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Axel Beleen


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Belgium Collecting Society

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Axel Beleen

  1. 1. 07/12/2010 Who are we? Who are our members? What do we do? What rights do we manage? What are our projects? Axel Beelen 11/12/2010 2A collective management society of AR of Journalists from the written press and thejournalists audiovisual media’s (radio & TV)Unique in Europe! 3.000 membersFounded in 1995 by the professional Increase of 7-8% per yearassociations of the Belgian journalists Conditions: a single payment of 50 EUR, atSmall organization least one declaration of works and aLocated in the center of Brussels acceptance by our board 3 4(1) Obligation in BE to go through a Through all its activities, SAJ defends theCMS to perceive collective rights interests and the moral rights of their(2) SAJ negotiates and collects rights member authors -> direct relationship withpayments from entities that use protected the professional associationsworks and distribute them to rights holders 5 6 1
  2. 2. 07/12/2010SAJ is a member of Reprobel and Auvibel In BE, those rights cannot be collected by theReprobel is the Belgian organisation employer of the journalists (even if theresponsible for the reprographics rights (copy contract says the contrary or in the case ofon paper) (art. 5, 2, a InfoSoc Directive) and silence of the contract, they belong to thelending right (2006/115/EC Directive) journalists)Auvibel is the Belgian organisation In BE:responsible for the private copy (electronic ◦ reprographic rights: 50% authors – 50% publisherscopy) (art. 5, 2, a InfoSoc Directive) ◦ private copying compensation: authors (1/3), artists (1/3) and producers (1/3) 7 8Yearly, SAJ distributes these collective rights Beside the management of those collectiveto its members rights, SAJ has signed contracts related to theBasis: previous year production use of works of members (= exclusive rights)Note: With the publishers (FR & NL), with entities◦ In BE, taxation AR (since 2008): 15% (movable regarding their clipping activities, with withholding tax) individuals Our tariff are published ( 9 10To consolidate our activities in the sector ofthe written press Trying to pacify relations with ourTo extend our actions in the audiovisual « competitors » (other CMS, publishers)sector (cable rights, horeca (hotels) rights) Etc.To be a solid partner in the digital era for theBelgian and EU institutions (digitisation,orphan works) There is still a lot to do! 11 12 2
  3. 3. 07/12/2010Thank you for your attentionQuestions?=> Axel Beelen: 13 3