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  1. 1. The benefit of an operator to transform Open Data potential into real business Marc Ribes – Public Sector Futurologist Share-PSI Workshop – 10&11 May, 2011
  2. 2. Entities) From Producers (Public Entities) to Consumers (Re-users)… Re-users) 1. Extract From raw data from information systems to usable formats, whatever it means for the different potential re-users, after data curation and cleaning 2. Publish Accessible and downloadable from a central point while listing in different open data directories 3. Ensure service levels and quality Whether it is real-time, dynamic or static data 4. Deliver Set, sub-set or mashup of different sets 5. Record and/or Invoice For after-sales purpose: updating, upgrading, maintenance, licence, payment 4 random illustrations from UK and France 2 © France Telecom Group, 2011
  3. 3. Illustration #1 – UK: Your Freedom ( People suggestions submitted on Prime Minister Office web site Excel file 20MB Published on 18/02/2011 Data from 30/06/2010 til 10/09/2010 Updating conditions? id title discussion idea why creator creation_date average_rating number_of_ratings number_of_comments tags 2229 Mentally disabled Restoring civil liberties <p> <p> Disabledparent 01/07/2010 23:30 3,7692308 13 5 mentally disabled, parents, safeguarding, islington, parents in Islington I am disgusted that&nbsp; parents in My idea is important children not allowed to rear Islington who have / had a mental because the new children condition, or who have a mental Disability 2445 Canton system to Restoring civil liberties <p> <p> wilberforce 02/07/2010 04:24 1,1851852 27 11 canton system, morally-deviant limit morally- Conduct a national Mindscape Survey Civilisations rise and deviant behaviour of dominant values and worldviews...I fall on their moral to particular expect it to show a UK Moral Majority on values and authentic 2486 Acts of Parliament Restoring civil liberties <p> <p> Erich_T_Top 02/07/2010 06:09 0 0 1 amending acts, amendment should be updated This is spli into two parts</p> To the lay person not amended <p> understanding Acts of a) It is suggested that where Parliament and what 2504 Allow Access to Restoring civil liberties <p> <p> guyetchells 02/07/2010 06:36 4,7747748 222 214 create jobs, create revenue, cut deficit, open the 1921 Census In times of economic stress such as The idea is important government, right wrongs, genealogy, family history, civil liberties, regulations, freedom, census, census release, Now these the government might be open to as it could provide disclosure, our heritage, transparency, act, parliament, any idea that could generate useful much needed red tape, aid geneologists, identity theft, security 3 © France Telecom Group, 2011
  4. 4. Illustration #2 – UK: Health Spendings over 25,000£ in all 25,000£ Departments of health local entities ( Csv files, 1 per month, 106 different publishing entities Useful for consultation but not for re-use / no overall download Department Entity Paid Date Expense Type Expense Area Supplier Transaction Amount Family No Wolverhampton Wolverhampton 12/04/2010 Non NHS Heantun Hsg Heantun 57 201640.25 City PCT City PCT Statutory Bushbury EMI Housing Sector Wolverhampton Wolverhampton 12/04/2010 Non NHS Heantun Hsg Heantun 62 211866.00 City PCT City PCT Statutory Oxley contin. Housing Sector Care Wolverhampton Wolverhampton 12/04/2010 Non NHS Heantun Hsg Heantun 67 199289.75 City PCT City PCT Statutory Pennfields Housing 4 © France Telecom Group, 2011 Sector EMI
  5. 5. Illustration #3 – France: Rennes – Bus stops ( ( GIS data Available in 7 different formats for download Data update rate? 5 © France Telecom Group, 2011
  6. 6. Illustration #4 – France: Accounting data of local authorities Not free / legal text describing conditions of reuse Complexity for distribution Pay per use module more suitable 6 © France Telecom Group, 2011
  7. 7. Added Value for a Public Data Operator as an intermediary to transform open data potential into real business Storage Using private cloud for data security Availability Depending on the download rate On-demand delivery Adaptation to different expectations from large or small re-users Push or Pull modes Support Service level insurance Promotion Valorisation of data sets, audience development 7 © France Telecom Group, 2011
  8. 8. Thank you Share-PSI Workshop – 10&11 May, 2011