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What is Self-organization ?


Published on

the 3rd workshop of
“SUKU-SUKU SCRUM club” in japan

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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What is Self-organization ?

  1. 1. the 3rd workshop of SUKU-SUKU SCRUM club in japan What is Self-organization ? CENTRALSOFT CO.Ltd, Eiichi Hayashi2010年1月23日土曜日
  2. 2. SUKU-SUKU? • SUKUSUKU is from Japanese word すくすく . • That meaning is growth quickly and healthily. • It is words used in hope of the growth of the child. google group: The total person in charge is ebaky年1月23日土曜日
  3. 3. The profile of the lecturer Chief of CENTRALS0FT Co., Ltd. in japan My hobby is play piano, djembe, composition. With PM or an architect or planning of education system, administration. It is developed the musical instrument in the former work in a musical instrument maker. I like an object and I make a thing and like it. Member of DRUM CIRCLE FACILITATOR ASSOCIATION Certified SCRUM master. Certified NLP practitioner Eiichi Hayashi May 27th 2008 Certified Scrum Trainer President, Board of Directors Scrum Alliance, Inc.2010年1月23日土曜日
  4. 4. EM ZERO VOL2 2008/11The article that I wrote“The secret of the practice application to learn from a scrumintroduction example.”2010年1月23日土曜日
  5. 5. EM ZERO VOL2 The article that I wrote I think that try new technique and inspect it that the posture to apply is very important, but it is not a good thing that think with "a silver bullet" solving it by a blow. I think that it is what you do with the team member who is in the very front now anytime to be the most important.2010年1月23日土曜日
  6. 6. I do not think that a one specific way goes well in any kind of case at all.2010年1月23日土曜日
  7. 7. Lets think with your own head!2010年1月23日土曜日
  8. 8. To that end, it is importance to make "understanding" why seems to be it.2010年1月23日土曜日
  9. 9. That s why2010年1月23日土曜日
  10. 10. SUKU SUKU2010年1月23日土曜日
  11. 11. What will self-organization be?2010年1月23日土曜日
  12. 12. The self- organization is one of the value of the scrum2010年1月23日土曜日
  13. 13. Self-organizing = Teamwork2010年1月23日土曜日
  14. 14. Teamwork • cooperate with each other. • get rid of nobody. • Sports team. • A supervisor does not order it one by one. • With the pass of the soccer team. • get a score by teamwork.2010年1月23日土曜日
  15. 15. What is important by teamwork? An attitude?   A method ? Or?2010年1月23日土曜日
  16. 16. We will regard self- organization as instructions type organization by WBS and comparison of task Kamban2010年1月23日土曜日
  17. 17. WBS ? • Work Breakdown Structure • A figure of constitution that divided the whole project into careful work. • It is called the "work division constitution" "work exploded views".2010年1月23日土曜日
  18. 18. A Gantt chart2010年1月23日土曜日
  19. 19. point of the WBS management • Decided charge, personal work. • A delay of the tasks is responsibility of the individuals. • Personal responsibility is clear. • The risk that his task is late when he supports other member work. • 1+1+1=3. • It is made of Excel, and it is stored a server.2010年1月23日土曜日
  20. 20. Responsibility by the WBS management2010年1月23日土曜日
  21. 21. The delay of the task • The person played truant. • The concentration of the person was not enough. • The ability of the person was not enough.   • The person is got angry at.   • The person feels responsibility and goes to his office on a holiday.2010年1月23日土曜日
  22. 22. The delay of the task. In fact? • The estimate was too small. • Unexpected difficulty appeared.2010年1月23日土曜日
  23. 23. A task is completed early • The person did his/her best. • As for the person, ability improved. • The person devised it. • The person concentrated on it.2010年1月23日土曜日
  24. 24. A task is completed early In fact? • A plan was able to afford. • It was easier than an assumption. • If a veteran cooperates; quickly. • I was able to do it by copy and paste unexpectedly.2010年1月23日土曜日
  25. 25. The completion of the task was the same as a plan • An accurate work estimate. • The project goes well.2010年1月23日土曜日
  26. 26. The completion of the task was the same as a plan. In fact? • A work man-hour matched an estimate by chance. • I did it leisurely to the limit and all ended it in last one hour.  (A student syndrome) • Though I ended it to bloom, I reported completion since I worked on rearranging and studied and buried time, and it was it in a fixed date. (The progress does not come)2010年1月23日土曜日
  27. 27. A weak point of the WBS management • Overtime work of the person whom I am cooperative, and have a strong sense of a sense of responsibility is easy to increase. • A burden is easy to center on one. • There are a person and a period without the concentration . • If management becomes careful, the → motivation falls down. The person is easy to become strong in the sense that is not voluntary. .2010年1月23日土曜日
  28. 28. A weak point of the WBS management • There are many the people who are late than it ends up being early in a task.   • Because when he can end up being early, he elaborate it for a over quality and tend it to be buried by study work. • If with many numbers of people, one leader instructions type fails. • The possibility that misunderstanding of specifications produces because a worker is easy to become nearsighted is comparatively high.2010年1月23日土曜日
  29. 29. An advantage of the WBS management • Because it is clear, a plan is easy to steam. • A customer is easy to understand. • It is hard to play truant from the way. (?) • It is used well.2010年1月23日土曜日
  30. 30. TASK KAMBAN2010年1月23日土曜日
  31. 31. Production control Kamban of the Toyota origin2010年1月23日土曜日
  32. 32. The member chooses the task by a morning gathering every morning from here.2010年1月23日土曜日
  33. 33. The member chooses the task by a morning gathering every morning from here.2010年1月23日土曜日
  34. 34. The person signs it and puts it on here if I choose a card.2010年1月23日土曜日
  35. 35. The person signs it and puts it on here if I choose a card. ハヤシ2010年1月23日土曜日
  36. 36. If his task is over, his card move to here. ハヤシ2010年1月23日土曜日
  37. 37. If his task is over, his card move to here. ハヤシ2010年1月23日土曜日
  38. 38. When all are over, it is so2010年1月23日土曜日
  39. 39. What is task Kamban? • The charge is not decided beforehand. A task is responsibility of the teams. • The member pushes forward work while cooperating by a team. • The member can choose the task by oneself while adjusting it in a team. • Even if perform cooperation to the other member; because ones task is late, need not to be had square. • There is overwhelmingly much quantity of communication.2010年1月23日土曜日
  40. 40. Confirmation in a thing of the point that the progress was left.2010年1月23日土曜日
  41. 41. A burn down chart2010年1月23日土曜日
  42. 42. Responsibility with task Kamban2010年1月23日土曜日
  43. 43. The delay of the task2010年1月23日土曜日
  44. 44. The delay of the task I do not understand it well!2010年1月23日土曜日
  45. 45. A task is completed early2010年1月23日土曜日
  46. 46. A task is completed early I do not understand it well!2010年1月23日土曜日
  47. 47. Task completion matches a plan2010年1月23日土曜日
  48. 48. Task completion matches a plan I do not understand it well!2010年1月23日土曜日
  49. 49. I do not watch the progress by the task unit. I judge it from a total points. The person who can do it is fast, and a slow person is slow. Thats it. The estimate is a scale not a period.2010年1月23日土曜日
  50. 50. A burn down chart2010年1月23日土曜日
  51. 51. A good point of task Kamban2010年1月23日土曜日
  52. 52. • 1+1+1=4 or 5. • I do not say 6 (double). • The know-how of the person who can do it is easy to open early. • A new device is easy to be given by communication. • Management, a person based on trust are easy to grow up. • Because there is consciousness in the whole of specifications, it is hard to misunderstand the2010年1月23日土曜日
  53. 53. A fault of task Kamban • It takes a communication cost. (A morning gathering, a meeting in the team) • It takes time till productivity is finished.   • When management is too slow; a risk to fall morals. • (Teamwork in the breakwater of the moral hazard.) • Personal productivity is incomprehensible. (What would you do to performance rating?)2010年1月23日土曜日
  54. 54. Q&A2010年1月23日土曜日
  55. 55. Brought to you by CENTRALSOFT Co.Ltd, which makes rich tomorrow with scrum.2010年1月23日土曜日