Salazar Autobiography


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Salazar Autobiography

  1. 1. AUTOBIGRAPHY<br />Morning at exactly 2:30 in the morning November 06,1992,.cute and adorable baby girl was born by Mrs. Alilia Abustan Salazar which was whole heartedly supported by her loving husband Mr. Mariano Salazar at # 15 H A. Bonifacio Street Siniloan, Laguna. They were happy and proud to see the new born baby and this was their fourth child and was named “Madonna”.. due to popular and some momentous reasons made by the family and relatives and her name was mainly suggested by the mother of her mom, their granie, Mrs. Juana P. Abustan, the baby was growing strong and healthy as days go by, she was the apple of the eye of her place because of her attractive dimples and glamorous pinkish cheeks.<br />After a month and almost 19 days from the day of the baby’s birth, she was then baptized at Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Church in Siniloan with 2 pairs of godmother and godfather. The celebration was held at their residence and it was a double celebration for everybody because it was also Chrismas day, December 25,1992. t<br />During her age, she was so adorable that as the days go by and years had pass whichsthat it happens so well that time comes fast in a way that at he age of 4 she was so eager to study at her young age. She always read and make such imaginations about her future classmates. She attended her Junior casa at St. Mark Montessori at Balian, Laguna. She was just considering as a sit in student of her sister Marilyn, one of the school faculty that time. After a long time of waiting her family decided to send her to school on their town, Siniloan.<br />On that special day, at the age of 5 ½ , Madonna, as she walks towards kindergarten as an excited student, she was too clumsy and energetic on doing different activities with her mother staying outside her room, watching over her. Months have pass, she already went to school all by herself, provided that she had her prepared snacks and daily allowance, she means to be called as a spoiled brat, for she get all things in time that she wants it, it was just easy for her to ask for something, because her sister Alexa treat her just like a little princess, a princess even without a crown! But of all those things these girl was loved by everybody. One of those days during her kindergarten was very memorable.<br /> When she was in elementary, her parents were very happy for her because her parents can easily send her in school because she was not like other children that were crying if their parents were not around. Her teacher in grade one is Mrs.Vecino; grade two is Mrs. Rocamora ; grade three is Mrs.Bermudo; grade four is Mrs. Villanueva; grade five is Mrs.Zara ; grade six is Mr. Gutierrez. Her favorite teacher in elementary is her teacher in grade one, which is Mrs. Vecino because this teacher is the first teacher who taught her on how to read and write. She like the way of her teacher teaching even though this teacher was very strict to them. When she graduated in elementary, she was very happy because she become an achiever and be the top two in there class. She graduated at Sta. Maria Elementary School on April2, 2005.<br /> She learned more and developed her skills during her high school days because of her teacher and friends. Her adviser on first year is Mrs. Atienza which she also considered as a good teacher because she learns a lot from her especially in her class. Her adviser on second year is Mrs. Flor Cruzada which she admires because she is a kind of teacher who got the beauty and brain. She also likes this teacher because she is nice and very good in teaching Biology in their class. Her adviser on third year is Mrs. Nancy Ambrad she don’t have any place but she were still belong to the pilot section. She finds her bestfriend named Aiza Lalaine Abaja and Claire Anne de Chavez. Both of them were nice to her and as the school year are going on, they become more close to each other and had promise to be best friends forever. They call each other best, her bestfriend help her on how to solve her problem on a right way. Her adviser on fourth year is Mrs. Mayragie Aliparo; this teacher is her favorite teacher during her high school days even though she and her classmates sometimes have misunderstanding with this teacher. She like this teacher not because of that but because the way of this teacher teaching them. For her, fourth year high school is the most important and memorable part of high school. She graduated at Santa Maria National High School on April3, 2009.<br /> As of now she is a first year college student. Her course is Bachelor of Secondary Education. She likes this course because she wants to share her knowledge on other people even though she knows that the salary or income of a teacher is not enough for her future family. She likes English because she wants to be fluent in speaking at the same time, she want to learn more about languages, making the correct grammar and gaining enough knowledge in literature not only in our country but also including the whole world. She just wanted to learn a lot from this and also wanted that in the near future, she can attain all of her dreams. She was also inspired the way her teacher in high school which was a good teacher in English that was Ms. Delos Reyes who told them a lot about it and convinced them that this subject is enjoyable.<br /> At the first day of her school in college her classmates look at her as she was introducing herself herself in front of them. At first she felt nervous and think that her new classmates are far and more different than her other friends in high school. Of course they have a lot of differences. But as she knew them better, she finds out that not all of them are like that, many of them is true and nice. Belong to that good persons are my friends which are Ezra, Florigine, Melanie, Harlyn, Madonna and many other BSEd section 1. I found also true friends from other section and also from BEEd. They had a total of twenty nine classmates in their class. She quiet but a friendly girl, she enjoy others company. At first she is shy and didn’t join others because she felt that they are not good but as days goes by, she had proven that judging other persons is not good, what we need is a little trust and all of your worries will be fine. Life to her means friends and family whom you can trust and who also trusts you. She pretties much on the happy side of life, but like all teens she has her " days of." That means she has some sad days or depressed days. She has a more friends here that sort of look out for her and when she having a bad day, she has someone here at school to talk to. She make her school days go by thinking of either the next hour or what she will do when she get home or on the weekend.<br /> In the year future she wanted to be a good teacher in her students. She will share her knowledge on other people. She will become a good housewife to her husband and also to her future children. She planned to be a good mother to them. She was planning to be close to her children and also to her future husband. She hopes and prays that someday she will meet her destiny and be her lawful wife in the future. <br />She wants to help a person who needs her not only her family but also others who are in need.<br /> As I said in the beginning, she was born here in Laguna and she lived here in her whole life. She would like to see more of the Philippines but unfortunately, she doesn’t have any money to leave to go anywhere right now. I hope you have enjoyed reading her life story as much as I have enjoyed writing it for you.<br />