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Dcb 336


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Nalco\’s Data Center Capabilities

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Dcb 336

  1. 1. Questions and AnswersNalco Water Management Products andServices for the Data Centers IndustryBest-In-Class water treatment technology, programs and engineeringservice can have a positive impact on Data Center Reliability andSustainability. The proper program implementation lowers thePower Usage Effectiveness (PUE), reduces water requirementsand optimizes water reuse consumption.Who is Nalco Company? systems. Our business base withinWhat do they do? the industry is one of the broadest ofEstablished in 1928, Nalco Company is any water treatment chemicalthe world’s largest manufacturer of supplier.water treatment chemicals. Nalco’s11,000 employees work with morethan 70,000 customers in 130 coun- What, specifically, doestries across six continents in industry, Nalco do for data centers?government and institutions to solve Key areas in which Nalco typicallyand prevent water treatment and provides support for a data centerprocess-related problems. We do this are water treatment products andby developing and implementing services for:integrated solutions that improve our • Coolingcustomers’ products and positively – Chillersimpact their operations through – CRAC (computer room airgreater asset reliability, decreased total conditioner)cost of operation, improved operating • Powerand production efficiencies, and • UPS (Uninterrupted powerminimized environmental, health and source)safety concerns. Nalco provides water • IT equipmenttreatment chemicals and services forwater-using systems in data centers. Nalco’s programs are designed to improve and ensure your operational reliability, prevent downtime andWhat is Nalco’s backgroundwith data centers? reduce total water and energy system operating costs.Nalco has been involved in the industrysince it started using water cooled Bulletin B-336
  2. 2. • Ongoing service – Nalco’s Six Service Standards enable us to work with our data center customers to understand the facility’s specific needs and demands. We do this through a detailed Plant Survey and People Survey. Once we’ve agreed on what services are necessary, we design a Service Plan. This allows Nalco and the facility to see what will be done, by whom and when. • A Program Administration Manual is developed which details informa- tion specific to the operation of that facility’s water using systems, including particular system featuresWhat makes Nalco different Nalco’s Depth of Capabilitiesfrom its competitors in that may require specific attention. Our Research and Development staff,these industries? marketing groups, corporate sales staff, This manual is for customer use andNalco differs from its competitors in acts as a “bible” to help control and manufacturing plants and customerseveral ways: manage the water treatment analytical support are second to none. program. Personal Service Reports This is especially critical to an industryNalco’s Sales and Service Force are used to review progress on a that is uptime and reliability the best trained and most regular basis and correct out-of- This industry needs a partner that isknowledgeable in our industry. conformance situations. capable of foreseeing upcomingWe are focused on the data center challenges and adapting to them–that • On a periodic basis, Nalco andindustry because of the high reliability partner is Nalco. personnel from your facility reviewrequirements. Our approach is tounderstand the industry in general, and progress of the water/energythe facility’s needs, specifically, to help Can you give me some management program in a Businesswork as a team to design the best specific examples? Review. This ensures that progresswater and energy management This is by no means a complete list, but is made, goals are achieved andprograms possible. here are a few specific ways in which new projects are evaluated and we typically help support data centers. prioritized.
  3. 3. • Chemical Delivery and Control What results and What happens if these Use of Nalco’s drumless improvements can systems or processes are I expect from Nalco? not treated or managed PORTA-FEED® chemical delivery Reliability – Proper design and properly? system, and 3D TRASAR® technology on-line, real-time operations of the HVAC water treat- Let’s look at a few system-specific chemical dosage control, ensures ment program will ensure there is no examples of outcomes of improper that products are delivered safely, downtime. On-line monitoring of the water treatment management: on time and controlled effectively. key metrics including corrosion, scale • Chilled Water Loops – poor These two programs improve safety, and bio indices will ensure the system is climate control, increased risk of reduce or eliminate chemical operating within industry standards and downtime, loss of data transmission handling and testing, and increase preventing any equipment failures. system energy efficiency and • Chillers/Cooling Towers – Power – With the cooling equipment reliability. Since any chance of reduced reliability, increased consuming 35-45% of all the data downtime must be eliminated, electrical consumption, early center power, ensuring that the HVAC equipment protection is critical. equipment replacement, increased equipment operates at design efficiency Excellence in water treatment water consumption is vital to achieving as low a PUE as programs is not just sound manage- possible. • Water Reuse/Recycle – unfore- ment, it’s essential to the reliable seen results from improper design operation of the facility. Water – Water continues to become or inadequate planning/preparation, an even more precious resource. For• Advanced Water Recycling/ downtime, failure to realize potential large-scale projects, this can affect Reuse Projects – In addition to savings program viability, as many municipalities uptime support, water use and simply do not have the capacity for the conservation for data centers and water requirements. What are other key factors switching stations present challenges that Nalco takes into and opportunities. Your Nalco sales consideration? engineer can evaluate current • Municipality regulations and supply wastewater generators and water users to optimize water consump- • Cost of water tion without endangering uptime. • Maximum number of safe cycles The operational cost savings can be substantial. We have the ability to evaluate solutions in a pilot How do I get a Nalco study before full-scale facility program started? implementation to ensure all Simply contact your Nalco sales factors are considered. engineer or visit our website at
  4. 4. NALCO COMPANY OPERATIONSNorth America: 1601 West Diehl Road • Naperville, Illinois 60563-1198 • USAEurope: Ir.G.Tjalmaweg 1 • 2342 BV Oegstgeest • The NetherlandsAsia Pacific: 2 International Business Park • #02-20 The Strategy Tower 2 • Singapore 609930Latin America: Av. das Nações Unidas 17.891 • 6° Andar 04795-100 • São Paulo • SP • Brazilwww.nalco.comTRASAR, PORTA-FEED, NALCO and the logo are Registered Trademarks of Nalco Company©1997, 2008 Nalco Company All Rights Reserved 6-08