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Liability for open data


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Liability for open data

  1. 1. ePSIplatformConference 2013Open Data and Liability –Fiction or fact Laila Aslesen, Senior Legal Advisor, Kartverket (Norwegian Mapping Authority )
  2. 2. Liability for datacontent• Case in question: Rocknes • Shipwrecked in January 2004• Claims • Notice to Mariners did not include the bank • Navigators could not be expected to have the latest chart• Final decision in 2009 • No negligence and any professional navigator would have the latest chart • Shipwreck due to the conditions of the ship
  3. 3. Not just a legal issue• Why a law suit at all?• The gamble • Governments have deep pockets• Politics • Bad publicity may make the government pay• Shifting the blame • Claims were made early on that the construction compromised security for more profit