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Transport Data Byrd

  1. 1. Andrew ByrdLead developer, OpenTripPlanner AnalystOpenPlans – ConveyalPhD candidate, urbanismUniversité Paris-Estemail:
  2. 2. OpenTripPlanner (OTP)- Fully multi-modal journey planner system (e.g. bicycle transfers)- User preferences (speed, bicycle safety, hills...)- Open source license (GNU LGPL)- Developed by OpenPlans (NYC non-profit)- In cooperation with Portland (Oregon) transit authorityConsumes open data, using open standards- OpenStreetMap (OSM)- General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS)Mature product- At feature freeze for version 1.0- Production deployments in several countries, mobile appsMy role: re-purpose journey planning engine for research andurban planning applications
  3. 3. OpenPlans is an NYC-based nonprofit- builds Open Source Civic Infrastructure- urban/built environment advocacy and journalism- transportation team projects focus on open data sourcesNYC MTA BusTime- SIRI over JSON feed- statistical modeling / Kalman filter- position-based system to circumvent patent trollOpenTripPlanner ( replacing costly commercial license renewal- product ownership by public agency- Portland had early GTFS feed + OSM- transposable to any city with GTFS (or equivalent, Netex, etc.)
  4. 4. 2013 : OpenPlans Transportation is now Conveyal- Open data driven transportation planning consultancy- Spin-out partnership with ITP Transport Planning (UK)Upcoming projects- Public transit service modification analysis for Seattle (US)- Washington, DC regional commute planning system- Crowdsourced traffic data, Cebu, Philippines- Infrastructure evaluations in Vietnam, China using open data- Real-time / decentralized journey planning:Netherlands Transport MinistryNoord Brabant pre-commercial procurement (P3ITS) project
  5. 5. Examples of data reuse:- Passenger information systems (e.g. journey planners)But also:- Infrastructure evaluation- Town planning- Social and economic research
  6. 6. Open transit data is a window into the underlying temporalstructure of cities.
  7. 7. LinksOpenTripPlanner analyst demo:http://analyst.opentripplanner.orgOTP Analyst information: Regional Multi-modal trip planner:http://ride.trimet.orgNetherlands / Belgium routeplanning demo from OpenOV:http://www.opentripplanner.nlCode: Byrd