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Transformation using Default Future


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This presentation is about using the concept of Default Future to enable your transformation. Use the Deafault Future concept to create a shared owned vision. This concept can be applied to improve personal life as well as professional life.

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Transformation using Default Future

  1. 1. Transformation using Default Future Ebin John Poovathany
  2. 2. About me! • Experimenting with life! • Passionate about Lean and Agile • Work as an Agile coach,( Facilitate to change future of individuals and teams…) • Servant leader at home…
  3. 3. Ground Rules
  4. 4. Today’s Story • Why transformation / change – How change happen – Mindset change is emotional – Purpose and Passion gives us an emotional connect • Default Future – Identify the default future of your team – Finding the desired future – Using this learning in transformations – Who can make a change? – Questions
  5. 5. Why Transformation/Change?
  6. 6. Change! People who change after change, will survive. People who change with the change, will succeed. People who cause the change, will lead.
  7. 7. Change is not easy! A scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it. ~ Maxwell Planck, German Physicist
  8. 8. Decisions are made emotionally…… ……justified rationally.
  9. 9. Purpose and Passion Image Source :
  10. 10. Default Future “the future that was going to happen unless something dramatic and unexpected happens.” : - pg 12 from The Three Laws of Performance by Dave Logan and Steve Saffron
  11. 11. Image Source :
  12. 12. Let’s Experiment Image Source :
  13. 13. Choose wisely! Image Source : from 7 Habits of highly effective people by Stepher R Covey
  14. 14. Don’t try to conquer the world!
  15. 15. Shared, Owned Vision! Image Source :
  16. 16. Nothing will work, unless you do.
  17. 17. Image Source :
  18. 18. Thank you Ebin John Poovathany 20