  popular  TV   campaign Smith’s  wanted  to  use  social  to  generate   excitement  for  its  above  the  line  campaign,  so  our   developers  created  a  customised  Facebook  app. The  Chippy  Slap  app  allowed  fans  to  par<cipate   and  share  in  the  fun  of  the  quirky  campaign  seen   on  our  screens. Using  the  quick  and  easy  to  enter  app,  fans  could   take  the  pledge  and  share  it  with  their  friends  on   Facebook.  You  could  also  win  a  free  hoodie  via  a   simple  25  words  or  less  mechanism.   The  Chippy  Slap  has  proved  so  successful  in   driving  engagement  and  increasing  awareness,   Smith’s  has  extended  the  life  of  the  campaign. To  date  over  6,500  fans  have  taken  the  Chippy   Slap  pledge,  and  three  different  versions  of  the   app  developed  to  cater  for  the  increased  buzz  on   Smith’s  Facebook  page. Developed  by  iSapien
  15. 15. Grain  Waves  Chip’s Integrated  Instagram  Campaign Organic  Growth Instagram  #tag  marke<ng  &  Facebook   albums  integra<on. 4k 3k We  helped  Grain  Waves  create  an   engaged  community,  and  boost  product   exposure  with  user  generated  content Organic 1k Paid Viral Pictures  are  the  most  engaging   content  in  social  media  and  can   provide  rapid  and  sustained   organic  growth. So,  we  developed  an  innova<ve  plaPorm  that   allowed  Grain  Waves  to  integrate  user  generated   content  into  its  social  channels,  building  a  highly   engaged  community  during  the  campaign. 3,538  people   saw  this  post The  largely  visual  campaign  used  promo<onal   hash  tags  to  prompt  consumers  to  upload  photos   of    themselves  trying  the  single-­‐chip  packs. The  campaign  had  a  massive  impact  on  awareness   and  product  exposure,  with  one  image  posted   organically  reaching  over  3,500  Facebook  users. 3,500 2k Grain  Waves  wanted  to  create  a  buzz  with  a  social   campaign  that  en<ced  consumers  to  try  its  single-­‐ chip  packs.   Our  Instagram  tool  enabled  Grain  Waves  to  amass   a  variety  of  user  images  and  easily  review  the   pictures  before  publishing  them  to  their  Facebook   page. Total  Reach Greater  Reach Engaged  Fans Engaged  Users Weekly  Total  Reach Image  Posted... People  Talking  About  This Posts 376 Other  Clicks Photo  Views Stories Fans  are  more  likely  to  engage   with  content  when  it  is  generated   from  their  friends,  which  means   deeper  engagement. Photos  coming  from  your  Fans  are  more  engaging  and  spread   wider  into  your  social  media  channels,  increasing  your  reach. Reach   Increases Developed  by  iSapien
  16. 16. Mt.  Dew  Australia Daily  Shout  Promo  Module Daily  Shout  campaign  and  admin   system. Our  team  of  developers  enabled  workers   across  Australia  to  quench  their  thirst   with  a  personal  delivery  of    Pepsi’s  Max   Kick  soR  drink. Pepsi  wanted  to  deliver  a  real  ‘Kick’  with  the   campaign  to  launch  a  new  taste  –  not  an  easy  task   in  a  crowded  market. The  digital  promo<on  for  Pepsi  Max  Kick  had  to  be   exci<ng,  interac<ve  and  en<ce  consumers  to   socially  spread  the  word. So,  we  worked  closely  with  Pepsi  to  develop  a   personalised  Facebook  applica<on  which  was   hosted  on  our  campaign  management  plaPorm.   The  app  allowed  fans  to  request  promo<on  teams   to  visit  their  workplace.     It  provided  Pepsi  with  real-­‐<me  delivery  and   repor<ng  of  entrants,  and  seamlessly  integrated   into  the  Pepsi  Facebook  site. Deploying  the  tailor-­‐made  Facebook  App  enabled   Pepsi  to  rapidly  increase  visits  to  the  site,  build  a   loyal  fan  base  and  boost  product  exposure. Developed  by  iSapien
  17. 17. Pepsi  NEXT  Australia Postcode  Challenge  Campaign Custom  Facebook  app  and  device   responsive  entry  form. Our  team  of  developers  developed  a   personalised  Facebook  app  for  Pepsi’s   new  naturally  sweetened  drink,  driving   brand  awareness In  the  summer  of  2012/13  the  so  drink  company   launched  a  new  breed  of  cola,  Pepsi  Next,  and  to   help  make  a  splash  we  built  a  tailor-­‐made   Facebook  app. Postcode  Challenge  gave  fans  the  opportunity  to   win  a  free  Pepsi  Street  Party,  and  be  a  hero  in   their  local  hood. The  custom  app  for  Pepsi  NEXT  generated   excitement,  en<cing  fans  to  share  with  friends  and   fast  track  awareness  of  the  new  taste  sensa<on. To  encourage  fans  to  nominate  their  postcode   any<me  and  anywhere,  the  app  was  built  to  be   device  responsive.   A  mobile  op<mised  page  for  smartphone  users   boosted  engagement  and  allowed  fans  to  easily   spread  the  word  on  the  go. Developed  by  iSapien
  18. 18. THE TEAM Andrew  Tweedie Andrew  Cutler David  Wesson Anna  Viniero Scott  Eggert Senior  Project  Manager,   Product  Manager Developer  LAMP  Platform,   Systems  Architect Director,  Social  Media   Strategy Designer,  Branding  and     User  Experience  Lead Developer  .NET,  Social   Network  API  Integrations Andrew  has  helped  some  of   Australia’s  top  companies   define  and  implement  their   digital  solutions  including   BigPond,  Pepsi,  and  Qantas. Andrew  has  built  our  social   campaign  platform   providing  a  high   performance  and  easy  to   use  tool  for  our  clients. David’s  top  tier  experience   includes  defining  and   implementing  media   strategies  for  Fiji  Water,   Sanitarium,  and  Sony. Anna  designs  our   campaigns  to  bring  brands   to  life  and  engage  fans   across  multiple  devices  and   experiences.   Scott  links  our  fans  across   multiple  social  networks   with  brands  via  our   promotion  modules  and  has   extensive  apps  to  the   Managing  Mobile,  Web   &  Social  Development Building  LAMP  Stack     Projects Strategic  Social  Media   and  Engagement Designing  for  Multiple   Screen  Experiences Integrating  Social   Networks From  strategy  to   delivery. Building  great   tools  and  promos. Connecting  brands   to  fans. Designing  great   experiences. Linking  our  apps   to  fans.
  19. 19. Evolve  has  helped  some  of  Australia’s  top   brands  realise  their  digital  goals  across  mobile,   social  and  web.  We’re  looking  forward  to   helping  you  on  your  next  project. Our  team  of  experts  are  ready  to  discuss  your   next  project  and  are  looking  forward  to  the   opportunity  to  working  with  you  in  the  near   future.  Please  contact  us  for  more  informa<on   or  ques<ons  you  have.   We  look  forward  to  hearing  from  you  soon. e: hello@evolvesocial.com.au Tel : +61 (0)409 320 242 www.evolvesocialcom.au