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Tips for using SEO & Google Grants to grow awareness for your nonprofit.

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  • Thank you for letting me share what I’ve learned about search marketing. My first experience with the nonprofit world was at the last nonprofit craigslist boot camp in 2010. At the time I had reached a point in my career, where I could no longer ignore that something was missing, I needed to do something more meaningful. The more and more people I met and organizations I learned about the more I was inspired. So I was thrilled when Darian and Ritu picked up the baton. And when they asked me if I would give a talk on Google Grants and SEO I was really excited at the opportunity to give back to this community.To get started I’m going to talk about SEO, then we’ve move to paid search and Google Grants. Does everyone know what SEO is? Search Engine Optimization. Also called natural search. It’s basically all of the parts of Google search where Google doesn’t get paid when you click on something. Before we get started, I want everyone to think about the one keyword that they would most want to rank for. If your nonprofit could show up first for any keyword what would it be? The only rule is that it needs to be related to your organization or your mission. If you want to be help accountable, tell it to the person next to you or write it down.
  • Ok, enough about me. I want to talk about you for a second. I want to get a better idea of who’s here. Raise your hand if you’re an executive director or founder?Raise you hand if you’re in the marketing department?Raise your hand if you’re responsible for actually doing SEO or maintaining the website?Raise your hand if you know what Canonicalization is and why it’s important for SEO?My goal in this presentation was to make it useful for people at all levels. I tried to combine the right level of content for people who are in a position to recommend SEO for their org, those that are responsible for hiring someone to help and well as those who are tasked with actually doing SEO for their nonprofits website.
  • I’m a self taught SEO. If you really want to learn and you’re willing to dedicate yourself to the continued learning that it takes to do SEO, it’s possible to do it. That’s one of the reasons why I love it so much. If you aren’t ready to make that commitment and you’d rather listed to me try to summarize everything I learned in 5 years in the next 30 minutes than you’ve come to the right place.
  • Consumer Rights Organization that wanted to rank at the top of Google for the term Apple so that they could inform customers about some of the shady business and manufacturing tactics that Apple uses. If Google worked that way no one would use it. Google gets to decide what goes on every page.
  • Ok, now think back to your keyword. Does anyone want to change their one keyword or maybe not as sure that it’s the #1 keyword they would choose to rank on Google’s 1st page?Now to the social portion of the program. If anyone wants some free advice Tweet your nonprofits website url and the keyword you want to rank for. If we have time for questions at the end of the SEO portion, I’ll give you some quick feedback and keyword research tips.
  • (Do you have a website redesign planned? Do you like your current CMS? Do you have budget for SEO for the year?)
  • So just how much of a missed opportunity are we talking able, well….Read slide…Don’t worry, we’re here to help. After todays presentation we will give you the knowledge needed to ensure you don’t fall into the same set of mistakes that many others have fallen into.
  • Instead, we strongly advocate focusing on the top of the funnel, terms like “Rainforest Facts” are a great opportunity to generate email addresses. This is a fantastic strategy, if you’re focusing on the top of the funnel, your could convert several thousand of the 5,000,000 into newsletter subscribers verses trying to convert one donor from the couple hundered searches at the bottom of the funnel.
  • Read Bullet 1Is this a big challenge for Google but it’s also exactly what makes Google’s ad products so great!Banner ads are clicked on an average of 0.02% of the time, search ads are clicked on between 1 to 7% of the time, that’s a huge improvement, up to 350 times better. Google figured out that advertisers were willing to pay a lot of money for ads that are so relevant and that’s exactly how they built the the Adwords system. Plus showing less irrelevant ads keeps users have and coming back to Google over and over again. It’s a genius combination, one that’s bringing in $40 billion dollars a year and supporting such great programs such as Google Grants so we shouldn’t complain about their strict relevancy requirements. On the contrary, we should embrace them.Read Bullet 2.We will give you some specific examples in the next section where we talk about Landing Pages. This is the silver lining to relevancy and if you’re willing to commit to building content, you can create tremendous value with your Google Grant.
  • (Do you have a website redesign planned? Do you like your current CMS? Do you have budget for SEO for the year?)
  • Searching for Good -- Nonprofit Bootcamp San Francisco

    2. 2. About Me @ericfacas #npbc13
    3. 3. What Nonprofits Ask Us About SEO  We’ve seen a big drop in traffic, can you fix it?  We would like to show up at the top of Google for Keyword X, can you do that for us?  Our web designer did SEO for us when the site was built, do we need to do anything else?  Can you ALSO do some SEO?
    4. 4. SEO is a Game    Versus thousands of the smartest engineers in the world Who won’t share the rules AND change them all the time While 10’s of millions of websites compete
    5. 5. SEOis a Game    Versus thousands of the smartest engineers in the world Who won’t share the rules AND change them all the time While 10’s of millions of websites compete
    6. 6. Why We Play The Game   Over 3 billion searches on Google a day 25% of Clicks 95% of all clicks happen on page 1 75% of Clicks 75% of Clicks
    7. 7. Good News: You’re Not Alone Great Resources for DIY SEO   25% ofof Clicks 25% Clicks SEO The Moz Beginners Guide to ( Google’s SEO Starter Guide ( ch-engine-optimization-starter-guide.pdf)  SEO In Practice – ( 75% of ebook & quizes 75% of Clicks Clicks
    8. 8. 5 Major Factors for SEO      Strategy – What keywords you should target Website Content – What your users see Meta Content – What search engines see Technical – Give Google what they want Linking – An online popularity contest
    9. 9. Keywords are Everything! Google knows exactly what 3 billion people are looking for every day.
    10. 10. Strategy = Picking the Right Keywords  What do you want to be found for?  Target keywords need to be 100% relevant to your websites content  Analyze volume, competition, searchers profile, and intent  Nuance matters
    11. 11. Are You a Nonprofit or a Non-profit? Vs nonprofit non-profit 96,000 searches/month 155,000 searches/month 61% More Volume
    12. 12. Bonus: Free Keyword Research Tools  AdWords Keyword Planner  Google Insights for Search  Wordtracker
    13. 13. Keywords Become Content    Create pages about the keywords you want to rank for. Look at existing page 1 results – what makes you more relevant? Use but don’t overuse the keyword in the main text, page headings, and URL Track your progress – always be optimizing offers a 75% discount for nonprof
    14. 14. Bonus Tip: Blogging for SEO Go to to download this free Wordpress plug-in
    15. 15. Free SEO Audits  
    16. 16. Free SEO Audits  
    17. 17. Meta Content – Common Mistakes    Don’t forget Meta Descriptions, Heading Tags (H1-H6), and Alt Attributes for images Title Tags shouldn’t say HOME! Describe the page using your target keyword in<65 characters Meta Descriptions need to be 150-165 characters, describe the goal of the page using 2-3 target keywords
    18. 18. Technical Website Tips 4 relatively easy to fix technical factors that have a big impact on SEO
    19. 19. Link Building 101   Don’t buy links Instead, make great content  Good: Blog, Informational Resources, Infographics  Better: Video Story Telling, Quizzes, Interactive Apps
    20. 20. Linking 101: Video Story Telling
    21. 21. Linking 101: Quizzes
    22. 22. How to Hire for SEO Step 1: Determine the best time to get started Step 2: Run a free audit of your website for a basic diagnostic Step 3: Run an audit on each SEO agency/consultant/we b designer Step 4: Ask about approach to all components to SEO
    23. 23. Deep Breath, We’re Halfway There! Any Questions? Deep Breath, Half Way There
    24. 24. Paid Search Advertising AdWords  World’s most effective ad platform  Relevancy is everything Google Ad Grants  $10,000/mo free ad credit on  $2 max cost per click  Ads shown below paid ads  Sign up IMMEDIATELY at
    25. 25. The average Google Ad Grants grantee spends approximately $330 a month 96.3 %
    26. 26. Want to know my secrets about Google Ad Grants?
    27. 27. Your #1 Goal is Donations, but… There are two exceptions: brand terms and disaster relief.
    28. 28. People ARE searching for information Awareness Monthly Google Search Volume “About The Rainforest” – 5,000,000 Interest “Deforestation” – 457,000 Intent Purchase “Save the Rainforest” – 33,000 “Rainforest Charities” - 880
    29. 29. Focus on the top of the funnel About the Rainforest Deforestation Save the Rainforest Charities “Creative” email capture Sign an online petition Get Involved, volunteer, share Donations, memberships, sales
    30. 30. List Building with Google Ads Before (1/1/12 – 7/31/12) 0 newsletter signups After (8/1/12 – 8/31/13) 14,278 emails collected
    31. 31. List Building with Google Ads  Hundreds of thousands of emails collected  2 custom emails before general list inclusion  Online donations now on par with offline
    32. 32. What Can You Give Away? The Only Rules  Stay on mission  Get creative  Stuck? Start with search volume/trends, work backwards
    33. 33. 5 Tips for Unlocking Google Ad Grants’ Potential
    34. 34. Tip #1: Relevancy is Everything Bad News   You can’t run on keywords if you don’t have the precise content the user is looking for Good News   You can build content to make yourself relevant for anything
    35. 35. Google REALLY cares about relevancy! Rule of thumb: If you don’t have content on your site that perfectly matches the keyword, don’t expect it to work.
    36. 36. Tip #2: Build Your Keyword list w/ the Long Tail Average Global Search Phrase Length 58%of searches use between2-4 words SOURCE: Experian Hitwise – Oct 2009
    37. 37. Add Keywords Without Hurting Relevancy Quality score is calculated at the keyword level Bonus Tip: Use a thesaurus to find new ways to say the same keywords that are performing the best Bonus Tip: Use all 4 match type options for broad match, “phrase match”, & [exact match] on higher volume keywords
    38. 38. Tip #3 Structure Matters 38
    39. 39. Account Organization: Campaign & Ad Groups Campaigns should align with goals: donations, volunteers, events, email collection Ad Groups should have 15-30 similar keywords that align to a specific page on the website. The more focused the ad group, the better the ad targeting.
    40. 40. Tip Get Noticed #4: Ad Text LOOK AT ME! I have 1.26s to grab your attention and convince you to CLICK HERE!
    41. 41. Family Abuse Facts Family Violence Learn More - Get the latest family violence facts here. 3.32% CTR Family Abuse Get the facts on family abuse here & learn how you can help stop it. 5.56% CTR 41
    42. 42. How to Write Effective Creative  Headline should be hyper relevant to the query – include the exact keyword  Include an informative and empowering call to action  Test 3-4 variations at all times  Remove the worst performer every month Family Abuse Get the facts on family abuse here & learn how you can help stop it.  5.56% CTR Family Violence Learn More - Get the latest family violence facts here.  3.32% CTR 42
    43. 43. Landing Digital Asset Optimization Pages Tip # 5: Drop users on the most relevant page within your site 43
    44. 44. HomepageVs Targeted Landing Page Conversion Rate = 0% Conversion Rate = 12.59% 0 emails collected 1,000 + email address / mo
    45. 45. Keep Forms as Short as Possible Conversion Rate = 50% Conversion Rate = 74.6%  Is all this information necessary at this point in the relationship?  Most users are reluctant to divulge personal information  4 fields is the ideal length
    46. 46. Want More?You’re Not Alone Great Resources for DIY SEM  Official Google Adwords Certification (  25% ofof Clicks 25% Clicks Google Ad Grants Help Forum (!forum/grants)  Google Ad Grants Whitepaper by Media Cause 75% of ( Clicks 75% of Clicks
    47. 47. How to Hire for SEM Step 1:Is your website optimized for your goals? Step 2:Make the agencies/consultants you’re talking with are Adwords Certified Step 3:Ask questions about strategy. Tactics are cheap, a good strategy is much more important. Step 4:Make sure you understand where SEM & Google Ad Grants fits in to your overall marketing plan
    48. 48. Thank You! Questions? Eric Facas @ericfacas Media Cause
    49. 49. Appendix
    50. 50. How are the ad positions determined?      Max CPC (or Max CPM) x Quality Score = Rank Score Rank Score is calculated per keyword Quality Score is Comprised of the Following: - CTR - Quality of landing page - Relevance of ad text - Historical keyword performance - Other relevancy factors You only pay the CPC necessary to have a rank score higher than that of the advertiser below you Minimum CPC can be as low as $0.01