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Authobiography Emily


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Published in: Education, Economy & Finance
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Authobiography Emily

  2. 2. She was born on December 09, 1989 at Brgy. Bagong Pook Santa Maria Laguna and now residing at Sitio Bagong Silang Cabuoan Santa Maria Laguna. She was a nineteen years old. Her mother’s name was Merlita Navazquez Cuento and her Father’s name was Edgardo Salac Reyes. She has one sister name Emerlita and two brothers, Edgardo Jr. and Erwin. At first when she was a child her father was working in abroad. It was difficult for them without their father, but her mother do her best to be a good mother and father as well. She gave us all their wanted and needs. Her mother gave her love and care for their children. She was study at Bagong Pook Elementary School. She was very active in many curricular activities like fieldtrip and camping. She was a very happy girl. When she was on grade five her father went back here in the Philippines and they all very happy to see her father again. Nothing is more important than to have a happy and complete family member. Her father decided to stay and not to go abroad again. When she was on grade six she was very happy because on her graduation day she receives a first honorable mention. She and her family were very glad and happy that time. Her father was one who guides her on the stage to receive her recognition and medal. The vacation was come. She spent all her vacation on her family, nephews and friends. They went on their grandfather’s farm. She and her cousins were very busy playing and sometimes planting trees. And the vacation was through. The enrollment for secondary was started. She enrolled at Santa Maria National High School. At first she was
  3. 3. very shy because she wasn’t known the students around her but it lasted because at day passed she already met new friends. High school life was very unforgettable and memorable. She was very active in class and in many extra curricular activities. She was on fourth year high school she joined in fieldtrip. In that time she and her co students were very happy because they went in star city. They ride and they enter in many horror booth. They were very scared as they enter in that. They are all happy. On her graduation day, again she was very glad because she was an honor student. She was a third honorable mention in her class. She was very excited to tell to her family her grades. And when her family knew it they are all happy and glad. And the graduation day was come. Her father was guided her on stage to receive a recognition, to take her diploma and medal. She and her family were very happy and they all thanks’ to God all the blessing they had receive and the graduation was through. After their graduation they went on all her classmates’ houses. At night on that the same day, they held a graduation ball on the house of their valedictorian classmate. They are all enjoying the party. They sing in chorus and dance as well. For her to continue her education in college she takes a scholarship on TESDA. She went on the main office of TESDA located at Brgy. Halang Calamba Laguna. She inquired for her to know the process on how to take that scholarship. The official who was in charge for that scholarship guided her. She takes a examination and at glad she passed it. TESDA gave her a two years vocational study in any private school anywhere in the country. She enrolled at Montessori Professional College at Brgy Pagsawitan Santa Cruz Laguna, taking up diploma in computer science. But due to financial problem she decided to finished only the first semester and stop after that. It was difficult for her to stop but on her mind she wants to help her family to sustain their daily needs. She applied and worked at a Xerox and gift shop store. At first it was hard for her the job but she
  4. 4. do her very best to done her work well. She stayed at that store in almost one year and when she got the age of eighteen she decided to go to Santa Rosa together with her older sister. Her sister helped her to find a job at Laguna Techno Park located at Binan Laguna. It was so hard to find job directly in all the companies so she decided to go in a manpower agency for her to got job easily and she was very glad because when she went to Faith in God Manpower and Recruitment Agency exactly there were a hiring and she take a exam and interview and she was very glad because she passed all exam and interview. The agency brought her to an electronics company named Nippon Sheet Glass Micro Optics Philippines Incorporated. At first it was so hard for her the process that the company gave to her. She assigned at the process of polishing wherein she cleaned all the products of the company. But because of her co employee and her line leader who help her the time comes that her work made easily for her. In that company not only work done but also there is a many activities held in that company. There is a summer outing that held in Mataas Na Kahoy Batangas City. She and her co employee were very happy on that outing. They swim and take picture on the beautiful sceneries of Taal volcano. And also they have a Christmas party held on the company. They are all happy exchanging gifts. But she was very sad when the day of her contract was finished. She will miss all the company, all the good thing she shared with all her co employee. She went back to their house. She decided to study again so that she takes a scholarship on the municipal mayor. And she enrolled at Laguna State Polytechnic University at
  5. 5. Siniloan Laguna. And she takes up Bachelor of Secondary Education. And she only wishes to finish her study.