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Me and my films

  1. 1. Me and My MoviesRichard O’Connor
  2. 2. Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure• Date of production - February 17, 1989• Director – Stephen Herek• The film takes place in an American town where two high schoolteenagers are on the verge of failing a class that would get them kickedout of school, resulting in their separation and the break up of their band.The only problem is that there is no way they can pass the test and don’thave enough time to learn enough not to fail. Luckily for them, Just whenthey need it most a strange man named Rufus followed by themselvescome back in time with promises of a ‘Most Excellent’ journey for them togo on where they will learn all that is needed for the test the next day.
  3. 3. Dodgeball• Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber• Date of production - June 18, 2004• Peter La Fleur is the owner of Average Joes Gym, a gym that takes pride inbeing perfectly average and fair with both prices and service. WhiteGoodman is the owner of Globo Gym and intends to take over theAverage Joes in the interest of competition; unfortunately for him Peterhas no intentions of selling. Peter has a short time limit to raise $50,000dollars if he wants to keep his gym. His only chance to get this moneylooks like winning a dodgeball tournament with his friends and a little helpfrom ADAA champion Patches OHoulihan although White Goodmandecides he cant let this happen.
  4. 4. Harold and Kumar go to White Castle• Date of production - July 30, 2004• Directed by Danny Leiner• Harold And Kumar is a light hearted comedy about Harold Lee and KumarPatel who get the munchies and decide to get something to eat. Afterseeing an advert on TV for White castle they agree that they will stop atnothing until finding a white castle to eat at. They embark on an epicovernight journey filled with freaks, wild animals, Neil Patrick Harris, hanggliding away from the police and even riding a cheetah.
  5. 5. What attracts me to the comedy genre?• I have chosen comedy as the genre of choice for this project because it is one ofmy personal favourite genres. I enjoy the comedy genre because it is consistentand can involve so many different kinds of stories that as well as providing humourcan also be a powerful and compelling story. For me watching films is aboutenjoying myself and being able to enjoy the film no matter what the situation I amwatching the film in for example, with friends and with most comedy films onehundred percent concentration is not needed.• Another benefit of comedy is that in film people can often be picky about whichgenres they do and don’t like; whereas there is a comedy film for almost everyoneout there whether it be an overly dramatic film such as tropic thunder, a sketchcomedy such as Borat or just a stereotypical comedy for example something like40 year old virgin.• An extremely popular theme of comedy is the parody style. This involvesintertextual references to other usually very popular films, this is a main reasonwhy people want to see certain comedy films because they enjoy the original. Anexample of this comedy style would be the film ‘Vampires Suck’ which imitatestwilight, another very popular film of recent times.
  6. 6. Bill and Ted’s Excellent AdventureTrailer AnalysisArea of Analysis Example Technical feature (Camera/sound/mise enscene/ editing)Conforms to genre? Y/N Breaks conformity? Y/NIf yes, how?Codes and conventionsHigh school setting matchedwith unrealistic plot. Charactersand dialogue style match thecomedy conventionsEverything from the Props and clothing to themusic and setting Conforms to the codes andconventions of the genre.Yes NoSettingHigh school & many differenttime zones Creates anunrealistic humour and almostmocks films like back to thefuture.Overly dramatic music and a hilarious obsessionwith rock creates comedy.Yes NoCharacterTwo stupid high schoolstudentsTheir style is comical because of how they lookand act in serious situationsYes NoThemesTime travel The idea of time travel is comical because ofhow surreal and serious the concept is asopposed to the main characters of the filmYes The theme is slightly differentto that of a normal Comedy butit still conforms to the genrecodes and conventionsNarrativeGoing back through time tocomplete a history assignmentThe story is comical because it is a very seriousidea but the characters are only using it to notfail a test, The camera work and editing workswell with this.Yes NoIconographyMany different specific timezonesThe trailer shows many different historicallocations signifying to the audience that the filmis a huge adventureYes NoIdeological message
  7. 7. Dodgeball Trailer AnalysisArea of Analysis Example Technical feature (Camera/sound/mise enscene/ editing)Conforms to genre? Y/N Breaks conformity? Y/NIf yes, how?Codes and conventionsOver the top seriouscompetition at a ridiculoussport. Along with a typicalexpert vs. underdog storyEpic Voice overs and music as seen in mostcomedy filmsYes NoSettingThe setting of moving from arundown gym in a nowheretown to LAThe location at the beginning is made out to lookterrible and then the dodge ball tournament ismade out to be packed and professionalYes NoCharacterThe good guys are the averagepeople against the over the toprich bad guysThe enemy look over the top with comical hairand mannerismsYes NoThemesLove, friendship and rivalry Sound effects are added to exaggerate therivalry between good and bad. The twocharacters are also featured in shots thatemphasize the hatred between them.Yes NoNarrativeA group of grown up men haveto compete in a professionalDodgeball tournament withtheir gym at stakeThe music clearly supports the underdogs andemphasizes the good and the bad momentsalong with over the top failed romance scenes.The Camera angles are in the style of action filmswhich creates comedy because of how thenarrative is so much different to a generic actionfilm.Yes NoIconographyLas Vegas In Las Vegas there are shots of the city andcertain well known locations are shown.Yes No
  8. 8. Harold and Kumar go to White CastleTrailer AnalysisArea of Analysis Example Technical feature (Camera/sound/mise enscene/ editing)Conforms to genre? Y/N Breaks conformity? Y/NIf yes, how?Codes and conventionsTwo typical characters go on acrazy trip for no good reasonand encounter lots of strangethings on the wayThe soundtrack to the film conforms to the genrewith typical American party music and camerashots and edits that conform to add comic value.Yes NoSettingOn a road trip and at highschool partiesThe setting is typical for an American comedyfilm both a road trip and high school partiesconform to the comedy genre.Yes NoCharacterTwo typical characters, onecareful and scared, the otherreckless and dopey along withcountless other typicalcharacters along the way.Every group of people they meet arestereotypical in some way, whether it’s the crazy,ugly person or the young group of jocks.Yes NoThemesGoing on a road trip for apointless reasonComical music is played and the characters singalong when they should be embarrassed to knowthe words.Yes NoNarrativeA road trip for a whole nightjust to get some food.The film drags out the night to make it feel likethe audience was really with the character thewhole time throughout their adventureYes NoIconographyWhite Castle White castle is not only mentioned throughoutthe film but shown at the end which is a well-known fast food restaurant in America.Yes No
  9. 9. What makes me want to watch a film?• When I hear about a new film that has recently come out, I instantly decide in my mindwhether I think it looks good enough to go and watch or not. The initial stages of mydecision are based on the obvious facts about the film, such as the genre, the narrativeand the content of the film itself. The trailer is a big part in my understanding of whatthe film will be like and sometimes it would be possible for me to make up my mind onthe film based on the content of the trailer alone.• These things aside there are a lot of sub factors that make me subconsciously changemy mind on a film over a period of time. These include things such as star theory. Startheory basically suggests that if there is one really well known star in a film this willinstantly gain the film popularity. For example if I see a comedy film with actors such asJames Franco, Seth Rogen and Steve Carrel I will instantly be tempted to watch the filmbecause of the actors credibility. This gives less popular actors a good chance tobecome famous because they are in a film that is guaranteed to be popular. Themarketing is also a big factor when it comes to how good a film looks. If I see a filmbeing advertised a lot everywhere I go, I will assume the film is a high budget and apopular, must see film and therefore will be more likely to see it at the cinema.• Finally one other thing that would definitely make me want to watch a film is if it waspart of an already established and popular franchise such as iron man 3, a recent filmthat was released as a sequel to iron man 1 and 2. After having already seen andenjoyed one and two i was determined to see iron man 3 without having even checkedto see what it was like first.
  10. 10. How do I find out about films?• When a new film is released, the company puts a lot of effort into the marketing of thatfilm, this is crucial to the company because the marketing is the main reason peopleknow that the film has been released and therefore go to the cinema to watch it.However there are many different ways of film marketing and these are just the few ofthem that affect me.• The most common ways for me to hear about upcoming films is through trailers andother film advertisements such as billboards, posters and internetweb banners. For me probably the easiest and best way for me tohear about upcoming films and receive opinions is by word ofmouth between friends.• The more popular of upcoming films can be found everywhere such as social networkingsites, YouTube, TV adverts, film posters, Magazine covers and many more. However thefilms that arent being publicised quite so much still have to have advertisements an canalways be seen in trailers whilst watching other films, and only a small bit of effort has tobe put in to find out every film coming out at any given time so for a real film fan stayingon top of what is coming out and when can be a simple and rewarding task.
  11. 11. Reception Theory• Reception theory is a theory developed by Stuart Hall that essentiallysuggests that a persons taste in films can be judged just by how that personis in every other way for example cultural backgrounds, hobbies, interests,appearance, dress sense and many, many other things.• For example somebody age 18, who frequently goes to parties and caresabout their image would most likely be interested in most teen comedy films,and someone has been in the army or lived a similar lifestyle they will mostlikely be interested in war or action films.• This theory works because people enjoy films that they can relate to. Forexample somebody who has never experienced the feeling of love wouldn’tusually enjoy a heartfelt film that tells a story about romance because theywouldn’t be able to empathise with the characters and put themselves intheir position.
  12. 12. Active Spectatorship• Active spectatorship is simply the practice of looking at the codes andconventions of a certain genre and understanding what elements of filmsmake people interested in watching the film.• This means that, for example gangster films attract people to watch the filmsbecause they are seen as cool and lots of people can look up to them andadmire the characters because they live, what an audience consider a greatlife and do what they want. The films also tend to include good lookingwomen that attract people to watch that genre of film.• As well as this there are also the opposite kinds of films that appeal to a greatdeal of people such as comedy films that appeal to the audience by showingthe life that many teenagers and other people admire involving constantparties and a crazy lifestyle.